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19 thoughts on “Oh, so close!

  1. In a word, priceless, if only it made contact then it would serve as a true symbol of kickin his sorry ass out of the office.

  2. …the ultimate statement:– “you should try standing in my shoes, mr bush…oh & by the way, here they come, motherfucker !!!”

  3. in the arabic world, showing someone the heal of your shoe, and even worse, throwing a shoe at them is considered the ultimate insult. as in, “you sir, are the scum of the earth.”

  4. Bush reportedly commented that in a democracy one gets to disagree. Does anyone remember that in most of his campaign speeches, no one who disagreed was even allowed in to the room?

  5. …sgbo 1/20…ya…i guess when you’ve been fucking w/ the lives of 100’s of millions of folks all around the world for 8 years, you can afford to be magnanimous & jokingly chuckle, knowing full well that a poor iraqi journalist who’d been searched 4 times, had nothing but his shoes as a weapon…
    …so while as mentioned, exposing the sole of one’s foot to another person is a great insult in muslim culture, the insult, like the shoes went right over w’s head…

    …Zaidi threw the first shoe at Bush’s head from about 20 feet away and shouted in Arabic: “This is a goodbye kiss, you dog.”…

    …succinct, no ???…

  6. With any luck, the tradition will catch on back home, where Justin and Nicona are common footwear.
    Spanish tops & riding heels,.. maybe spurs.
    If someone could knock a tooth out, his grin really would look like Alfred E Newman.

  7. It was a pretty good throw, if shithead didn’t duck it would have pegged him square in the kisser. I was actually surprised it too the secret service so long to get to the guy. He threw his second shoe before they were anywhere near him, and it was just a precise a throw. Throwing accurate under pressure would get that dude far in the nfl. Hey Big Jonny, maybe the birds should talk to him about being a back up to mcnabb?

  8. Insult in the muslim world? Fuck a bunch of the muslim world. Nobody cares.

    Now if the raghead would have sniped someone’s parking space or maybe cut them off…