How do you spell VINDICATION?


Glenda Rumsey was found GUILTY of manslaughter in the death of 14 year old Jose Rincon, who was riding his bike home from a friend’s birthday party on January 12th. Glenda Rumsey, herein referred to as “jaggoff”, was highly intoxicated at the time of the accident. Further, this jaggoff even attended a later Court appearance drunk. Defense attorneys even went so far as to place the blame on the City of Tucson for road construction which impeded the bike lane. Nevermind the fact that your jaggoff client’s BAC was 0.210 FOUR HOURS AFTER the accident. Douchebags.
Have a tall pint of justice, Ms. Rumsey, next time you pony-up to the bar.

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4 thoughts on “How do you spell VINDICATION?

  1. Even when we win, we lose. All I have read about Jose Rincon tels me he was a standup dude, still a kid, sure but potentially a great man had he been allowed to grow up. What we need are laws that prevent the Glanda Ramseys of the world from ever getting behind the wheel of a multi-ton killing machine while a few ounces of vodka away from a coma. I’m no lawyer, I had the part of a lawyer in a movie once, but there has to be a way to keep people from driving drunk that passes Constitutional muster and doesn’t spit all over the rights of people that don’t drive drunk, or who don’t even drink, or drive, much less drink and drive. Can some of you lawyers out there, or people studying to be lawyers, write a law that does that? As I understand it this was not the first time Glenda Ramsey has come before the bench for driving under the influence…


  2. How do I spell vindication? D-E-A-T-H T-O T-H-E C-U-N-T
    Bitch needs a full clip on 9mm death.