The Happenings

A mother’s love sure runs deep. I’d cast my write-in ballot for this Mom of the Year!

Crazy shit.

Times are tough. Economy’s in the shitter, discretionary income has dried up, unemployment continues to rise and my drinking fund is getting smaller than Kayle’s career options. But, I know I’m not this desperate for some green backs!

“industry officials say people are hoping to trade spare body fluids, tissues and other parts for payments that can range from $20 to $50 a pop for blood plasma to $60 to $100 for a shot of sperm, $200 for a shiny ponytail and up to $7,000 for a fertile egg.”

Speaking of Kayle…Dude, how fuggin stupid are you? Taking a picture with vials of EPO and a love note to Papp? That’s akin to OJ pausing to sign autographs outside of Nicole Brown Simpson’s condo. Dude had to know that would bite him in the ass someday. But hey, maybe some tattoo parlor needs an errand boy. Or Big Daddy could use you to wash the Bentley.

I like hats. Hats are fun. But WTF is with their hats? Got a message? We’ll make you a special hat. I can only wonder what Levi’s hat will read. Maybe a picture of a second fiddle? Poor Levi. Once the poster boy, now some unknown bike washer. Astana is turning into the Dallas Cowboys of the peleton. I’m afraid they’ll soon (if not already) become the team you love to hate.

All I want to know is when The Badger will show up to their training camp to contest another Tour win.

On another note, if you’re into the MX/SX scene and reside somewhere in So Cal, or “Bro Cal”, depending on your area code, the guys over at Asterisk have put together an MTB charity ride. All proceeds will go the Asterisk Medical Unit and Doc Bodnar for the upcoming SX season. Saturday, December 13th at the Vail Lake Resort in Temecula. MX pros, their ho’s, and a slew of mountain bikers will be on hand. Here’s your chance to ride with the likes of Johnny O’ and Brian Lopes.

Sounds like a damn fun time. I’d go, but I’ll be doing this instead.

Well, enjoy your day. Make it what you will. Me? I’m waiting for this clock to tick down to the point where I can sneak out of the office and go ride. I’ve got a hot date with a little red lady, adorned with carbon and one gear. She treats me right and was beggin me not to go to work today, but alas, it’s payday. Now, where’s my check?

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7 thoughts on “The Happenings

  1. Mikey, get your facts straight, that was the RAS not the Tour. Still batshit-crazy though.

  2. I’m sure glad the guys at Az Endurance Series did the math for us. Apparently, riding the race loop twice is exactly twice as long as riding it once. And, get this, if you do man-up for two loops you will climb, are you sitting down for this, exactly twice as much! No shit? Thanks for enlightening us stupid MTB’ers, guys.

  3. No shit BROB? I had no fuggin idea that doing the same lap twice would equal twice as many vertical ft. climbed or twice the mileage. Damn, you must be one of dem edumakaded fellers. Sheet!