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8 thoughts on “Product Development

  1. Clipless? Those should be epo or ‘roid bags and your developer’s arms should be skinnier.

  2. while doing some sneaker skids, the durability of these shoes became glaringly evident. my tire ripped right through the bottom of the box, and sucked it into my seatstays like it was one of those drive-up bank tubes. i swerved wildly out of control, running into a dumpster. as fate would have it, the dumpster was full of more pairs of shoes. i am cold lamping now with a closet full of these shits.

  3. Oh — and now i’m fashioning a SIDI-type fit adjuster. i have stapled a loop of high-test fishing line to one side, and wrapped it around an egg timer dial on the other side, and it looks tech as fuck. velcro’s for speds.