What happens when you ride 109 miles with 7000 people that are WAY too excited to be riding 109 miles? A lesson for those of you that value your ass skin.

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA

21 thoughts on “El Tour… FUCK YEAH!

  1. I have heard of freezing your ass off, butt this is ridiculous. So what is it really? not road rash?

  2. I’ve ridden 100+ miles on more then a few occasions and have never ever seen anything like that. We’re your shorts contaminated with a flesh eating virus?

  3. John, you DO have a bike, don’t you? :)

    Not one that fits that bad. I wash my shorts once in a while too. Doesn’t change the fact that I’m in awe of anyone willing to suffer that much to finish anything. Even if his ass is a dead ringer for Sarah Palin’s mug.

  4. So, it’s not your ass… um, why are you taking a picture of someone’s ass (given the quality of the ass in question)? That picture is like a bad car crash – I don’t want to look, but for some reason I keep looking and my brain is trying to figure out what exactly I’m seeing. Looks like both cheeks got it pretty good. Hopefully the person doesn’t have to sit much at work.

  5. Road rash?

    I thought you had 7000 other rides smacking your ass in encouragement as they rode by.