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15 thoughts on “Kids these days…

  1. Based on the clothes and music i’d say this was filmed in the mid 80’s, but if I were to base my judgment on the skills and tricks, i’d say this past summer. Kids.

  2. Colt is indeed from the now. He’s from Orlando, and he simply isn’t right. He’s hit his head too many times. Super talented rider, totally kooked kid. He’s usually the naked guy at the party. Orlando kids are messed up.

  3. Truck drivers and turndowns? I used to think I was bad motherfucker with my perverted decade/undertaker/perverted decade combos. Seeing the kids around town ride has been like a slap in the face with someone yelling at me to start riding my 20 incher again.

  4. He should wrap those skilz into a proffession. A little carzy style, who trys the run, jump, land on bike and ride. that is a nut breaker.

  5. Damn! Way better than some fixiekid piddling around on the street.
    Although he kind of has the fixie style going on.

    Good video post

  6. I’m a corpse. This video proves it.
    There is a discount coffin place around the corner, (true!) I should go there now.

    It’s always the naked one’s at the party.

  7. mad skillz, to be sure… but no brain bucket? Hope he don’t end up as a drooler, that would be an epic waste.


  8. if I owned a helmet company, I would pay the top 5 bmx’ers like a million $$ each to wear a skid lid, try to make them a little more cool (less lame). sheesh, with the stuff these kids are doing, they should be wearing alot more protective gear.