About the sullied cycologist

"measures, daily, just how quickly we are destroying our atmosphere. thinks riding bikes might just help this problem. tapes his middle finger to the handlebar (unsuccessfully represses rage). mountainbikes in lycra. Tomac did it. he does it. he's not Tomac." Missoula, Montana, USA

4 thoughts on “Biker Down…

  1. Saw him going up into the mtns as I was droppin out yestersay… had a night mare last night about how I need to wear my helmet… then I read this.

    I’ll make sure to dig the helmet out.

    healing vibes toward downey

  2. I saw Tinker at the ’08 24 Hr World Championships in Canmore, AB while I was working pit crew…that dude is tough as nails..he had to drop out due to injury but I’m pretty sure he rode at least a lap with a tree branch in his eye ball.

  3. A buddy of mine raced against Tinker and after the race carefully inspected the guy’s machine, amazed to find there wasn’t a motor on it. Dayam.