I was thinking of making this a ‘Caption This’ but really… who wants to do that again?

My steerer broke this evening. Luckily I was on flat asphalt. No stairs. No drops. Just smooth flat blacktop.

Be careful out there folks.

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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

24 thoughts on “eek.

  1. For a bike that is make for flying, that could be a major malfunction. A little like Hincapie on the cobble a couple of years back.

  2. I see, JRA. Yeap. Sure. This time. What about all of the previous abuse? Seriously, glad there’s no dental work involved with that… Another example of why it’s important not to stress riser aluminum.

  3. Seriously… its been in the mail for 2 months…easy. I rode it one afternoon, then boxed it up for shipping.

    As far as a Domain 318 being a gram-counters fork… I strongly disagree. Damn thing is the heaviest I’ve owned. Not to mention its A STEEL STEERER.

    Damn son is right.

  4. That’s ugly with a capital UGH. A broken steerer can lead to unfortunate as well as unintended consequences.

    I know a guy who knows a guy who snapped a pedal shaft on a standing climb… broke his femur. That’s a bad break, yo.


  5. Damn, glad to hear you’re okay and not in need of a new front grill BP. Watch out mang!

  6. Looks like the steerer I broke on my schwinn freestyle bike back in 86′. I was 13 at the time, happened on june 13, a friday…. I was riding with friends, jumped a curb, and whammo! face kissed the sidewalk, I broke and pushed back my 2 front top teeth, thru my lips, and also broke a wrist. lots of dental work and a few scars, I’m lucky enough to have not done more permanent damage and still be riding. broken steerer tubes are no joking matter. I think there should be an alert from the manufacturer, as there is either a design or material spec not up to par.
    Is the frame damaged or did you hit anything?

  7. I foresee a new warranty fork in your future. RockShox should be all over that one, JRA or not.

  8. Bummer but that is the risk you take running a taller fork than what is ideal. Doesn’t the headtube accept 1.5?

    Try a lyric or 36 you’ll get better results.

  9. Ironically, they called my buddy and left a message with him. (I was back in the states visiting for SSWC when I ordered it. Dollars versus euros as well as import tax. Saved me a nice roll of cabbage…)

    Anyhow I think he said that THEY said not to ride it, and call them to find out about if its in the bad run. I looked on the SRAM site and there is little info about who to call etc. First I found their HQ in Chicago and called them. I also dropped a note to the SRAM guys on Youtube. Its all direct from SRAM, so… why not, right?

    Anyhow, a few emails and a broken steerer later, I am going to get a replacement, no problem. (I got the email this morning after explaining what happened. Yeah I told him I rode it home from my friends, etc… The person didn’t even blink.)

    I do have a 1.5 on it, but the build didn’t offer a 1.5 fork. When I talk to the rep here, I’ll ask if I cam switch over to one, and take it in to get the headset replaced. Or maybe just stick with a regular one.

    What kills me is they have no notice on their site about doing a voluntary recall. Seems like they could do that for us. But what do I know, I’m just too cool for school.

  10. panic? I am putting this fork on the same bike with the same paint!that picture scares the shit out of me.

  11. …man…

    …sometimes a jra on flat asphalt is a blessing in disguise…

    …that coulda been real ugly…glad yer ok, bp…