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This is a screenshot from the trailer for BikePorn — a feature of the Bikexploitation tour that the reverend phil gave me the heads up on — screening in Phoenix one night only this Thursday. Other dates on the website – go check out for details.

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15 thoughts on “Caption this

  1. Thats why you buy a stainless steel water bottle cage. However, you might want to rinse the bottle when it pops outta there.

  2. …somebody get this chick a decent ride…

    …i’d hate to see her leave the sport ‘cuz she’s ridin’ a crap bike…

  3. “Ummm… hon…? That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I said ‘I need a ride.’ ”

    “It’s one or the other… you’re not doing BOTH today. Your decision.”

  4. Our professional on bike fits include making sure the seat tube fits in the snizz. Please bring anything you usually wear on your ride, including but not limited to riding shoes, gloves, leather bracelets, and personal lubricant (no T9 please)

  5. DC Devolves back to lowest common…bikepr0n., at least +3 bikepr0n, though.

    Maybe the ultimate DC post would be a hottie with a cocktail in hand handlebar humping, or installing a bottom bracket in her actual bottom, (italian thread?) reading bad poetry about doping, but with a political twist that would allow the left/right bitch thread.

  6. This is an old Mavic brake ad. The promise was “Chicks dig Mavic brakes”

    Peugeot sold millions of bikes.