It has been four years since Kyle left us. I got an email from his sister Abby this week.

From: Abby
Hey Jonny,
It’s been awhile. Hope things are well for all of you. You can forward this to anyone you think would appreciate it. Since Kyle’s anniversary in here on Nov. 7, I wanted to share how Kyle was a part of my wedding day.

I wanted you to see Dad’s socks he wore, the candle/picture/and bike charm, our mountain bikes we rode off on, and the Foster beer cans of course.

4 years is hard to believe, I will be doing my ride on the 7th and drinking a Fosters at the top.
Thinking of you, Abby

Word. Congratulations to you on your wedding from all of us at Drunkcyclist. I think a lot of us will be taking a ride today.

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13 thoughts on “Kyle

  1. Dude;

    Don’t you know that you never give a pic of your or your buddys bride to the platoon? Thisk of what this sick bastards might do

  2. I earned my nickname here from the 3rd or 4th 24 hour race that he wore a wifebeater the whole race. 12 hours of scoring for the DC crew, he was a cool cat. Mount up and ride.

  3. Private Pyle,

    Seriously, man. We’re talking not only about someone’s sister here, but the sister of a dear friend who is no longer with us. Have some fucking class, you prick.

    Snake Hawk

  4. Nothing quite like being hit with a 1000 lb. bag of “perspective” over your morning coffee. I’m going to hug the wife and daughter and tell them how much I love them. Then It’s off on a ride with my buddies…..Hell, I’ll even tell those retards that I’m lucky to have them for friends and that they are important to me.

    Thanks for sharing Abby.

  5. jesus titty fucking christ pyle. she’s riding mtb in her wedding dress, what more needs to be said?

    after 8 years of w i’m not surprised… feel the peace setting in though.

    i gotta go get me some fosters.

  6. last night i was on a bike, and i was drinking. kyle would have had a good time and i did for him. he is missed.

    congratulations on the wedding Abby! riding off on the bikes is top notch.

  7. Thanks for the support guys…You were his family in AZ. Wow, what a wet ride up here in WA, it was good though.

    Private Pyle….CHILL…You’re an ASS!!! -ABBY