Long lines

This morning in Phoenix, Arizona, I got to the polling station at 7:08 am and waited in line for :50 minutes with my two daughters in a stroller. My wife went a little over an hour earlier, at 5:50 am. And the line then was a half an hour long.

What was it like where you live? Got anything to share?

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

56 thoughts on “Long lines

  1. voted in a chruch down here in Tucson. was in and out in less then 15 minutes…no line to speak of.

  2. brings up the point of whether a wait like this is essentially a poll tax for living in a city. If you live in podunk red areas you have no wait and it doesn’t cost you anything. But for us city folk, you stand in line for what, one? two? three? hours to cast your vote? What is that worth? What is your time worth? How does your boss feel about you being out of work for hours? Especially in these economic times…it’s a way to suppress votes from the cities. How hard would it be to say “we will have a polling machine – one for every 20 square miles or 1,000 people – whichever is smaller. So if you live in Manhattan, you have a voting booth on your block. If you live in Kansas, you have one no further than 10 miles from you. In either case no one waits. Oh, wait…that would be too fucking easy.

  3. wife: went at 6:15 waited 50 minutes
    me: went at 8:30 waited 8 minutes

    east valley of phoenix (gilbert, arizona)

  4. voted early here in Durango, CO. since we have the longest ballot in the nation this year, it took me 20 minutes, but with no wait. and today there’s lots o’ speculation about how the rain/snow will affect turnout…

  5. Here in Warrington, Bucks County, PA (Jonny, don’t you know this area?)My daughter and I walked into a polling place and walked right into the booths at 9:45 am. My GF voted in South Jersey and had a similar breezethrough at 2pm. However, some people are telling me that they waited 3 hours in Philly. Word in the street has it that everyone is voting, and I figure that the more people vote, the better for us liberals. Out where I work in the Nether Pennsyltucky region (Souderton) there are an awful lot of red votes though. (lots of Obama swag at the Phils parade tells you where the city is voting)

  6. I’d tied one on last night woke this morning with a bastard behind the eyes, read your post, and legged it down to the local school to vote. Only to be told to ‘F**k off grandad !!’ by some prepubescent female hooligan,dressed like Britney Spears, smoking outside the gates. Apparently there’s no election in Scotland today……:-) ‘Go whoever’s going to give tax breaks to people who commute by/support commuting by bike !!!!!’

    Do the right thing America, whatever the hell that might be…..

  7. Wife and I voted at 8am in Charlotte – line was about 40 minutes with 10 machines running.

  8. Rock County, Wi. Projecting the biggest turnout since 1960!!!!

    My wife called me at 9ish to report short lines. Everyone who got up early congested the shit out of the place, but it was smooth the rest of the AM. I went in at 10:15, out at 10:30. They had easily three times the equipment of previous elections, so they were prepared. Kudos.

    I’m gonna drive by after five and see the mess. It oughta be epic.

    Might want an Irish stout for a victory swig this PM. Go O’bama.

  9. I can’t vote today because I’m Democrat (Republicans vote on Tuesday and Democrats on Wednesday). I will let you know when I vote tomorrow.

  10. Living in a popunk town doesn’t guarantee quick voting. Got to my little slice of election heaven at 6:30, and didn’t leave until 7:15. The saddest thing is that I think most people there with there huge trucks/SUVS are voting to continue the Bush/Cheney policies. I pray that the places with more electoral votes vote smart, I am tired of the same old same old.

    For those that would say that Obama is a socialist, who the hell just made the government a huge stakeholder in so many banks, and will prop up so many other companies. They should have just given each one of us a share, we would have stimulated the economy.

  11. #16 Jefe. Fuck you, get your own handle. And, I hope you’re joking dumbass. If you fall for that shit you don’t deserve to vote.

    Voted early. 1+ hour lines on campus at Texas State. Seemed like the lines were long, but not unreasonable from what I’ve seen around town today.

  12. Smart man is as smart man does…Went for a nice ride this AM, and saw long lines at 7AM. On my way to work, stopped by my polling place and bypassed the hordes of people in line, with early ballot in hand. Don’t trust the post office, so handed it right over and out the door in under a minute flat.

  13. 90 minutes in Memphis. There were at least 5x more people than I have ever seen voting at this precinct. One lady got so excited she even puked right before she voted. It was pretty stupid.

  14. Laramie, WY- I got off my bike at the polling station at 7:10 and was back on it by 7:20.

  15. Voted this a.m. I own two really nice SUVs but I voted for Obama contrary to the dipshit rant above. My mother-in-law owns a Prius and voted for McCain. Scott the Score keeper is a dumbfuck!

    El Jefe is different than Jefe, Jefe is just Boss and El Jefe is The Boss. But maybe El Jefe likes to be The Boss, aka The Man, e.g. The Establishment which would make him a Republican. I vote for Jefe as the guy who represents the Man’s Man. El Jefe is just another wannabe Dick Cheney.

  16. Atlanta, GA: Got there at 7:45am, was out at 9:30am. It wasn’t terrible as my wife was with me and it seems with two young children at home we haven’t been finding time for good conversation lately like we had this morning. I just rode past my polling place a few minutes ago and there were no lines – probably could be in and out in less than 5 minutes. Seems like everyone around here was afraid that lines would be bad all day so we all voted early.

  17. Canton, OH (the place Stephen Colbert recently, and correctly, referred to as “Hitler’s ass crack”), 4pm – no line – in & out in 10 minutes.

  18. No lines here in Palm Beach county, Fl @ 9am when I cast my ballot but earlier people did wait an hour.
    Obama takes Broward and Palm Beach counties and the I4 corridor, Orlando to Tampa and with it the state.

  19. I voted at 7:15am this morning. And it felt great.

    For tonight, I’m preparing one bottle of chilled champagne, and one sturdy noose.

  20. #20 Whoa El Jefe why you sooo angry or are you just such a Dick? Jefe does not equal El Jefe. Does “The Dude = dude”? I think not. Check your reference on your own website (Big Lebowski reference).

  21. Took 7 minutes to throw my vote away in lovely Frankfort, IL…but man it felt good. Tomorrow will be a good day no matter what.

    And RockOut…you need to check yourself on the Jefe tip…there’s only one El Jefe in these parts…and calling the man out like that just ain’t right…gechasum info first.

    Funniest thing about this thread was finally finding out what locale “HostileLocal” is from…remember a couple weeks ago when I said I was gonna move to your hood? Well…Durango is really high on my list and has been for quite some time. Relax, though, bro…it won’t be for awhile ;)

  22. 6:49 EST – just got a call from Michelle Obama reminding me to get out and vote today. Polls close in 11 minutes. Looks like they’re hardcore about winning NC!

  23. Jefe, not El Jefe. I sure hope you don’t actually believe that they divided the the voting days.
    I was on a ride this morning, and my buddy told me about people spreading that rumor, and I had trouble believing anyone would fall for it.
    Dude, if you still have time, go out and vote!
    oh, and get your own name. Jefe is taken..

  24. I live in a very Republican district in Oklahoma. There was not a line at all. Good for Senator Obama. At my office, I did get reports from co-workers about very long lines. It would be amazing if this bloody red buckle of the Bible belt went blue.

    Earlier in the day my wife took my kids to vote. They had to go back outside to turn their bikeObama t-shirts inside out. The officials were concerned about political advertising at the poll. My neighbor, who was the poll worker, was laughing about it when I got there this afternoon.

    Go Obama. If you haven’t voted yet in the Western portion of the nation please get out there. Hell, I’ll send beer later (no bribes intended) if you just go vote!!

  25. Thanks for putting this up Jon, very cool to see all the responses and locales. I filled out my mail-in ballot at an enjoyable off the back pace over a few Alaskan Brewery Porter’s and some http://www.redtube.com for a stimulating visual backdrop. Dropped the ballot off at the Pima County Recorder’s office at 2:30 PM today; in/ out in under a minute.

  26. GOP spreads the “Democrats vote on Wednesday” crap every election. It goes back pre-email to the curled up fax paper days. I’m not old enough to know if they’ve been pulling it longer.

    On my drive home CNN (on Sirius) was reporting that some people in urban areas of swing states (ie Cleveland and Philly) were receiving text messages that due to high turnout and long lines, hours would be extended and voters were encouraged to wait until tomorrow to go to their polling place.

    Voter suppression is a GOP game. Sucks that they feel they need to do that. Sucks that it works on anybody. Sucks that they don’t get tried and rot in prison for doing it.

  27. i listened to RATM all day, knocked a couple repub’s out the way in, and was out of the booth in five minutes. the real report is there was no line in idaho, five minutes.

  28. Voted absentee; zero minutes waiting.

    “democrats vote on Wednesday”- that’s funny shit. And a conspiracy to make (dempublican) voters in citiers stand in line, that’s another good one.

    Did you guys hear my theory? Obama wins, Dath Cheney shoots down an airliner and declares martial law. It could totally happen.


  29. I’ve no idea how much later this post might be for you, but Gnome ? You are the point man, no question. You have a vote, use it.


  30. I have my free starbucks.
    Ben & Jerry await.

    Even in Okie land, even in the redredsuburbs; just look at they guy workin the drive thru, the tradesman stopping at the grocery on the way home..
    ride anywhere tonight and see lifted spirits and lifted souls.

  31. On the bike (cruiserized cannondale) to the polls at 5:30AM and home by 7:00 AM. Three miles away.
    two other bikes on the rack.

  32. This shit’s over folks, Obama’s got PA by a landslide this far, and all the Obama loving counties around Philly haven’t reported yet. And Fox has him projected for the win in OH.

    Pour yourselves a drink.

  33. Heckler, try the real Alaskan beer. I was drinking Silver Gulch tonight. BTW I’ve stood on both sides politically and no one tops the Democrats for being obnoxious in victory. Jesus christ have you no manners. Another BTW is Chicargo still on fire?

  34. North ATL suburbs…
    I walked in the school which was voting central for 3 precincts and it took a minute or two just to walk to the back of the line, probably close to football field in length. It moved ok though and I was in and out in about 1:45.
    Pretty good considering the crowd.