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  1. Hm… Went to the link, Harlan. Don’t think he’s an idiot. Those are just his stances, and I (and many Democrats) agree with him on many issues.

    Democrat, Republican… SOMEONE’S bound to be offended either way.

  2. Not only is he much like Bush…. but the Florida poll is fucked up AGAIN! CNN was just talking about how it would ONLY let you vote for McCain. WTF. Turns out the guy who makes them is an extreme republican. We’re so fucked.

  3. wtf the people who think mcain is a gud leader i invite you to cum to nz and see it from our side of the fence and wtf y cant we live in peace all mcain wants is war he is a fuking morron nd he will be like bush if he gets elected we (the world) r fuked

  4. NObama just dropped a huge fart. Normal reaction to it by McCain. BO is a totally empty suit.

  5. Eric Carlson and Joan Wagar, A,K,A, Doubleclick and Mrs Dash,( yes those are there nicknames they gave each other.) admitted to poisoning me while I was a plasma donor back in 2005.
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  6. I am sure that all of the Democrats here saying that McCain is an idiot or walking cadaver have never even given a thought to respect the man who was a POW longer than twice the time Obama has been a senator. Regardless, all of your useless banter regarding Obama’s policies and his apparent savior like qualities are obviously clues to the level of your intelligence. For those of you that don’t understand what that means, I am saying that you don’t understand how the world works, you don’t understand how this wonderful country has come to be so great and you don’t understand how Obama’s policies will affect the country. All of you have taken advantage of the sacrifices of men as great as McCain. You are the reason why I worry about the future of the United States.

  7. all fuking obama wants is peace but matafuking mc cain wants is war personally i would perfure obama

  8. bob you think this country is great after the 8 years of george bush? i dunno where you’ve been but this country has suffered from lots of unnecessary crap. obama has a lot of good ideas that will help people out. mccain is just a lot of the same.

  9. Jeez, who let the general public in? Fucking trolls.

    First off, don’t lecture me. You know nothing about me. Being a POW does not qualify McCain for the office of President. He has insulted everyone else who has gone through being a POW by using it as his universal response to everything. He almost flunked out of military school, was a complete gold-digger, and picked the most incompetent person ever as his VP running mate. Yet when Clark (a decorated General, who also came home with shrapnel, was valedictorian of his class at West Point, and a Rhodes Scholar) called him on it, he was the bad guy. I happen to agree with most of Obama’s policies, and I’m willing to look past the ones I don’t because the Republicans have shown themselves as evil, selfish, underhanded, goat-fuckers who are willing to run this country into the ground. McCain is will be a continuation of the failed policies of the past 8 years, except with even less mental stability and the high likelihood that someone who hasn’t even read The Constitution will have to take over mid-term. Sell your crazy somewhere else, because I’m full up and tired of suffering fools. What makes you so fucking wise asshole? You drank the Republican Kool-Aid? I can at least have a little respect for conservatives who show that they can think, but being dismissive and parroting the Republican talking points just makes you one of the sheeple.

  10. shut up about this, no matter what, you arent gonna sway anyone…if anything you are just making your party look stupider by doing this. Just calm down and be civilized. this poster is just the dems trying to be funny and trying to make the republicans look like morons…and people are stupid, so they believe it, but thats just me. So, who wants to keep arguing and making themselves look stupid?

  11. Military service has nothing to do with being a good leader. As a soldier myself I can tell you McCain does NOT have any advantage over Obama. That’s why you got your top Military advisors. I have every reason to support Obama because the outcome of this election means Life and Death to us all serving in Iraq. VOTE FOR OBAMA, because it’s the RIGHT thing to do! Vote for him cause he is Kool, better looknig and not fucking near his death bed.

  12. …so bob…are you saying that because obama ain’t a part of the old boy network & while he might have a few original thoughts in his head & again that he might do something a bit differently than you’d expect, that this country is gonna go down the drain ???…

    …doubt it, big time…& we might even regain a little respect on the world stage, both for the man, obama himself & just by the fact that he’ll be elected, the status of the american populus will be raised in the eyes of the world…that is a serious fact…check the surveys (ie: not the ones on fox news)…

    …talk to various europeans about what they think of the two candidates & you’ll find regardless of their economic status, the overwhelming majority are supportive of an obama presidency…

    …granted, mccain deserves a certain respect for serving his p.o.w. time honorably, in that like a lot of young men, he did endure serious torture but previous to that, he was a first class navy fuckup & if it wasn’t for his daddy the admiral, he woulda been drummed out of the service…

    …look for actual details on the uss forrestal fire wherein mccain “almost lost his life”…the reality, while hidden, is there & it’s a little different than yer local repub cheerleaders will tell ya about…

    …btw, sir…your little diatribe regarding peoples intelligence & their lack of understanding regarding how the world works defines you as a fucking world class clown…

  13. obama is the shit get ur asses out and vote on SUPER WEDNESDAY no fucking excuses

  14. Better a leader not afraid of social ideas when going into the greatest depression the world has ever known. He may be easier to get help from than the military types. We will see a day in America where honest hungry people will commit crimes fo get jailhouse comforts such as food and shelter! Most of us cannot go back to the family farm as in the “Dirty Thirties” and will need help! The cash flow has faltered, and if you live on cash, and need it to get food at the supermarket, and do not own land planted to veggies, this means your flow of food has faltered. If Unemployment grows, you will eventually face a world with no cash, therefore no food! Most of the jobs were allowed to escape from our country, complete with the technologies and patents to perform them by irresponsible criminals in the White House. They did this for altruistic “neo-con” reasons, but mostly they did it for CASH! Obama, good as he looks, just hasn’t the resources to stop the suffering falling on us as we speak! He can only do his best to ease the blows, by cutting taxes, and giving away bags of beans size tax credits to the starving! The Party is Over America, Last Call, Last Call!

  15. hello, its bob again… well obviously my earlier comment has pissed some people off. Well, let me elaborate. El jefe, I did not say that McCain was qualified to be president because he was a POW. He deserves respect because of the sacrifices that he made for our country, regardless of your opinion of him or your opinion of his quality as a naval officer. Calling him a fucking moron is simply unacceptable no matter how you feel about his policies. Also, I could accuse you of parroting the dem talking points about “more of the same” concerning McCain but why bother. If you would like to point fingers concerning the cause of the economic downturn than you may want to look a little closer at the origin of the problem. See if you can find an article written on september 30 1999 by steven a. holmes titled “Fannie Mae eases credit to aid mortgage lending” you may be surprised to find out what is written there. But in case you can’t find it, here are some of the important parts. “Fannie Mae, the nation’s biggest underwriter of home mortgages, has been under increasing pressure from the Clinton Administration to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people” It goes on to say, “In moving, even tentatively, into this new area of lending, Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk, which may not pose any difficulties during flush economic times. But the government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980’s.” Near the end of the article it says, “In July, the Department of Housing and Urban Development proposed that by the year 2001, 50 percent of Fannie Mae’s and Freddie Mac’s portfolio be made up of loans to low and moderate-income borrowers.” Correct me if I am wrong but was this not under Bill Clinton’s watch? Was it not his policy to mandate that Fannie Mae give these loans to low credit families?

  16. …keep it up, bob…one point at a time, right or wrong & you’ll still be trying to explain it away while yer man will be sitting in the gutter w/ his advisers wondering just how they could fuck up, time & time again…

    …have you actually watched mccain on the tube lately, bob ???…body language says a lot & personally, i’ve never seen a presidential candidate look so uncomfortable & literally not genuine…nixon like…he’s lying through his gritting teeth about where he stands…

    …& this tactic/scheme of pretending to be the favorite might work to fool his ‘true believers’ because they wanna see it but it’s certainly not fooling the majority of americans, according to every poll i’ve seen…

    …or as he stated to brian williams the other day when williams pointed out the obvious, “we’ve got ’em right where we want ’em”…well good, john…i guess yer followers can lower their expectations…

    …& wasn’t there just a bunch a’ warm & fuzzy, being projected by mccain & palin during that interview…

    …comments, bob ???…

  17. i thought we were talking about chicken? :)

    and that Bob dude kicks butt :)

  18. Bob,
    Go back and read what I wrote. I never called him a moron. I stated facts about his record. I said he was belittling the truly horrible experience of being a POW by using it as a response any time his qualifications were questioned. Just like Rudy “9/11” Guliani. Again, I happen to agree with many of Obama’s policies, and I’ll put up with the ones I don’t, because I think he has a better shot at keeping us from descending into chaos. As a McCain supporter are you willing to say the equivalent? Are you happy with the campaign that McCain is running? Do you really think Palin is qualified to step into the postion? Are you happy with the overt racism of the McCain/Palin crowds?

    As far as the rest of it goes, the Republicans had control of both houses of Congress for a decade, and you forget to mention that the lending practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were tightened up, while still under Clinton in 2000, but further relaxed in 2004 by Bush’s HUD, against warnings, so your boy had a much more recent midas touch on this debacle.

    We can go tit for tat on this forever. You can search Newsmax all you want. You’re not going to convince me. What pisses me off is the holier-than-thou attitude which you have. Somehow I don’t know about the “real” world. Somehow the world I live in is fake. I just need more learnin’. Fuck off.

  19. el jefe- you are correct that you never called him a moron. I was referring to some of the other posts. With regards to your questions, I can say with certainty that McCain is much more qualified at leading this country in the years to come. He has a deep understanding of foreign relations, of which Obama has little. McCain will also promote, for the most part, the capitalist economic policies that have allowed the US to become what it is today. Then we have Obama who has been in the senate for roughly two years before announcing his exploratory committee, and in those two years what has he accomplished? He has managed to write his second book and raise an unbelievable amount of campaign funds, but what has he DONE in the senate to help you? He certainly has shown that he is one of the most liberal senators in the entire senate, which leads me to my next point. We don’t seem to agree on the origin of the economic crisis but you don’t refute the fact that it was the liberal/socialist policies of mandating Frannie Mae to give out loans to low income families that was partly responsible. So how will a man that is the most liberal senator help a situation that was started because of liberal policies? The solution for success is relatively simple, the less government involvement in the economy the better. Thats what McCain will provide, its the formula that allows for a CAPITALIST economy to succeed. With regards to Palin the issue is very simple. McCain is not going to keel over during his term and based off that relatively safe assumption, her pick was obviously a political move to garner more female votes. She is a conservative and has displayed the qualities that I would expect a proper conservative to have. She cut spending, cut taxes, cut useless programs and gave money back to the people in her state, all while fighting a very well encamped corrupt set of politicians. Ya, I like her as a VP pick. Biden on the other hand seems to agree with me that Obama is not qualified in the area of foreign relations considering his recent statements and those during the primary.
    What say you young one???

  20. Bob,
    First of I was born during Nixon, so unless you are significantly older than that, don’t call me young. Second, If I had to label myself it would be as an economic liberal and social libertarian, and support many of the policies that Obama has proposed. If McCain circa 2000 was running, I wouldn’t be filled with fear and loathing. McCain has sold out any independence he had to rally the racist, sexist, moronic Republican base. I don’t have the time or desire to go tit for tat with you. Obama is no socialist. You don’t even know what the word means, and it stopped being an insult 10+ years ago. Take a look at the 130+ bills which Obama has introduced. Most of them I agree with. Liberal isn’t an insult to me.

    Palin is the most wholly unqualified VP candidate ever. The state of Alaska doesn’t have financial problems, they have the Alaska Permanent Fund (talk about socialism…) She saddled Wasila with double the debt during her time. That’s a financial conservative? She was a transparent pick and every woman I know is insulted by it. It is a pick that says just because you have a pussy, you can’t think for yourself.

    McCain has a 1 in 4 (maybe 1 in 3) chance of a recurrence of cancer. You can’t tell me he’s going to make it through his term. No-one can, he might, but the odds are not good.

    We aren’t going to agree on this, but I suggest you investigate some of the claims of success that McCain/Palin make. They aren’t there, and they will be a continuation of the failure of Bush.

    I’ve got too much work to do to continue this. 6.5 days a week…

  21. How can anyone think Palin is even close to qualified after her policy speech yesterday? She has no clue how science works. During her talk about funding support for autism research and support for families dealing with children with autism, she mocked research done on fruit flies. To the uneducated this plays. Unfortunately for her, using fruit flies is how scientists have identified some of the proteins that code for nerve development, which is linked to at least identifying the risk of autism, and may well be important in developing treatments. This is how science works. You study an organism more simple than humans to develop theories and possible treatments. It’s called using a “model organism”. Because I am a scientist, I find this type of stupidity morally offensive. Because I can’t say it better than Richard Wolfe, here’s his quote from Countdown (hopefully I have the HTML right):

  22. Or not. Here’s the quote:

    KO: How could they let Gov. Palin go out and mock research that has identified a genetic indicator for autism? Who was stupid or insensitive enough to let that happen?

    RW: Keith, I’m going to be as restrained and measured as I possibly can about this. But this is the most mindless, ignorant, uninformed comment that we have seen from Governor Palin so far and there’s been a lot of competition for that prize. Fruit flies aren’t just to do with this kind of research. They are a standard scientific model in genetic research along with a whole range of other organisms and cells including mice, rats, I mean there’s nothing fluffy or funny about it. It’s scientific research. And if you deliver your first serious policy speech and you make this kind of basic error, you either don’t have a scientific adviser, or you don’t have a speechwriter who knows what they’re saying.

  23. All of you idiots voting for NObama should kill yourselves immediately. The only reason you would vote for such a damn retarded SOB is because you want to sit around and pop out children and never get a job and collect all of the welfare, which is payed by the people who are responsible and who actually do work instead of just mooch off of everyone else. There have been studies done on how many people wont vote for NObama because he’s black, yet not a single one done on how many people would vote for him because he’s black. So you can also stop with this stupid ass race bullshit. If he wins it will be because every black person in the US will vote for him because he’s black, and others will because they are afraid of being racist. We all know that in our schools they are basically teaching our children that if they don’t vote for NObama they’re racists, but of course NObama supporters will never admit to that. If you people want to work and only get paid for 50% of it and send the rest off to the lazy ass bastards who are too busy smoking crack and robbing people to give a shit about their 9 kids all with different mothers so they never have to get jobs, then go ahead and vote for that failure of a man you consider a presidential candidate. As for me, I believe everyone should be responsible for themselves and support themselves. All of you democrats are just little kids that want the government to support you from birth until death,and never want to grow the hell up.

  24. …anon 10:14am…

    …you’ve succinctly defined what being a moron is all about just by opening your mouth…

    …nice job…

  25. Educated you say? Perhaps you start with the a definition of the founding ideology of Socialism and compare and contrast it with McCain/Palin’s given our current socio-economic developments as they apply to governing …. as opposed to throwing out a label you know nothing about I mean….

    Funny thing some need a “them” to define your “self”. With the sound reasoning process of ‘They are bad therefore I am good.’ I love the fact that McCain seems to know more about the other guy than he does himself. Funnier that Papsm3r attacks the person because he knows nothing about the process….

    A big bowl to you MY FRIEND

  26. Jeezus…and you guys give ME a hard time! I actually agree with you on some stuff!

  27. hello again el jefe. It is unfortunate that you will not go, “tit for tat” with me on some of these issues because I really would like to understand better why you think Obama will be better for you. You point to the 130+ bills that he has sponsored/co-sponsored but do you know how many have actually become law. As far as I know only one of the bills that he was the original sponsor of has become law. In regards to Palin’s comments, obviously that was a big mistake on her part. The reality is though, that scientific research will continue the way it has with or without her as VP, She will help to raise more awareness about autism, that will be her contribution. The Alaska Permanent Fund was created in 1976 so its a moot point. You have still left the big questions unanswered. What is it that Obama has done to be qualified as a candidate for the Presidency? What is he going to do for you, a scientist? Do you support “spreading the wealth?” You have said many times that you support his policies but I wonder if you can specify any. (by the way you it seems you may be running out of expletives to direct at me and republicans in general so here is a website that has a list of them http://www.noswearing.com/dictionary)

  28. God help this country if McBush gets in. His running mate is a fuckin lush who “Thinks” she know it all and will help the Obama campain by being the idiot she is. Being a governer and mayor of a tiny tiny city does NOT make her a quaalified running mate

  29. …it’s all up to you, el jefe…

    …i guess i’m not ‘linear’ enough for bob because ol’ bob only wants to discuss individual issues w/ you alone…

    …bob, if you happen to inadvertently read this, you might note that the worst thing i called you was a “fucking world class clown” & it was w/ a particular intent while relating to some of the attitude you were projecting…

    …& while i didn’t deal w/ specific policy issues, after rereading points i brought up, i feel in retrospect that i intelligently queried you about valid aspects of the candidates involved…

    …admit it…you don’t like dealing w/ issues that you don’t have a patented answer for & i personally believe that you don’t like thinking outside the box…it makes you uncomfortable…pretty much like the candidate you endorse…“maverick” bullshit, aside…

    …one of the great values of the young & relatively inexperienced barack obama is that he understands that at times, he has to think on his feet & that at other times his counsel w/ well chosen advisers will provide the answers & direction needed…& if there is an insinuation that the same could be said about mccains v.p. candidate, then someone hasn’t been paying attention…there is no comparison…

    …step outside the box, bob…go back & answer some of my questions or address certain points…show us how legitimate you really are…if you honestly believe in your candidate…

  30. Has anyone actually looked at what happened to our economy is a CAUSE EFFECT type relationship?

    Our economy and national debt are the result of two things… please take note.

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac/failing mortgage/credit market for one, and the large military budget for two.

    The nation is reeling as people who should not have been given credit have defaulted on their mortgages. These mortgages have been, by and large, caused by people who want the American dream but just can’t afford it… mainly because of their OWN shortcomings in the self-control department. Regardless of that, the institutions that GAVE the loans are partially to blame. Then, the effect of “hey I got a house now that gives me better credit” takes hold and these ‘credit risks’ are now given MORE credit in the form of home equity loans and credit cards. THIS IS AN EFFECT! We will identify the cause shortly.

    Bush’s military budgets have been very large including pay raises that are still increasing in an attempt to create equality between the military and the private sector. The military still does not get paid anywhere near an equivalent salary to a civilian, but Bush has shrunk the margin considerable. Additionally, Bush’s military spending is a result of an ongoing conflict. (I will digress for a short- the fact that we have kept the terrorists occupied IN the middle east has prevented them from having the time and resources to make another mainland attack in America. This is a statement that is an opinion, but makes completely logical sense.) Bush’s military spending is another EFFECT.

    The cause? CLINTON!!!! Sure he was a schmoozer and kept our hearts on edge with the various scandals of his tenure. And of course everyone was happy when “HOME SALES” were incredibly high and everyone was receiving credit to bolster the economy. You know what homes were being sold? The ones that are defaulted now. During the Clinton-era the military sought parity in its pay with the civilian sector, but it did not happen. In fact the military was continually downsized! Do you know what happened to all that credit that made the Clinton-era so economically exciting? It is now defunct, and America has been defrauded out if its prosperity.

    YES, it all happened on Bush’s watch!!!! But, Clinton was the one who perpetrated this atrocity on America. He left a big stinking pile of poop under Bush’s bed.

    I guess we can thank Barack Obama for defeating Hilary. We all need to remember the principle of cause and effect.

    I am truly scared of the effects of this election.

  31. Funny post, seen it a million times though…

    But omg…you guys actually give ad space to Suicide Girls?

    The people who run that are literal pieces of rubbish who rip off artists and girls alike with neo-nazi contracts.

    I’d quietly bow out of it and let them know you don’t really need their money.

  32. COME ON! Someone throw some more red meat in there! This can’t be over! Yer bunch of animals! Wanna survive? Get together! Barack is in. He will be your president. Judge him but judge him fairly for what he does. Until that time do not be his enemy cause by doing that you become the enemy of the United States of America. If you think where we are and where we are going as a nation is a good thing..you are out voted. Swallow it and give this a chance or you are not an American. It’s time for America first. If you don’t like the job that he did 4 years from now then fire him. But at least give him a chance or you are just fouling your nest.