Wasting Thursday

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I know that most of the time I link some stupid stuff just to keep the website alive. Big Jonny and I have gone a few rounds of drinks talking about how much politics get on this site and how I hate it. Most of the time Big Jon just tells me that if I dont like it then to write something up and post it. So without further ado I give you something that I read pretty much on a daily basis. Some of you already probably read this site. But its much more than a good read. I will direct you to the Embrocation links at the side of the site. The author of these posts (who I have no idea who this is) writes in a way that I could never accomplish. I’m more of just let it fly and if you get it fine and if not thats cool too, its not for everyone. So his reviews of the type of embrocation are at the worst some of the funniest, most informative, and down right true depiction of what that stuff can do to you. So take a moment to waste some of your Thursday like I did.



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