Taking Out The Trash

I’m sure there were some who questioned Kohl’s performance at the Tour and this confirms it. Too bad, for I was rather hoping his feat was attained on moral and ethical grounds. But on a positive note (no pun intended) it is becoming a cleaner sport. Can’t say that about baseball (GO SOX!), football or hockey just to name a few.
Kohl positive for CERA

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9 thoughts on “Taking Out The Trash

  1. Couple more and Christian makes the podium…

    How come this stuff is coming out NOW?!?

  2. they’re just giving ’em all enough time to pull funds together and offer bribes. 1 down, 29 more to go. fliesby, you should hope cvv doesn’t wind up on the wrong side of that podium list. I believe in argyle, for now.

    while we’re at it, wasn’t a big reason LA never did the Giro the fact that the Italian authorities wanted to arrest him? guess that’s all over now, just like there’s no reason to retest samples from last year’s Giro for CERA, since everyone was clean.

  3. “Couple more and Christian makes the podium”…good chuckle, dude…

    …but hey, pay attention to velo-news (ok, admittedly it’s hard to pay attention to velo-news at times)…ricci richardo & others got caught w/ urine tests during the tour but there was enough suspicion & evidence to do ‘after the fact’ blood testing…

    …& there may be a bunch going down before it’s all over…

  4. Awww c’mon…this was the CLEANEST TOUR EVER!

    Now, for the operative question…who is more full of shit…the average politician, or the average pro bike racer?

  5. Rest assured, there will be more…all will be settled. Pretty much as a knee- jerk test, you take any jackass that comes out of nowhere and has a superhuman result. See Shcumacher in the TT, and KOHL to podium outta nowhere. The Giro wants this shit ot go away, and if CSC tests positive for anything, then Damus Rumsgard and all the other “blood evaluators” are full of shit.
    would make Lemond look a little more credible no?

    well…boo if you want, ya know i’m right

  6. “I believe in argyle, for now”

    Me too, especially David Millar because he says he doesn’t, even though he said that before and did, he now says he doesn’t and that, along with riding for an American team, is good enough for me.

    The UCI should focus it’s attention on pesky Europeans (David excepted) and let all the teams with “independent” testing get on with winning races. Maybe they could give a Boy Scouts oath as well.

  7. Well, all the superstars are getting popped. One of the biggest superstars of the tour was Cavendish… he was leaving people in the dust… doped?