Not Surprised

I don’t think too many people will be surprised with the recent outcomes of retested samples from this year’s Tour. Since when is Schumacher a stellar time trialist who can beat the likes of Cancellara? I think we’ll see some other big names get dung by the doping bell in the coming weeks. Hell, look at Schleck! Using the ‘Basso Defense’ and that his payment of several thousand euro’s to Fuentes was only for “training methods”… Sure pal

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8 thoughts on “Not Surprised

  1. …not surprised, also…

    …guys like shumi & ‘ricci riccardo’ seem so full of themselves, not because they’re winning races but because they think they’re getting away w/ not getting caught…

    …i wonder if when lefevere signed him up w/ quick-step for next year, if he thought he was getting a very talented bike racer or a very talented doper who wouldn’t get caught & screw up the team…

    …just wonderin’…

  2. not surprised at all. i didn’t want to doubt it when he won those two TTs, but at the same time…


  3. No surprises here. Doping has been so big for so long only the perfection of testing for it has brought it to the surface. It is relevant in every sport. Shit.. those Russian speed walkers lost thier medals for doping in the olympics. Who speedwalking was so competitive.

  4. Are we suggesting that this should be no holds barred cycling?

    I mean it would up viewership. Watching dudes heads explode in the apls would rule. and knowing that at any one climb dudes could just drop I mean VS. could sell that shit more than Pro Bull Riding

  5. They’re adults, let them dope if they want.

    Cycling without doping is NOT cycling… there has never ever fucking ever been a time that cycle racing did not involve doping. It was there at the beginning.

    The cycling you watching growing up… dopers. The cycling you watched in this last tour… dopers.

    Get over it and let the men race.