Lugs, not drugs

So this was dreamed up by my friend Tina at Tommasini. Yeah THAT Tommasini — one of the all time best Italian bike builders in the business.

they got it on other stuff too – check it out here:

I’m gettin’ mine — you gettin’ yours? And yes, Randy, they mean Performance ENHANCING Drugs…

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6 thoughts on “Lugs, not drugs

  1. There is a sweet Tommasini frame hanging at my buddies bike shop, way to small for me. Been hanging there for a long time….steel lugs and all…. I wish it fit.

  2. Lugs not drugs ! Tell that Bjarne . CSC will be defunkt in a week when Sastre , both Shlecks , O’grady and Cancelara will all be caught using CERA . You heard it here first . Bjarne is one of the most crooked DS ever in the sport . Send five shirts to Bjarne …..That Swede was pretty fast out of nowhere also ….

  3. Vino raced like an idiot…which made for some fun watching for sure. So…with Lance, Levi, Contador and Vino on the team…jezuz…it’s starting to look like that “Tainted Dream Team” thing that I wrote a couple weeks ago.

  4. Blowing up had a had a different meaning. Oh, those were good times… Wait, that means we’re working under the assumption that racing is clean now… I want to see the inter-dream-team death match…