Two Words

Good Times.

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Tucson, Arizona, USA

13 thoughts on “Two Words

  1. I would have speed woobled within the first 20 seconds. I guess that is why I stick to something with brakes. I bet you could hit 65 plus on a bike on that hill, that is if you could handle the turns.

  2. …pietro, over at recently featured this one…never skated claremont but old memories surfaced in the way-back machine about when we used to indulge in various substances & skate all over sf & the north bay…

    …crazy stuff but somebody had a’ do it…

  3. Could one them be cool enough to be Snake’s Daddy?

    just one car backing out, and FUBAR.

  4. I went to junior high with Adam. he was a good snowboarder then. now he’s a fashion designer, a NY Times commentator, and apparently, no less gutsy.

    pointed me to the Black Sheep and Club magazine. Sweet, when you’re 13.

  5. That street freaks me out. I found it my second day the first time I visited out here several years ago.
    Other friends who lived here briefly mention it, without prompting, 3 of them.
    That street has wicked strong juju.
    just this feeling…