Statute of Limitations

It appears the French will never let some things go. Who’s croissant did Lance shit on to make those frogs so hell bent? Could Lemond be the French puppet-master? Did Lance schtoop Greg’s wife years ago? Round and round we go on this carnival ride and where it stops no one knows. More trivial news over at VeloSnooze

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9 thoughts on “Statute of Limitations

  1. Call Lemond a quack if you want, boo if you want, but you know he is right.

    VO2 max matched with watts doesn’t lie. Showing blood values can. you just micro dose and keep values high.

    Lemond interviewed after talking to Don Catlin on Lance “transperancy” post Interbike Comeback Press Conference Rebuff

    scroll down. scroll forward to about 4 minutes in. Dude knows his shit…

  2. Even before he was king of the tour, most of the other racers couldn’t stand Lance Armstrong. He’s a dick. I give him a lot of credit for his accomplishments, esp. his fight with cancer. He’s an inspiration, but still a dick! I think the main reason that Lemond is so pissed is because of that smug look Lance gets when he says he is, and always was clean… It’s the same look the president gets when he says we’re winning the war, and spreading democracy. Lemond obviously has a low tollerance for bullshit. Greg Lemond is, and always will be the king of American cycling. Get off his nuts!!! Both of em’

  3. I think Lance’s plan is to actually ride clean in the tour. After watching last year’s yawn fest, I bet he’s thinking he can do it. And probably wants to see if he actually can against a clean(er) field. I bet this has occurred to Lemond, and knowing he won’t be able to get anything on Lance REALLY pisses him off!

  4. Psst. Hey law-dogs, I’ll let you in on a secret….

    Wattage isn’t the holy fucking grail absolute measurement for cycling performance & there’s enough differences in just the dynomometers to make comparing wattage from 2 riders almost 100% worthless. Add the other variables in & it’s retarded as hell to even talk about watts.

    SAE corrections.
    What gear do you test in?
    What bearings?
    What load on the tire?
    What tire OD?
    What’s the knee/hip/ankle angle versus crank position?
    Coefficient of drag between athletes?
    And on and on.

    Yes, wattage does lie. I’ve seen an engine A make 33% less watts than engine B and beat it. There are too many factors to make it consistent & reliable.

  5. I will say that having a power meter on your bike is the most discouraging thing…just plain buzz kill. I so don’t give a shit about that stuff any more. I took all the comouters off my bike and have never enjoyed riding this much since I was a kid

  6. Loren is 100% correct. It is only with the lackluster tour pace that Lance thought he could compete without ‘help’. He probably will be clean for the first time ever (in a tour). He is a machine and best of the dopers but I’d rather not dig up the skeletons again. What a crock.