Sastre on the hook

As we like to say ‘around these parts: Doping is as doping does

From: Nathaniel
Subject: sastre and csc
seems like their doping dr was on the payroll for (failed) cover-up just like Lances. article:

Sastre Newest Doping Suspect?
by Matt Hansen

It was reported originally in Le Soir, and now German and Danish media are reporting that Tour podium finisher Carlos Sastre is a doping suspect. Sastre and three other CSC riders are suspected of doping in this year’s Tour de France. CSC has not heard anything officially, according to their press officer. The Danish news site TV2 Sporten is reporting that the other CSC riders under suspicion are Frank Schleck, Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O’Grady.

Apparently, TdF doctors have re-opened lab tests from the Tour and there are rumours of the riders using CERA, the previously undetectable form of EPO for which Ricardo Ricco (Saunier Duval-Scott) was expelled from the Tour.

How do you spell “good times”? C_E_R_A.


Here is the English translation of the article:

Carlos Sastre and three other CSC Saxo Bank-riders are suspected of having used doping in the Tour de France this year. It writes the Belgian newspaper Le Soir.

The three remaining rider from Riis’ crew is allegedly Frank Schleck, Fabian Cancellara and Stuart O’Grady.

“We have certainly heard nothing officially from the team, so it is difficult to say no to. It is hoped that the authorities will arise out properly and not through an intermediary a Belgian newspaper. If we had riders who had spent CERA, our anti – doping program have uncovered it, “said Brian Nygaard, press for Team CSC Saxo Bank, according

Monday testing the French doping agency suspicious blood samples from the Tour this year. It happens after a new method which can detect the use of EPO product, CERA. A total of 14 riders to test.

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9 thoughts on “Sastre on the hook

  1. when it’s an experimental drug it’s not doping, it’s ‘testing’. the csc boys were working closely with medical professionals to help ‘save lives’. geez.

  2. …personally, i’m gonna reserve judgment ’til all the details are in, but i do recall a nice little post-tour interview where senor sastre expressed his indignation towards people like ricci richardo (richardo ricco) & how riders like himself had been honest & worked hard & raced clean throughout their careers to achieve results…

    …hmmm, maybe not so much, carlos ???…or do we have a “french lab” situation & i don’t mean a dog wandering out onto the middle of the course…

    …now, we wait & see…

  3. How do they name Frank w/o Andy?

    This after Riis was excluded last year and his reform claims.

    No CSC for 09 like no Astana in 08.

    Dear Andy, cut bait, come to Columbia or Garmin before Levi or Evans do..

  4. Say it ain’t so. Off the top of your heads, who was the runner up? My god! Good thing that right now America is thinking about financial crisis rather than athletes doping. I would wonder what % is. Sure are some strong dudes and dudets out there.

  5. If he is found to have doped, or any of them for that matter….I hope he goes to prison and gets pounded in the ass so many times he can sit on a fucking fire hydrant – comfortably….tossin salads with syrup AND jelly.

    I am about done with this shit, it is becoming less about clean athletes and more about doing the new shit they are not testing for…would also show the guy they were paying ( hello Lance and Astana ) to test is full of shit too. That fucker can toss some salads too…bitches galore.