Biden v. Palin

I read a comment by uglyyeti on the Palin’s days are numbered post. I liked what he said about “crazy-ass Biden” and the upcoming VP debate between him and Sarah Palin. I can’t wait for it happen. It simply cannot come soon enough in my life. Those two sharing the stage is going to be completely insane.

In one corner we have the former cheerleader type bringing that full on MILF city madness who cannot put together a coherent sentence on any current topic. It is as if she has never read a newspaper in her entire life.

She is the Miss Teen South Carolina of Presidential politics.

And in the opposite corner, we’ve got Barrel ‘o Gaffes Biden, a man who cannot go more than ten or twelve minutes before saying something absolutely & completely out of bounds. Dude’s tongue is coated with his own shoe polish on the regular.

He is the Fuzzy Zoeller of Presidential politics.

Anyone got any ideas for a Biden v. Palin drinking game?

I can’t imagine any other way to watch than grip’n tins ‘o lager and put’n ’em back mad quick. Biden is going to call her a skirt or some shit within twenty minutes. Palin will say her experience running Wasilla makes her qualified to be an astronaut….

I can’t wait. I’ll laugh. I’ll cry. I’ll undoubtedly be drunk as hell. Good times.

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10 thoughts on “Biden v. Palin

  1. Thank god the replay it on Friday on CNN. I have to work at 7:30 in the AM, but Im planning on getting home, buying a case of Oktoberfest beer, and enjoying the spectacle.

    We really need to hammer out a DC drinking game for this one. It’s gonna be SO much better than the Obama v McSame debate.


  2. Holey SHIT ! !! I just watched the Zoeller clip and WHAT THE FUCK?!!?!?! I can only assume he’s talking about Tiger Woods and…



    I expect better from Biden, but GODDAMN that was fucking fucked.

    Jesus, dude.

  3. Why drink and dull what is sure to seem like a great acid trip? I might have a wee nip if Biden calls her a cunt, but that’s it for me.

  4. Using some of the exact same Palin lines fron the interview was genious. Point being that as good as Tina was it was hard to top Sarah herself in this comedy….

  5. It’s strangely silent on this site about the debate last night.

    I watched the introductions. Checked out Palin’s gams. Then went for a soda.

    Choosing between Dems or Repubs is classic rock and a hard place.

    The debates, one and all, are pointless.

  6. agreed. any fourm should allow follow up questions. this is just pull my string talk