How do you get a poster home from Interbike?
First you eat it, and then you poop it out.
Eat, then poop.
Eat then poop!
Wise words from Sov as day three closed, and all the tradeshow coverage you truly need this year.

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Bikes are cool, and I’ve been making a go at this ‘industry’ thing for a while now. You may remember me from some nine years at Dirt Rag Magazine. Or not. Now I do some writing, wrenching and photography to pay the bills. And run my half of a little magazine project called Urban Velo. We love riding in the city. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

10 thoughts on “EAT THEN POOP

  1. hey peeps I lived in vegas and have respect for the cycling culture there! sure some of u fucks have no idea and keep pipe’n off! yes interbike is always changing! i just deal with it or not!,cycling is pissing contest these days,, shut the fuck up and ride!!!

    whats up with the flame heads come in!
    I’ll burn my DC shit if this keeps up!

  2. DC is the most readable it has been in years

    if you don’t like rambling trash talking you’d never make it in the peloton