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13 thoughts on “Vegas Baby!!!

  1. Makes my heart swell with pride to see Ben back on the scene.

    And let’s be honest here: Who HASN’T slept with Big Gay Randy?

  2. Can’t you idiots focus on the important stuff that really matters. Take for instance the brave actions of McCain, putting politics aside to guide the other washington sheep to formulate an economic recovery plan. Come on, McCain was going to skip the 1st debate with Obama in order to yet again serve his country. We should be talking about this heroic maverick and not wasting time on Vegas!

  3. Sommer, in spite of being a genuine “I got mine” Chicago suburbanite, you can be one funny dude……

  4. Can we get a peloton topic here for discussion.. Let’s start with how fucked Levi is at the moment

  5. Sommerquack – McSame’s antics are anything but commendable. Seriously. The dude parachutes in to DC as a big, bloated distraction (according to many of his OWN party members), doesn’t get shit done, and then prematurely says in the WSJ that he won the debate. WTF? DUde’s going alzheimers on us at a breakneck pace. Another example of his desperation; once again putting polytricks in front of country. It’s over. McInsane has lost it. And don’t even get me started on Palin’s interview with Katie Couric yesterday. I actually felt sorry for her; she truly made an idiot of herself.

  6. Oy, Howie boy, you’ve taken the bait quite deep. We may have to just cut the line and leave the hook. Sad really…….

  7. Little Johnny~
    Are you suggesting Palin’s interview was anything beyond horribly embarrassing?

    And, to cover a base preemptively (think Bush Doctrine), you cannot call Jack Cafferty, the man making those comments, a partisan hack.