LeMond swings yard

I’ll say it like this: He makes me proud to have a LeMond bicycle in the stable.

Armstrong press conference turns tense
A scheduled Lance Armstrong press conference at the Interbike cycling trade show in Las Vegas turned tense Thursday morning when three-time Tour de France champion Greg LeMond questioned his plan to disclose his blood and urine values during Armstrong’s 2009 comeback season.

Armstrong announced Wednesday in New York City that he is working closely with Don Catlin, who formerly ran UCLA’s World Anti-Doping Agency accredited laboratory. In an attempt at full transparency, Catlin will post Armstrong’s biomarkers online for the sports community to see.

LeMond, who has been at odds with Armstrong for years going back to the Texan’s relationship with controversial Italian doctor Michele Ferrari, sat in the front row and was granted the first question by Armstrong.

LeMond immediately brought Catlin’s methods into question, claiming that VO2 max, oxygen intake and power output can be used as indicators of whether a rider has used illicit performance-enhancing methods…

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17 thoughts on “LeMond swings yard

  1. It’s something worth consideration when Lemond wants to tear down the L.A. empire. Lemond unhappy with the back seat? With Trek? WTF? I wish I was able to make it to that conference.

  2. How can you stand for his agenda. Even back in the day when his second return failed he had to go around pointing finers. “pot that called the kettle black” if you ask me. Get over it Greg. Not like I think Mr. Armstrong is any better. Can’t wait for the 09 tour. I hope Andy Schleck takes it.

  3. Mr. Peabody, please set the Wayback Machine to July 1989 – Champs Elysees – we need some fresh blood and urine samples.

    Oh, we don’t have a time machine? Greg should quit hounding Lance and concentrate on scuttling science labs so we never invent one. I’d start with that Large Hadron Collider – that may be the first thing that bends time, and it’s already in France.

  4. Yep…Lemonde…class act. Keep it up buddy because I’m not tired of your shit at all. And don’t mention Lance’s cancer advocacy campaign or anything like that because it would detract from your witch hunt right?

  5. You’re proud to have a Trek in your stable you mean?? Lemond did nothing more than talk himself in a circle…..again! The entire fucking lot is crazy, but Lemond takes it to a whole new level. The dude has about 5 lawsuits pending right now pertaining to Trek, Lance, and other misc. cycling entites. He also just raked in 35 mil. from The Yellowstone Club in Montana….The guy suffers from serious mental illness (1980’s performance enhancers??)and needs to go away….or make a comeback to raise awareness for victims of hunting accidents.

  6. I echo Snake Hawk’s sentiment; I would add that Lemond deserve some recognition for his previous badass status. Dude was carrying the card; let’s not forget recent history.

  7. I’m able to compartmentalize two LeMonds. The 80’s cycling hero that cemented my early love for the sport, and the retired douchebag that needs to stake his claim to “Greatest American Cyclist” at any and all costs.

    I don’t recall Hank Aaron getting all bittered up when Barry Bonds* hit 756, even though Bonds* was obviously on the juice. Aaron’s legacy will be remembered because he’s a class act, and he doesn’t have an asterisk attached to his name like Bonds*.

    Was Lance (no asterisk) on the juice? It’s obvious that he’s not getting by on Quaker Oaks and Gatorade like the rest of us, but he’d have to be on some super secret mega juice to get through as many doping tests as he has unscathed. And he’d have to be the biggest soulless lying bastard on the planet to sell us on Livestrong with a straight face for as long as he has. If he is, I hope we never find out. I hope we never find out that LeMond, who rode with the best in the unbridled heyday of juice, was on the needle.

    Until then, I’d wish LeMond could take a note from other surpassed superstars and remind us why he was great, not witchhunt for flaws in every new guy that eclipses his spotlight. History remembers many Babe Ruths – which LeMond will be remembered? It’s his choice.

  8. I have to second Butthead on “Trek sucks”. I’ve been firmly anti-Trek (and now LeMond/Klein/Bontrager etc) since Trek REALLY hosed me on a warranty claim in 1989. Seems their mountain bike warranties didn’t cover off-road use. I never told them it was a “JRA” failure – it wasn’t, but in the 20 years since, I haven’t seen another headtube collapse and crumple like a beercan (without kinking the downtube). A failed butted tubing experiment in my book.

    I had the chance to tell that story a thousand times while I was selling bikes at a non-Trek shop. I never had to tell anyone that Trek “bikes” sucked! Just buy a mountain bike from a company with a mountain bike warranty. I’ve had the pleasure of recommending other brands to friends and family in the years since. I’ve bought and ridden pile of Specializeds, Cannondales, an (ugly)Yeti and a Moots. How many dollars has Trek given up because they didn’t want to cover an obvious f-up on a TrueTemper frame that might have cost them 25 bucks?

    Trek sucks.

  9. If you listen carefully, you can really get the jist of LeMonds message.. It’s not about Lance doping, it’s about Lemond still not willing to give up any limelight. The guy cares about NOTHING other then self promoting. In the company of Lance and Eddie yesterday, LeMond came across as a complete jackass.

    He’s just damn lucky that there is no ability to test his wins, because anybody who rode in the day knows that he was on the needle, just like everyone else. He just knows that there will never be a way to prove anything, so he shamelessly claws his way back into the limelight every change he gets.

  10. I don’t buy the sour grapes claim..

    I just think that Greg is out to out the biggest fraud in the history of sport

    And Aaron was bitter and did not extend congrats as described above…