Big Doe Rehab

Big Doe Rehab was recently named as The Soundtrack to Big Jonny’s Law School Career.

Yes, yes, Ghost took the top honors. ‘Prestigious’ doesn’t come close to describing it. Ah, the horrorshow of endless reading. Never one to back down from being knee dip in shit, I was glad to knock my head against the wall to something nice for a change. Dude is off the chain crazy.

Here is a solid review of Ghost’s Big Doe Rehab for ya.

Need to get that beak wet before you jump in with the clicky clicky? Fucking pansy. Whatever whatever. Here. Dip your nose in this:

Ghostface has become several things since the salad days of “36 Chambers.” He has emerged as the preeminent lyricist in the group and its most prolific member (though for a while, it seemed Method Man would never shut up or stop making frat-bong albums and movies alongside Redman), as well as one of the most beloved rappers around, not only for his skillful rhymes but for his grandiloquent yet charming personality. He shares Pitchfork headlines with indie stars like Cat Power and Trail of Dead, yet he’s also guest-starred on 30 Rock. He made pretty much every indie-snob’s best-of list for “Fishscale” and he has a coffee-table book coming out of his philosophical musings, in conjunction with a recurring MTV segment.

…Final bonus track “Slow Down” interacts most forcefully with the title theme of breaking away from the life of crime, money, and overstimulation for self-salvation, with the Feist-like Chrisette Michele singing the hook over a stuttering beat backed by weepy strings. It’s a sweet echo of an earlier track, the strange yet very moving “The Prayer,” sung a capella and augmented by chest thump syncopation and finger snaps by a singer named Ox. It’s a gorgeous gospel-inflected questioning of the divine to find a purpose and a path, with Ghost subtly adding exhortation in the background.

Between those two tracks the doom-laden excess of the rest of the album begins to achieve meaning beyond great beats and rhymes, to convey something of the exhaustion behind the life Ghost raps about, behind what most rappers rap about. He’s delving deeping than simply paranoia or rage into a more complicated appreciation of where the glamour fades and one is left questioning God and ultimately, simply talking to oneself, wondering if there’s any meaning to be found in this world.

Kinda dumbfuck and all that, but these are the best two vids I can find on short notice that are at least reasonably entertaining.

Miss Info: Ghostface’s “The Big Doe Rehab” Part 1/2

Miss Info: Ghostface’s “The Big Doe Rehab” Part 2/2

Dude is out of his god damned mind.

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2 thoughts on “Big Doe Rehab

  1. Humm. You know, I wasn’t feeling BDR. I love me some P Tony, but it was a little too pop for my tastes. Fish and More Fish were much better albums.

    You know what joint you really need to hear is GZA’s Pro Tools. Now there is some mad hip hop with which to ride that bike.

  2. Too pop? Is it getting any radio play? I cant’ imagine it would. Give it another listen, it grows slow.

    I haven’t checked out Pro Tools yet.