The Dope Show

The Flagstaff Biking Organization is now so hungry for funding that they are associating themselves with Floyd Landis. Whatever it takes for a dollar, eh Anthony? You talked my ear off about this back when I had to take your shit for my paycheck. I told you it was a bad idea then, and I will repeat it now. Floyd Landis is a fucking embarrassment. He was stripped of his tour title. He is a doper. I expect more out of FBO than this.

I can hardly wait for the pathetically coordinated multi-party response A-Town tries to pull out of his ass with 75 phone calls to people who can’t wait for him to leave town splashes up on the comment section.

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

26 thoughts on “The Dope Show

  1. Why don’t the Ride Clean boys head up there and have their own group ride. Tell all folks who show up for the ride that they have the option of riding with true professionals or a jackass who cheats then soaks his fan base for money.

  2. [voice of innocent give them a second chance]
    but, he’s done his time, served his punishment…
    he could be good for cycling
    [/sissy voice]

    I kinda feel that doper should get a life time ban from the sport…

    you fuck up – you are fucked… sure second chances are great and all and if you are a great athlete go do another sport… if not go to school and get a job like everyone else and commute to work by bike if ya still love two wheels, but ya should never be associated with racing and all that is involved with that…

    but anyway – it is Floyd “I’m innocent” Landis – I got a big old “WHO CARES” for ya

  3. If you don’t like it, don’t go. We all know several analogies about opinions. The shit aint mandatory.

    So FBO should scoff at the publicity and potential revenue associated with all the yahoos(not from Flag) who may drive a few hours to this thing? That attitude will do a whole lot for you down the road.

    Will nobody around them parts benefit from publicity or potential income that could come from this? I’m sure nobody is going to go to the bike shop before or after the ride nor will they eat a resturants or maybe go as far as stay at a hotel, naaaaa who would want to stop anywhere near flag? If they dont have a spare tube they’ll make the trek to Phoenix.

    Seeing responses with attitudes like the ones above I’m suprised anyone outside of the bike world wants to support shit cycling related. It’s real productive for everyone to try to have your bitterness leave a bad taste in someone elses mouth.

  4. so this would be the only time prople from flagstaff would be in favor of people from phoenix coming up to ride? i didnt know there were non Phoenix haters in Flag…learn something new every day

  5. So FBO should scoff at the publicity and potential revenue associated with all the yahoos(not from Flag) who may drive a few hours to this thing? That attitude will do a whole lot for you down the road.

    I say Yes they should scoff. They should stand for something other than making revenue and drumming up income for bike shops/ “shop” in flagstaff. Bike to work week is great and all, but getting people to ride to work for one week isnt fixing anything. All that gas saved for the week will easily be used by the “yahoos(not from Flag)” driving up to ride with a doper.

    What your supporting is driving and doping. And Absolute Bikes. FBO is dead, what we have now is ABO. Absolute Bikes Organization. And I think they can do without my help.

    The best drugs and trails are Illegal.


  6. sounds like what slacker is saying is: we should all take the high road and get behind FBO as they take the low road. apparently this is where the high and low roads converge. Sounds much like the mentality that has prevailed in sinking society down into the mire it is in.

  7. I’m not saying this to just support FBO but the community of Flagstaff as a whole, even including the non cycling aspect.

    Do you think the people who own businesses are so critical of FL as to scoff at revenue from tourism associated with this event? Were not talking about the Klan marching of Flag here people, some folks(from town) may be looking forward to this event, some may not but does that mean they should try to make it any less enjoyable(i.e. Rideclean team ride sugestion above) or profitable.

    The circus is coming to town people weather you like it or not so you may as well enjoy it any way you can.

  8. Sounds like a great opportunity to break-out the chalk and welcome Floyd, Tour de France style, at the top of the steps with some witty slogans on the road. He was an embarrasment to the sport and our country.

  9. Remember that scene in Full Metal Jacket where they flogged the fat guy with soap bars in a sock. That is what Floyd deserves. Tie dow the Rocket too and pound him while we are at it

  10. when it comes to supporting the community of Flagstaff let’s just say i’m up there about every other weekend spending money. i’d live there if i could afford to.

    i’m also up there riding around and appreciating the effort that has been put forth by FBO and others so that the trails we all enjoy are there and remain open. that is something i can get behind.

    but i can’t get behind the use of Landis as a photo-op. Nor would i get behind him on a ride.

  11. Parts of Phoenix are cool, and the cycling sub-culture that finds routes through that big shity is awesome. Lots of good peeps there and many I call friends. Can’t generalize it as “phx haters” up here… it’s more just the ignorance and glut that many, in Flagstaff & there & elsewhere, hold contempt for even though this place is the same, with more trees and a smaller pop, but just as much traffic and just as much laziness. It’s just easier to validate your opinion here, in a small bubble.

    Who doesn’t own a car here other than myself?

    Fuck everyone equally. I’m better than you.


  12. Gnome,

    Sorry dude, I like you (really) but you too are a transplanted spore from the south. Was it 1997, if I remember correctly?

    No hard feelings … but it is what it is.

  13. Apologies Gnome, it was 1995 – right? I’ve been corrected… When you still had the ‘long hair’? I love you, homie-gnomie.

  14. Floyd Landis is a hell of a cyclist whether he doped or not. Remember what happened to Marco Pantani when people alienated him. Why does everyone have to be such a bitter asshole. I want to ride with Floyd Landis! His alleged doping never hurt me, and I don’t care what mistakes a man makes. He is a professional cyclist, nuff respect due.

  15. Oh my. From floyd to how righteous some locals here are.(Everyone is from somewhere) Many people don’t drink beer, so they didn’t go to tour de fat. Some people even wrote letters to the editor that were published. The same should apply in this case, if you don’t like it don’t go. If you could write something that could be published rather than blog barf, go ahead. I do like the chalk idea however to express your feelings. As for what makes someone a decent person, address or how long someone has had it has nothing to do with it. I’ve met, seen, and dealt with plenty awful people that call Flagstaff home.

  16. /derail

    “This ride is courtesy of Smith and Nephew, manufacturer of the BHR prosthesis that Floyd had implanted last year.”

    floyd landis: [as buster bluth] i’m half-machine, mother!

  17. Indeed it was 95. The following year, I’d race Floyd in Vegas. I hung on for one lap. Then he beat me like the red headed step child that I am. Just like I can beat most of you, everyday. And fuck him for doping cheating too.

  18. on the local/phoenix angle,

    what constitutes local? Being born in a location? Ancestors?
    And what does being a local really entitle you to?

    My guess is there are a few Navajo, Havasupai etc. that would look at most residents of Flagstaff the same way some look at the intruders from phoenix, whether they were born there or not.

    some of this sounds like the bullshit attitude found in california surf breaks. like someone is entitled to the ocean and who goes there.

  19. All-

    you are totally missing a critical point–I am innocent!

    See you in Flagstaff.

    By the way, who is buying the first round? As you are all well aware, I like to imbibe.