Strange Bedfellows

Event Promotion makes for some strange bedfellows…with FBO’s event with Floyd (ironically makes me not want to donate to FBO) and El Tour de Tucson dedicated to his coach, what’s next? Will Tyler (who still beleives he is the rightful Gold Medalist from Athens – read U.S. pro road race comments) be the U.S. torch bearer at the London Olympics?

I would prefer to ride with David Millar or Jonathan Vaughters – or participate in an event that supported A.C.E. and would pay to do so because it represents a movement that is actually moving forward – not backwards.

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4 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows

  1. Did you realise you can replace ‘Eleanor Rigby’ with the words ‘Jonathan Vaughters’ and the song still makes sense?

    Can we have a slight deviation from all the politics on here now please and get back to wanking.