Group hug time

And you wonder why I picked this time to go back to school… We’re fucked.

Poof! There go Americans’ dreams
As one major financial institution after another succumbs to crushing losses this year, it is mourning in America for the hopes of average working people who believed in the myth of stock ownership as a sure path to a better life now and a safe retirement later.

It may sound like a gross exaggeration to say that the dreams of Main Street are dying on Wall Street this week, but it is a fair interpretation of recent events. For the capital that is required to fund businesses, schools, streets, farms, vacations, homes and cars is quite literally evaporating like dew at the start of a summer day with the untimely death of every bank, brokerage and insurance company.

Doom and gloom are the nice words to discribe what we’re looking at.

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37 thoughts on “Group hug time

  1. the fundamentals of our economy are strong

    Gods Will and the faith and spirit of American workers should not be underestimated

    With that said: Big Fat Dick to McCain and Palin

  2. I’ve been waiting to see how the Republicans blame all these bailouts on the Democrats. I suppose it’s Democrats fault for taking out loans they couldn’t pay back and on stocks they couldn’t afford to take losses on.

    Hey, all I need is an extra couple grand to make it through the rest of the year. I haven’t been nearly as irresponsible, can I get bailed out here or what?

    The same with all this tax rebate noise, just keep writing out checks for people, that’s a lot faster and less confusing.

  3. a logical fallacy in which one purports to prove one’s point by means of irrelevant arguments

    in other words distraction.

    What ever happened to simple cause effect???

  4. Bullshit. This is just another blip in the natural cycle of the market. The pigs in the financials got greedy, and the fattest hog is the first to be butchered. If you’re diversified, this ain’t shit.

    This Doom & Gloom crap is the media’s need to create drama everywhere.

  5. My favorite bit:

    It is only now, during this period of acute crisis, that individuals who won’t go on a bicycle without a plastic-foam helmet are coming to grips with what business risk really means. And that is why a childlike innocence is dying along with the stock market this week, making people feel as sad, helpless and angry as when they first discovered the truth about other realities of adulthood.

    Hehe. Not that I have anything against helmets. However, it allowed me to make a cycling-related post about the economy. Yes!

  6. The so called “Masters of the Universe” don’t get hurt by this. They dump there shares and get out before it is gone. It the employees and people who trusted these investors with there money the get hurt. And the unprecedented bailout by govt is making this country look more socialist than any health care or education reform. Go on living like a millionaire good ole uncle sam will keep you living the american dream.

  7. I’d just like to say, fuck it, let the republicans keep this dying old horse or should I say burgeoning idiocracy. As Johnny says, the empire IS falling. 200 years is a blip on the map of history. Fuck, the romans had what, 400? We simply burned too bright too fast, became too apethetic too quick. Ol’ G. DUbba played a great part in sticking a 12 gauge up america’s ass and tying the string to his fucked up grin. But how long does this continue?

    Obama’s a bigger man than me. Yes, I’m voting for him but we’re only months away from Bush slipping into the safety of ‘has been’ and hearing about how Obama just can’t make the cut.

    And nothing pisses me off more than this mantra of complete lack of accountability by the repbulicans. “Palingate” stole the entire playbook from Rove and Co. Apparently, a subpoena, is on par with a traffic violation these days. It’s fucking unbelievable how effective clogging inquiry can be with counter suits and personal slandering.

    Johnny I sure hope you’re going into something nice and comfy like patent law.

  8. Every time the news on TV mentions ‘The Credit Crunch’ I run outside my house and whack off standing in the street. I’m quite raw now.

  9. Pussy.

    I knew you would delete my comments.

    Just like a liberal, tolerance for their own views.


  10. But won’t you are reading the law of the wrong countries?
    What good is there in being an ambulance chaser if there is nobdy left worth litigating against?

    The emirates and china don’t go in for the whole legal “system” thing.. so much as follow arbatrary dictates of the head motherfucker in charge.
    Alaska lady ain’t dick for being scary compared to the possiblity of the fed itself going down.
    If the hedges or the other nationals start running away from Paulson and Bernanke, ..bad bad bad.

  11. U R N IDIOT~
    Dude, no one deleted anything you posted. We don’t do much of that around these parts. I checked the spam que and pulled out a post from sommerfliesby that got tagged. I have no idea what you posted. Also, you left as a contact email so I can’t contact you about your post directly. What the fuck?

  12. I wrote quite enough early but I can’t resist, U R N idiot is bitchin about liberal tolerance for THEIR OWN VIEWS?

    U R N idiot, by the way you FREAKED out that your ghost message didn’t post is a sure sign of your coolheadedness, political openness and absolute willingness to patiently read/listen to opposing ideas.

    If your looking for a blogging argument (which appears so) go bang your head against the wall at the fox news site.

    Or get made fun of here. I’m happy to help and individual such as yourself.

    Unbiased and patiently yours, the kid

    ps just so you don’t feel so out numbered here. I’ll roll play with your side a bit: Fuck you, you pansy ass liberals. Drill baby drill, drill baby drill, drill baby drill. God’s gonna bring us a pipeline and a new president. yee haw

  13. Because when we drill in Alaska all our problems will be solved overnight; the soldiers can come home last week since the Mission is Accomplished, we are NOT in debt and the fingers in my ears are keeping me from hearing the facts that the Republicans have been in charge for the last 8 fucking years.


    Im guessing that was his post, as he probably couldn’t formulate a complete sentence on his own.

  14. I’ve had posts disappear now and again….no biggie…..just re-post it.

    Shit happens.

    If BJ ain’t deleted a few of my utterly charming drunkard postings, then he ain’t deleting any.

    As big as our economy is, does all this really add up to something that special ?

  15. Huummmm,, Maybe I should start rethinking those aggressive mutual funds that have lost 27% value in the last year. Kinda hurts a bit… (Can I play too?) The Republicans are right, you shouldn’t have the right to kill your fetus, you should only kill foreigners, or anyone that does’nt think like me, or the damn bicycist on my road.

  16. So, what does that mean? And, what does it mean that the candidate labeled as “liberal” or “socialist” appears to be fully in line with Americans on virtually every issue of the day?

  17. BTW I did 33 Miles this morning. 100 for the week. Not bad for a fat guy.

    Thanks for the link Humpty. So McCain is in favor of Regulation today. Funny back when the primary hit Cali I voted for him because he was Pro “De-Regulation anything period!

    What kind of Tool Maverick goes against his principal and dumps his man Leiberman in favor of this Twat?

    A bad segway here but Maverick Forks Suck anyway

  18. Dude-

    Nothing is fucked. Stocks go up. Only Idiots sit out the down market and invest in the next bubble cycle.

    Keep in mind that rich people get richer by owning stock. The market will not collapse. Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.


  19. This is going to take a little time and then shit is going to get reorganized and we’ll be back on the road again. I mean yeah, it’ll be hard for some, but in general we’ve had things way too damn cheap for way too long and it’s about time we do start paying the full price for things. Conversely we’ve been paying too much for something too and that’s going to rework itself as well.

    Just don’t blow tons of cash on stupid shit, put a little away each month, and guess what, you’ll be fine.

  20. If the post about carving up someone’s mom stayed on, Well lets just say you can’t get much lower of a comment. Good thing we can’t reach right thru that computer screen or drop some snow crash on ya. My guess is that you’re pretty much a dweeb when it comes to drinkin or ridin.

  21. this whole market chaos is being exagerated by scumbags on wall street who, by illegally spreading fear and insecurity in the market, are looking to take advantage of the moment w/ their short sales and big entries into stocks that have only temporarily tanked. we can only hope that the feds crack down on these individuals/entities and burn them at the stake.

  22. Memo to John McCain: Spain is in Europe and – last time anyone checked – still one of America’s NATO allies

    you stupid fuck

  23. Thanks BJ…I was wonderin’ what happened to that one yesterday! I didn’t figure you’d be the type to censor someone…after all, usually I’m just grist for the mill.

    Ponder this, gents….we’ve had a country run for 8 years by a guy named Bush and another guy named Dick…and we’re scratching our head about it being fucked? Ha! Have a nice weekend kids, I’m outta here.

  24. Mikey,
    …. the point is not that the mkt is down, we all know it is cyclical. Thanks for the buy low sell high advice. The point is that SEC Chairman sat back and watched all the shit happen and did nothing. He is now even trying to get insurance based products SEC regualted b/c wall St. is getting their ass kicked and $$ are leaving in droves. McCain did nothing and is now saying he would fire him to get votes. Dems are just as guilty as Repubs.

  25. Humpty-

    Maybe so. I saw the banking industry getting into the lottery/casino business at least five years ago, and I’m not a genius. Like I said, pigs get slaughtered.

    What pisses me off is when my non-banking securities tank because people are wetting their pants over a down cycle. My gut reaction is to let the guys who loaded up on bad debt twist in the wind. Every bailout raises my taxes.

    Now is a great time to get in. I’m still plowing a few thousand a month into securities. I got my fingers crossed.


  26. Maverick forks are vastly superior, the DUC32 is the best 6″ suspension fork money can buy. Maybe you need to stick with a more simple setup, jimmy. Think coil springs if you insist on having suspension.

    That blond behind McLame was funny, you could see her get angry at the end when he started talking about rules and regulations.