Bored? Scared? Try drinking. Heavily. Works for me…

We’re all going to die. Might as well have fun as the waves recede from the high water mark. This is the End of Empire. Make no mistake about it.

The New Sarah Palin Drinking Game Begins TONIGHT!
GOP VP-nom Gov. Sarah Palin sits down with Sean Hannity over at Fox News tonight for the first of a two-parter. Since we’re not expecting Sean to ask her anything tougher than “Hasn’t the media been hard on you?” let’s make this fun.

Let’s play the Sarah Palin Drinking Game.

You had me at hello.


You didn’t say “hello”?

Fuck it.

You want rules? I’ll give you fucking rules. Take that, bitches. And armor-all my dash. Shit’s looking fucked up like Fox News.

Throw back a shot of your favorite beverage every time she says “Sean” during the interview. Keep in mind that she said “Charlie” 18 times during her interview with ABC’s Charlie Gibson last week. (A tip of the cap and a promised novena to Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune for counting the “Charlies” from the ABC transcript of the Charliefest.)

Here’s a side bet for the more adventurous: Eat a large pepperoni pizza every time Hannity asks her something that takes her Palin off her talking points. Try not go to bed hungry.
Read the rest:

And, for the record, Sean Hannity is a piece of shit.

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37 thoughts on “Bored? Scared? Try drinking. Heavily. Works for me…

  1. It’s a bank contraction, the Empire shall strike back.
    Count on it.

    Think of Houston..half the people I know in town still ain’t got power..but it’s nowhere near so bad as TV would have had most believe.

    I think the phrase “Certain Death for all who stay behind” was bandied about.

    Libertarians, law & economy types, and various economic millennial cults are soiling themselves.

    Look at it this way,..the rich people that none of us know, well, what belonged to some rich people now belongs to other rich people.
    It’s like watching english football,..fascinating I’m sure, but I really don’t care all that much who wins or looses.

    Of course, buddies at B of A and Wells are sweating their nuts off today.
    Drink extra for them.

    And besides…even if it *is* a cash armageddon, and everyone looses their jobs….it’s just more time to ride a bike.

  2. Sean Hannity? Uh, didn’t he win a stage in Missouri? Or like at least made the break?

    Ponderingly yours,


  3. …don’t think i’ll participate in the game, juan grande, but i laughed my ass of just reading about it…

    …almost enough to forget for a moment or two, just how fucking hard they’re working to sell this bitch to the american public…

    …& that involves a lot of lying, deceit & fabrication…

  4. Scarier than airborne herpes. I’d call that a masterpiece of understatement. Sara Palin’s proximity to the Presidency of this country is the gravest threat from within our nation has ever faced. This is a strident Pentecostal who would watch the world devolve into chaos secure in her belief that her part in bringing about the end of days was simply god’s will. No fucking thanks.

  5. …barack, baby…that’s putting it succinctly…

    …it’s like the mccain/palin ticket is trying, at least for/& in the eyes of the public, to distance themselves from the the bushco administration…they’re just as nefarious & will have the same set of priorities but they’re trying to sell themselves as something different…they’re very aware that the majority of the population is sick & tired of the actions & bullshit they’ve been feed for the last eight years..

    …time to wake the fuck up, america…

  6. Strident Pentecostal…? Try End-times Dominoinist who wanted Alaska to secede from the US.

    I can’t do this game, mostly because I would die of alcohol poisoning, as well as (thank god) I dont get Fox News over here.

    I got mad enough when CNN did a piece on how her fucking GLASSES were influencing voters and shoppers. ugh.

    What passes for political discourse these days… mind-numbingly ignorant.

  7. What make this discourse SOOOO fuckin’ hysterical is that the exact SAME things are being said about Obama! Well…except maybe for the cock-sucking and glasses. People are afraid in the same manner that it will be the end of days if that guy is elected. He is the ULTIMATE media darling…born of a softball speech given at the biggest backslapping session the world has had the displeasure of witnessing. Although it seems we’ve known him forever…prior to his running for US Senate, I, who have lived in the Chicago ‘burbs all my years…had never even heard the man’s name. Not like he was VITAL, or even a standout, in the IL senate. Sure, I agree Palin was not a great choice, and I agree that the Reps are hard-selling her on the country, but hey, that’s POLIITICS. It’s manipulation, spin, untruthes, backstabbing, and fear mongering. Funny how her religion is setting you off, when you made no comment at all on Rev. Wright’s “God DAMN America” speech? Rev. Wright…you remember that guy, correct? Ol Barry’s spiritual advisor for 20+ years that he kicked to the curb as soon as controversy arose? Yeah…that’s him…the same one using over $1 million of his churches money to build a 5000-sq.ft. house 5 miles from mine…in a neighborhood that’s 90% Caucasian…while his parishioners struggle with house foreclosures and high gas prices.

    Let’s all do the hypocracy dance, shall we?

    Me, I can’t wait to pay more taxes (and that’s going to happen NO MATTER WHO WINS)! It’ll be great! Hmmmm…who to vote for…the old guy and the religious nutbag, or the socialist? Now hand me a bottle.

  8. I’m with Sarah, lets get all the underage girls pregnant, that way we’ll have plenty of canon fodder when we attack Russia, go Sarah, just carrying on the Bush Legacy

  9. Sommer your logic does not flow

    Please take a few min to google socialism so you have an understanding of what you speak. Fucking embarrassing really

    However I must thank you and the readers will thank you: Thank to you we can all use the word Dogmatic in a non religious context.

    Oh and BTW check your tax bracket

    So perhaps you have Enlightened us after all

    Here is a little something to help you for an argument in the future; hell it is even set in black and white so you can stay on point:

    A reception desk in a sort of office building.
    Receptionist: Yes, sir?
    Man: I’d like to have an argument please.
    Receptionist: Certainly, sir, have you been here before…?
    Man: No, this is my first time.
    Receptionist: I see. Do you want to have the full argument, or were you thinking of taking a course?
    Man: Well, what would be the cost?
    Receptionist: Yes, it’s one pound for a five-minute argument, but only eight pounds for a course of ten.
    Man: Well, I think it’s probably best if I start with the one and see how it goes from there. OK?
    Receptionist: Fine. I’ll see who’s free at the moment… Mr. Du-Bakey’s free, but he’s a little bit concilliatory… Yes, try Mr. Barnard — Room 12.
    Man: Thank you.
    […] The man knocks on the door.
    Mr Vibrating:(from within) Come in.
    The man enters the room. Mr Vibrating is sitting at a desk.
    Man: Is this the right room for an argument?
    Mr Vibrating: I’ve told you once.
    Man: No you haven’t.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I have.
    Man: When?
    Mr Vibrating: Just now!
    Man: No you didn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I did!
    Man: Didn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: Did.
    Man: Didn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: I’m telling you I did!
    Man: You did not!
    Mr Vibrating: I’m sorry, is this a five minute argument, or the full half-hour?
    Man: Oh, just a five minute one.
    Mr Vibrating: Fine. (makes a note of it; the man sits down) Thank you. Anyway I did.
    Man: You most certainly did not.
    Mr Vibrating: Now, let’s get one thing quite clear… I most definitely told you!
    Man: You did not.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I did.
    Man: You did not.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I did.
    Man: Didn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I did.
    Man: Didn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes I did!!
    Man: Look this isn’t an argument.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes it is.
    Man: No it isn’t, it’s just contradiction.
    Mr Vibrating: No it isn’t.
    Man: Yes it is.
    Mr Vibrating: It is not.
    Man: It is. You just contradicted me.
    Mr Vibrating: No I didn’t.
    Man: Ooh, you did!
    Mr Vibrating: No, no, no, no, no.
    Man: You did, just then.
    Mr Vibrating: No, nonsense!
    Man: Oh, look this is futile.
    Mr Vibrating: No it isn’t.
    Man: I came here for a good argument.
    Mr Vibrating: No you didn’t, you came here for an argument.
    Man: Well, an argument’s not the same as contradiction.
    Mr Vibrating: It can be.
    Man: No it can’t. An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a definite proposition.
    Mr Vibrating: No it isn’t.
    Man: Yes it is. It isn’t just contradiction.
    Mr Vibrating: Look, if I argue with you, I must take up a contrary position.
    Man: But it isn’t just saying “No it isn’t”.
    Mr Vibrating: Yes it is.
    Man: No it isn’t, an argument is an intellectual process… contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.
    Mr Vibrating: No it isn’t.
    Man: Yes it is.
    Mr Vibrating: Not at all.
    Man: Now look!
    Mr Vibrating:(pressing the bell on his desk) Thank you, good morning.
    Man: What?
    Mr Vibrating: That’s it. Good morning.
    Man: But I was just getting interested.
    Mr Vibrating: Sorry the five minutes is up.
    Man: That was never five minutes just now!
    Mr Vibrating: I’m afraid it was.
    Man: No it wasn’t.
    Mr Vibrating: I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to argue any more.
    Man: What!?
    Mr Vibrating: If you want me to go on arguing, you’ll have to pay for another five minutes.
    Man: But that was never five minutes just now… oh come on! (Vibrating looks round as though man was not there) This is ridiculous.
    Mr Vibrating: I’m very sorry, but I told you I’m not allowed to argue unless you’ve paid.
    Man: Oh. All right. (pays) There you are.
    Mr Vibrating: Thank you.
    Man: Well?
    Mr Vibrating: Well what?
    Man: That was never five minutes just now.
    Mr Vibrating: I told you I’m not allowed to argue unless you’ve paid.
    Man: I’ve just paid.
    Mr Vibrating: No you didn’t.
    Man: I did! I did! I did!
    Mr Vibrating: No you didn’t.
    Man: Look I don’t want to argue about that.
    Mr Vibrating: Well I’m very sorry but you didn’t pay.
    Man: Aha! Well if I didn’t pay, why are you arguing… got you!
    Mr Vibrating: No you haven’t.
    Man: Yes I have… if you’re arguing I must have paid.
    Mr Vibrating: Not necessarily. I could be arguing in my spare time.
    Man: I’ve had enough of this.
    Mr Vibrating: No you haven’t.
    [From “Monty Python’s Flying Circus: Just the Words, Volume 2”, episode 29.
    Methuen, ISBN 0-413-62550-8 (hardback

  10. Really? You don’t think moving our entire economic system toward government control is socialistic? Damn, my dictionary must be broke. Good to know you are a fellow Python fan, tho. How the fuck doesn’t my logic flow? And what difference is it to you what my tax bracket is? Fuckin’ Biden is saying today that people who make more money have a PATRIOTIC duty to pay more taxes. FUCK THAT.

  11. A fallacy is, very generally, an error in reasoning. This differs from a factual error, which is simply being wrong about the facts

  12. “Let’s all do the hypocracy dance, shall we?”

    sommerfliesby – By your logic of guilty by association, there must be a lot of Catholic parishioners who want to fornicate with little boys. WTF do you care if Wright is building a house using his church’s $$ (you’re obviously not a member; are you worried about your property values going down because a the black man is moving closer to your neighborhood?) Rev. Wright isn’t running for president or VP. Sarah Palin is, and you “agree Palin was not a great choice” (I’d say that’s a pretty big understatement). What do you think will happen if McCain were elected and can’t serve out his term?

    Her religion does set me and a lot of people off: her stance on abortion (only approves of it when medically necessary to save the life of the mother; doesn’t approve of it in cases of rape and incest); her stance that creationism should be taught / discussed in public schools; her stance on sex education and that only abstinance should be taught (we all see how well that one worked out).

    Heck, if Obama’s the ‘ULTIMATE media darling’ how the hell do you even know about Rev. Wright? You couldn’t have heard about him in the media! Also, I would wager that the vast majority of people out there couldn’t name more than a handful of their state govt representatives, so the fact that you didn’t know who Obama is speaks more about you than it does about him.

    You talk of fear mongering and hypocrisy; I think your post pretty much sums up your slant very well. I hope it doesn’t get too hard there in the Chicago suburbs. If you can’t wait to pay more taxes, perhaps you should stick with the Republican ticket. We’re all witnessing where their leadership has led this country. And before you spout in about the Dems controlling congress, that has only been since 2007 and they don’t have either filibuster proof majority or enough to overide a veto. We’ve incured a lot of costs and those expenses have to be paid for, if not during the next 4 years, sometime further down the road.

  13. Sure I’ll do the hypo dance no problem

    you lead

    Pastor of Palin’s church said people who criticized Bush would go to hell, and that Jesus was in ‘war mode’ and favored going to war in Iraq

  14. The only thing I want to offer here (at this time) is a thought on taxation and socialism.

    Any time someone says anything negative about government taxing and spending on things like healthcare, disaster relief, etc. I ask the person if they are a Christian.

    No person can be Christian and simultaneously against taxation for the spending on the less fortunate. I realize that I may have missed a passage in the bible, but I don’t recall anything about “resist giving money to those less fortunate. For they have angered He who created them and should just get jobs. And while He is on it, The One wants to talk about immigrants…”

    If I remember correctly, which I might not be (it’s been a while since I last combed the Bible for stories/books whose meaning I missed the first bunch o’ times reading it), there’s a chapter in Acts that almost serves as a guide to socialism.

    I’m not saying socialism is a good idea (ideal socialism is, but that’s an impossibility anywhere but a utopian society) but a Christian having a problem with giving a percentage of their income for the betterment of others is doin’, as the kids are saying these days, “the hypo dance.”

  15. Do the hypocracy…the hypocracy dance! Yeah!'s-Wal-Mart-link.html

    Just Google Obama and hypocrite…it’s fun for all! There’s lots more!

    Before ya get all upset, please, recognize that I fully realize that voting for McCain isn’t gonna be any bargain, and that our country is in the shitter in a big way, so I’m not defending anyone, only lamenting the death of personal responsibility, which I believe is the root of many of our current problems.

  16. The idiots on this site should stick to something they understand…like jerking off.

    Suck it!

  17. Wutz,
    They’re willing to give to help the needy, just not through the gubmint. Most would prefer that they just tithe the taxed amount to their church & run their own charity.

    Cut out the middle man ‘n all that shit.

  18. Dig it, MX. I’d rather toss some $$ to a hurricane victim any day as opposed to the govt having their hand infinitely in my pocket.

  19. And Sommerfliesby, go ahead and google “sarah palin” and “inexperienced” and see what you get… 124,000 hits? There’s absolutely nothing to like about Palin except her plumbing and glasses. The ‘bump’ she provided McSame in the polls is vanishing the gap will only widen. I’ll be thinking of ya on 1/20/09…

  20. Sommer,

    The problem is, though, that many people (I don’t claim to know you so I won’t put you in either category) don’t do the neighborly thing and pony up a bit o’ wages to those in need.

    …and if you folks want to talk about cheeky internet finds, seriously watch this business:

    Those are just the lies/hypocritical “straight-talk”/flippity-flops McCain’s been caught in the middle of on national TV before May 19, 2008. Think of all the bullshit he’s spewed since then.

    Personally, I’m not too worried about changing minds; mine’s pretty made up as I imagine most are. I just get sick to my stomach when people present an argument against something while turning a blind eye to the other side of the coin (taxable or not).

  21. Sommer in your arguement you fail because clearly Taxation is the issue. Both parties tax therefore, according to your reasoning, all parties are Socialist.

    I suppose you think Obama is a Muslim. After all because Hanidy hits at it it must be true

  22. sommerspew … sommerspew… sommerspew … guffah.. guffah… sommerspew … sommerspew… smells like poo…

  23. How often do you listen to Hannity? I do. Plus, I listen and read over here and a couple of other conservative-leaning blogs that deal with my other interests. There’s a lot of negativity on both sides, don’t ya know…it’s just a lot more, shall we say, RADICAL over here…people saying you “smell like poo” and all. Do you REALLY look at both sides of the coin? I do. It’s called making an informed decision. And with guys like HostileLocal on your side, it makes me really happy with where my vote lies. So, on 1/20/09, if Obama is sworn in, it’ll be great if you are thinking of me…I’ll send you my address…you can send me a check as I’ll be considered a victim of “Hurricane Barack.”

    I think it’s sad that some people are so personally wrapped up in this that it seems to consume their lives. I’ve found myself going down that road (the impassioned arguement…you know, the one that eventually involves the other guys mom)…and suddenly stopped, looked around…and said to myself that I do live in a fucked-up nation, with fucked-up laws and fucked-up people all around…but my life really isn’t that bad. Even if I do smell like poo.

  24. I am ‘wrapped up’ in this for the first time in a long time Somme. All the bullshit aside it will come down to one factor to me. As in with all our decision, when it comes time to punch the chad there will likely be one issue that stands out more than any. This is it for me:

    I think it is the most important election in our life time and feel obligated to engage cognitive discourse on the issues in a real and concerted manner. In my mind however the one overwhelming issue is the Law; a value which some people tend to forget was the defining principal our Forefathers believed in above all else. My thoughts are to begin by pushing aside the black and white reasoning and exposing the morality façade as the front that it is. I have been registered Republican since I was 18. I am 46 (still Elite Class Rider) whom was brought up believing that the older we get the more conservative we get. Well the opposite has happened in my case. The older I get the more I hope and pray for and support that my children will not have their civil liberties and individual rights violated under the guise of Right Wing morality crusade that is nothing more than a front to the middle class whose tax bracket has nothing to do with big corporations so the wealthy elite can do what ever the fuck they want whenever they want at any expense. And wealthy I mean like well over the 250K my house earns. Like my granddaddy who was a John Bircher said; Son if you gotta tell us you are drunk on a Friday night you probably a’int”. Well Granpa, god bless you and thank you. It turns out that that was a life time of advice. In short, if a political party has to tell us they are moral all the damn time, they probably ‘aint. Well I have evolved, yes Sara Palin, people do and did evolve. It is my hope that we have evolved enough in this political environment to survive as the proud and dignified people Americans are supposed to be and as I know we are. My only alternative is to vote for a man who, in my opinion based on the 2 choices, has demonstrated the desire to make that happen from his life experience. Yes, as stated above, I pray but for my own spiritual reasons. I do not propose that my prayers should be yours like the Right Wing Christian Conservatives tell us. I am not beating my chest judging all to damn nation because you or “they” disagree with me. I pray that we Americans can look beyond the fact that the “other” candidate is a black man; like I have. Why else would a near majority people in this nation who are in a tax bracket Bush and McCain offer nothing too other than an appeal to so called morality vote for them? Memo to the right: we Americans ARE proud to be Americans because this is and was a nation founded on Law and individual rights. Please stop telling us we should be proud to be Christians and ignore the laws of this country take our liberties away. As for which party pair is “most qualified” to do the job? Well let me just say that I am not going to reregister democrat at this point. I want to believe that the Republican ideology I know will exist again. Looking at the resumes of the 2 based on the direction the country has taken the past 8 years, I will be voting for the self made man who earned a Law Degree at Harvard and taught Constitutional Law at Harvard. I will not be voting for the guys born into this game ever again. The self made guy is what American represents to me and all the BS political play aside that is my final verdict; This election anyway based on the choice of two.

  25. Ya know what Butthead…thanks. Good to know where people are coming from rather than just reading their “ideas” about the way things should be. I appreciate your stance and your POV.

  26. I must chime in to agree with Mr. Butthead regarding “the rule of law.” This is what separates the USA from the third world.

    Rule by theocracy (the middle east) or crime lords (Russia) must fail in the end. We can endlessly split hairs between the Dempublicans and Repmocrats, but at the end of the day, there is relatively little corruption in this country. Sure, rich folks have a better opportunity than poor folks, but there is no actual wall there.


  27. And I, Mr Butthead will be voting for McCain, thus in effect, cancelling your vote. And so it goes.

  28. So, sommerspew, you admit to the following, “[I] said to myself that I do live in a fucked-up nation, with fucked-up laws and fucked-up people all around…but my life really isn’t that bad …” WTF, dude? How can your life not be that bad? Maybe it’s because gas is still below $4 bucks/gallon; you had a new super walmart open in your neighborhood; booked a trip to disneyland; got a new flatscreen? How can you readily admit to living in a fucked-up nation with fucked-up laws and fucked-up people all around and NOT let the current sociopolitical situation that’s all around get you “totally wrapped up in it?” How can you confess to all that is wrong and NOT get wrapped up in what is surely the most signficant election in contemporary history, during some truly critical times?? Fuck man, you are wacked; you must live in some distorted, demented dystopia….

  29. Yeah dude…I’m the one with the problem. You think it’s gonna matter who wins the “significant” election? It ain’t gonna matter ONE BIT whether Barack or McCain wins…good for you if you think otherwise. If you do think your POV is that important…damn dude…must be hard to fit that humongous head of yours to fit thru a door. Stupid fuckwad.

  30. For someone with a clear partisan agenda, you sure are an apathetic fuck. You’re obviously confused; an inefficacious ideologue – now that’s just plain silly. Save your energies and crawl back in your cave; your allegorical reality from there suits you fine. You’re done, I am bored with you. Cheers dickhead.

  31. Now let’s get real – all this talk about beer drinking games has been initiated by the McCain-Palin campaign. Don’t deny it. Isn’t it beer money that got McCain where he is?????

  32. …and I’m surprised after all the comments here and at that I’m the first to point that out. But then again, where I come from we’re weened on beer.

  33. Clear partisan agenda????????????????? You asshat! I’ve been bemoaning the ineffictualities of BOTH parties…just because I lean more conservative, doesn’t mean I’m even a fuckin’ Republican. It’s easy to stand out over here if you aren’t bitchin’ and whining about the current administration…but shit…talk about an easy target! If Obama gets in…will it sound the same over here? Republicans will fuck you over and turn their heads, Dems will at least give you the reach-around, right? Then again…your probably all about that now, aren’t you HL?