Oh, sure…

make it easy for us. People of all wheel sizes, suspended and fully rigid alike; I present to you the Palin Baby Name Generator.

You dont believe me, but its true
You dont believe me, but its true

First try, and it’s all wonderful. I’m off to teach these savages the difference between present past simple and future continuous, like any of these monkeys really care.

—D.H. (formerly known as bp)

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25 thoughts on “Oh, sure…

  1. …honest to god…nixon hailfire palin…wow…

    “mom, i hate my name & all the kids at school laugh at me cuz they think it’s dumb !!!”

    …”nixie, you just eat your moose nuggets & then go upstairs & pray…we named you after a great american president & just remember the “hailfire” part is the vengeance that will befall those heathen miscreants that go to your school”…

    “ok, mom but it’s still a dumbass name”

    …”nixon hailfire palin…i told you not to use that language in this christian household”…

    “right, mom…just sayin'”

  2. WTF? Bullpen Cola Palin, here. I HATE baseball, so I can figure the Bullpen thing, but I do loves me some Rum and Cokes every now and again, so perhaps I’ll just refer to myself as “B. Cola.”

  3. If dear Baby Jesus was born to Sarah Palin…….Chase Rooster Palin. Blasphemous.Bigoted.You swine will all burn for this!

  4. How does one get the name generator to spit out “Toothless Cumshot Palin”, is there some revere engineering principle one could apply?

  5. Churn Scorpion.

    or using my handle: Claw Washout.

    I still like Churn Scorpion better… Mixin’ it up with my poisonous tail… watch out or I’ll first dude your ass…

  6. I am now “Drill Swollen Palin”

    Is that a good thing? Sounds like an action that someone else already took! (Or is gonna do later today)

  7. Molten Contra Palin

    for some reason all i can think of now is Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right Left, Right, B, A, Start.

  8. …ah, butthead…i’m sensing that you’re not playing the game using the “official sarah palin baby name generator”…not that there’s anything wrong w/ that cuz, well, yer coming up w/ different but oddly appropriate names…

    …keep it up, just sayin’…