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26 thoughts on “Caption this

  1. Spy photo of a group ride training for the inaugural Palin Memorial “Bridge to Nowhere” Ride!

  2. Here are amateur scientists Alex and Eddie working on the anti-gravity machine. Shown here at half power a beer flew into the sky. Soon after this picture was taken when the boys cranked it up to full power they flew off into the night sky. The bodies were found in a cornfield in Kansas.

  3. I forsee a SSWC challenge in the works, “The rolling beer toss”. At competition levels guys are tossing whole cases, and I’ve even heard of one Fredrick McGillicutie tossing a whole 1/4 keg of PBR in a training session. Tragically the beer was lost.

  4. Nice to see the Repugnicans and Democrats finally put their differences aside.

  5. I was going for the ‘levitation from roller power’ angle, but TC beat me to it.

    How about:

    “Spanky McBigring and Grumpy Onecog – two sixth year Scottsdale Community College students – demonstrate a leisure time summer evening activity known as ‘rollerbeer’. The players toss an open beer back and forth and taking a drink before tossing it back. Mr. Onecog claims to be the neighborhood champion, but no one can ever remember the score. He bases his title on having the fewest bruises.”

  6. #9 tc said “the buddies were found cornholing in a field in kansas”

    …wow…way more than i wanted to know but cyclists are known to be weird & beer, well beer can do that to a man, i guess…

  7. Concentrate…feel the Force flow. Yes. Good. Calm, yes. Through the Force, things you will see.

  8. The Flying Karamazov Brothers’s kids work on the new hipster routine drinking beer while juggling the bottles riding fixies on rollers…

    of course they are only down to one bottle when the shot was taken…