John McCain: Fail. Good to know you’ll still be here in Arizona after November, John. The place wouldn’t be the same without you.

I may be living in a hole, but I do know that John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his VP pick. And I also know this:

Palin eloped with her high-school boyfriend, Todd Palin, on August 29, 1988, when she was 24 years old. Their first son, Track, was born eight months after their wedding….

Unless that kid was born prematurely (and I cannot find anything on the web to support that theory) she was pregnant before she eloped. She engaged in pre-marital sexual intercourse without the benefit of contraception, and then later in life pushed abstinence only sex education every chance she got. Maybe she wanted others to learn from her own mistakes?

…Ms. Palin and her husband disclosed that their 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant, and will have the baby, and marry the father.

Let me get this straight; the hard-core Christian, bible thumping, “God’s army” chanting, former bueaty queen, got married when she was pregnant, and now after years of church and god and jesus and abstinence only, her own 17 year old un-wed daughter is pregnant?

You have got to be joking. The irony is killing me. I absolutely adore the folks spinning the “she’s going to keep the baby!” line into something more than “she didn’t abstain!”

Can this episode finally, and I mean finally, nail the door shut on the viability of abstinence only sex education in this country? What do people need to see, her granddaughter get knocked up so you have three generations that said-one-thing-and-did-another before you realize just how fucking infantile and misguided “abstinence only” is?

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The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

89 thoughts on “Fail

  1. She’s still got more political experience than Obama, oh, but I guess that doesn’t matter anymore. I guess it’s more important to have Oprah “cry her eyelashes off” while Sean Penn sucks her dick!

  2. No doubt, everyone knows you’re supposed to kill that baby instead of actually starting a family.

    Just like her mom should have killed her. Then none of this would have been a problem.

  3. Dear John;

    Your Table Dance the last time you were here at the club next to staples was the most memorable..

    But if you are going to select a woman to attract the female vote you could have selected one who supports womens rights

  4. I can only hope this brings the demise of the Republican stronghold as well. What I fear, and what has been proven many times before, is that the overwhelming number of citizens of our country who feel below political issues, economic issues, and any other issues requiring any amount of intelligence to process, will cling to issues closer to their homes. In this case, as pointed out to me in an amazing book titled “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” by Thomas Frank. This book outlines many of the reasons why the dumber, number half of America is so easily influenced by issues that have nothing to do with their greater socioeconomic interest. Many of these issues, abortion, religious affliliation, why Wal-Mart is good for America, are reasons why otherwise sleeping redneck dipshit idiots will vote. Be it as it may, that Palin is a woman of fucked virtues, I’m afraid that “America” will cling to that, identify with it, and embrace it. Those fucked Christians want fallibility, and they will find that with this bitch. Dammit. I just keep getting scareder.

  5. Crazy thing, either an African-American, or a women will be in office. Pretty cool either way in that regard nevermind the retardation that seems to emit from that guys ears. I’m guessing that McCain’s genius maneuver has cased some high blood pressure for a lot of his constituency, and has certainly forced the hand. Good times.

    Hey, why isn’t this a reality show?

  6. Nice one Big Mon, we’re watching the rise of ‘Yo-yo knickers’ Palin with glee over here. Whatever next, not that any of our politician’s are any better. After all Political Smoking Guns can often be washed off as something else as long as you haven’t shot yourself with it to start.

    As for the God Botherers, wasn’t there something in their textbook about talking to bushes (burning ones I think) ? Perhaps they could all trek off into the wilderness and talk to the vegetation, they appear to be pitching their campaign at that sort of level……

  7. “…more political experience…”

    Did Faux News or McCain himself tell you that?

    “She’s got more executive experience than I do.” – McCain

    More experience than Obama? She was a small town mayor while Obama was a state senator. He’s been in the US Senate longer than she’s been the governor of Alaska. I guess in physical years, she’s got four years on City Council which Obama doesn’t have. In actual, legitimate experience Obama’s in a better position.

    Prior to her political life, she worked as a sports reporter. Obama taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School.

    I know who I’d choose to uphold the Constitution, protect our liberties, and improve our nation.

  8. Can’t wait for those Biden Palin debates.

    A Horney Hypocritical Born Again vs a Womanizing Drunk Catholic

  9. Is there gonna be a “None of the Above” option on the ballot this November?

    This country is fucked either way.

  10. …unfortunately, it’s all in the spin, in our “yer either fer us or agin us” society…

    …& desperate people will believe the spin…

  11. The boyfriend of vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter is an 18-year-old “redneck”.

    Levi Johnston has been dating Bristol Palin, 17, for around a year and their baby is due in December.

    The pregnancy has caused a major headache for her right-winger mum Sarah, 44, who is against state funded sex education, backs sexual abstinence and is anti-abortion.

    Dad-to-be hockey player Levi lists his interests in an obscenity strewn page on MySpace, now removed.

    He confesses he is a “redneck” who like to snowboard and ride dirt bikes, go fishing, shooting and “chillin”.

    Advertisement – article continues below »

    And he said he was in a relationship but does not want kids.

    Alaska governor Mrs Palin and husband Todd, who have a four-monthold Down’s baby Trig, announced on Monday that Bristol was expecting and will marry Levi.

    One US newspaper dubbed him a “superhunky bad boy ice hockey player from cold country”. He was in a same team as the Palins’ soldier son Track, 19.

    Mrs Palin’s presidential running mate John McCain is also against spending state cash to prevent teen pregnancies. He says young mums should stay in education or lose their welfare benefits. Bristol was pictured last week in a family line-up clutching Trig, who hid her bump.

    Aides say Mrs Palin came clean about Bristol’s pregnancy and Todd’s drink driving arrest 20 years ago when she was campaign vetted.

  12. Even if McCain wins there will be no difference for Arizona. When was the last time that guy did something for this state? Hell, it’s been 4 or 5 years since he last came to the Old Pueblo on a non-fundraising trip.

  13. The only moral premarital sex is your premarital sex.

    The only Moral drink driving is your drink driving.

    The only moral war is your war.

    The only moral gay is your gay son or daughter.

    The only moral corruption is your corporate corruption

    The only moral abortion is your abortion.

    The only moral cyclist death is the one you caused

  14. Ummm Perhaps she would have been better off preaching the contraseption route instead of abstinence?…..I Dunno, what do you think?

  15. On the otherside of the coin, any of you fuckers raising teenagers? I got 2, and there ain’t NUTHIN easy about it. And I gots me some of them morals to work with.

  16. Maybe one day they’ll figure out that all the tiny baby jesus in the world doesn’t doesn’t deter teens from a good fuck.

  17. this maybe off-topic, but were they on acid when they named their kids? who the fuck names their sons track & trig?! asshats

  18. Guys-

    Arguing about who is more “experienced,” Obama or Palin, is pretty amusing.

    McCain will win in November (like, duh) and even if he doesn’t, nothing will change. It will be business as usual, and of course I mean that literally. The Dow will hit 13K before the end of the year.

    Glad to see Copper down to 3.23/lb. today… bastards make my life miserable.


  19. Hey Churchy McGunnuts. No one is in favor or the unlimited harvesting of the unborn. No one, well maybe some sick fucks, but all moral rational people don’t want that. If abortion is outlawed then women, your sisters, your daughters, your grandchildren will die at the hand of people that may or may not be doctors. Wouldn’t you rather they have access to a safe procedure?

    When people have good jobs, health care and access to sex education and contraception there are less abortions. So if that is the one fucking issue that you vote on quit voting against your self interest.

  20. …more political experience… Only if you giver her bonus points for chairing Ted Stevens’ 527. He didn’t appear to become a “mortal enemy” until after the indictment. Personally, that’s the kind of experience I feel my elected officials could do without.

  21. Spot on Jonny. Is Palin possibly the best thing that could happen for the democrats and independents?

  22. BTW…who the fuck elopes with a high school boyfriend at 24? Wouldn’t that be more newsworthy if it was like 17?

    My wife got all upset about the Palin thing…started calling her a hypocrit and a bad parent…then I reminded her that we were fucking like rabbits at 17…

  23. When I look at the RNC, all I can think is a bunch of tight Arses. Looks like a lot of tight asses like reading your drunk politics. They should have a binge drinking contest then a debate. Let the true colors shine. Did anyone watch McCain Reveal on the history channel? Did anyone get the impression that is Naval commander father bailed him out more than once. Did any also get the impression that the the Aircraft carrier fire was caused by neglect on someone’s behalf, a discharged weapon, a report that in those days could have been covered up by a very high ranking naval officer. The impression I got was that young McCain was pretty reckless. Although he did pay his dues after being captured.

  24. I was so ready to vote for Nobama when I saw this vixen… She reminded me of Tony Soprano’s hot cougar shrink. Her daugher’s hot so no wonder she’s knocked up. Shit’s dif’rnt in Laska. Kid’es’s names can be stuff like track, trig and trinket. Besides, do ya think they’ll wait until the Fall ’09 before they start drillin? Texas T that is. We can all learn from the valiant effort of Nik the Dik. Pack up and move somewhere cool because “hell” and “handbasket” have never sounded so harmonious in this good ole U S of Slay.

  25. I only wish that the parents of the liberals on this site had used the preferred birth control of the left and aborted you before you could infect the world.

    Can you say President McCain. Bitch!

  26. Are we really supposed to believe that the Republicans are here to fight special interest and move away from Foreign oil relationships ….

    I have tried to look beyond the clutter to see what she is saying and this is her gig. Home drilling and Special interest… I mean in a matter of 12 hours are we supposed to believe that this is what the GOP is running on? What a contradiction. What a lie. Talk about Flip Flop. All under the guise of Morality and Religion. Distract us with the Good Book then flip the subject to protect your lies. Then hit us with what you are really after the election.

    I have to believe that McCain really wanted Lieberman and they both wanted to focus on ideology but ideology doesn’t sell to the those that park in the walmart parking lot the yellow ribbons on their vans to shop for the best deal in the name of god so the dork lords gave him this woman who in my opinion as a republican typifies nothing I know to be true to Republican principles.

    This is the most disturbing thing to me.

  27. Bad enough to be 17 and carrying a child already. Having it be international news has got to be a real mind-screw. Poor kid. And all because McCain decided to make Barbara Palin the object of a cynical political stunt.

    I’ll take the immorality of ‘premarital sex’ over the immorality of making a mockery of the American political process, and damaging the lives of real human beings to score cheap political points, any day. That said, I think the selection of Palin as VP is either an insult to your intelligence or not. If not, you may not be smart enough to vote responsibly.

  28. Two words …..

    Lieberman = douche

    worst speaker I have ever heard….

    Leave the kids out of it and I will leave this out of you kids. If McCain wins I am miving to fucking Mexico, would rather deal with the drug lords.

  29. Adios Amigo! You can hangout with all the celebs who threaten to leave, but sadly never do. Say hi to Susan Sarandon and her douchebag husband.

  30. Liberman a douche? I think we forget that he was the Democratic VP pick not too long ago.

    What I’m really surprised at is all the misogynists commenting on the Palin pick.

    What’s also revealing is all the people who back a candidate who espouses “change” as his goal for office and then picks a VP that is about as far from change as you can get. Biden? Really?

    Obama’s first ‘presidential’ decision is to pick Biden as his VP? That has change written all over it.

    And being a Senator is not experience for anything, especially if you’re not there. Obama has been running for office half the time he’s been a Senator and then even when he is there, he votes “present”.

    Even as a Senator, he hasn’t run anything. The biggest thing he’s run is his campaign, I believe he said so himself, quite proudly in fact.

  31. Her daughter getting knocked up just proves that abstinence-only BS doesn’t work. The trooper-firing thing is a much bigger deal. I am much more concerned by abuse of power than hypocrisy.

    McCain’s selection of Palin is an extremely cynical move that proves whatever “maverick” credibility he had has long since been sold in pursuit of the presidency.

  32. Lieberman was a douche when he was on the Gore ticket. Bad choice then, and his current behavior just confirms it.

    You don’t have to be a misogynist to think that Palin is a bad choice. She’s a nutter. She’s on the ticket because she has a pussy and she’s a religious zealot. It’s an insulting pick. There are far more qualified women Republicans: Kay Bailey Hutchison, Olympia Snowe, Jodi Rell, Condoleza Rice… The list goes on. I hate them all, but they are all far more qualified for VP than Palin. She’s been a governor of the least populous state in the union for less than two years. She was mayor of a town of less than 8000 people. Whoop de fucking do. That is not qualification for VP. It’s just further proof that the Republicans don’t care about qualifcation or the country, just electing a pawn who will placate the religious right. Obama is was a professor of constitutional law. He was a state senator, he’s a US senator. He ran a primary campaign which took down the most powerful Democratic family since the Kennedy’s, and garnered over 18 million votes. If Palin had run a campaign, I think differently, but she was picked by a senile old man, without being vetted. She’s under investigation for abuse of power. Blow it out your ass.

    BTW, voting “present” in Illinois is common and accepted, so shut the fuck up. He can’t do it in the US senate. McCain has missed more votes in the US senate that Obama.

  33. yes Lieberman is a douche….Guliani is not far behind. Ok…you happened to be mayor during the biggest attack on our country…we get it. Now go get kidnapped and have some new shit happen to you…

    well…boo if you want, you know I’m right

  34. “McCain has missed more votes in the US senate that Obama.”

    Mr.Jefe, et al–

    Since, like, about the time Mr. Obama was clutching his mommy’s skirt?

    Sorry, that was just to easy.


  35. …ol’ herbert hoover only promised “a chicken in every pot & a car in every garage”

    …i believe that fred “i’m not half the man john mccain is”thompson, joe “benedict arnold” liebermam & rudy “i once had personal ideals & a backbone but now i’m just a bottom feeding shill, but hey, remember me ???” giuliani have promised over the last several nights, that john mccain will walk on water while spitting fire as he preforms the magic trick of, well, making, just about everything in our lives, peachy fucking keen…wow…it’ll be a red, white & blue parade down main street every day…i’m almost sold…

    …& sarah “ah shucks, i’m just a down home ‘hockey mom’ amongst all you warm, accepting people” palin…gosh, baby, you were so busy kissing one ass & ripping another & talking about how yer time in the “harper valley pta” qualifies you to be a heartbeat away the most powerful office in the nation, if not the world, that i guess ya musta fergot to mention the obvious question of yer own ethics & that little state trooper issue…slipped yer mind, huh ???…

    …well, don’t worry about that or even the obvious ‘family values’ contradiction, ok ???…we’ll get back to you on that, fer sure…

    …anyway, if you compare the speeches alone, from the two conventions, ya gotta wonder how guys like kg, mike, mikey & urine idiot, along w/ a certain portion of the american people, can honestly find any solace in the disingenuous spin coming out of the rnc…

    …talk about calculated…jeezus…

  36. On Barack Obama:

    Stephanopoulos, to Biden: “You were asked: ‘Is [Barack Obama] ready?’ You said, ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.’”

    Biden: “I think I stand by the statement.”

    So a year ago Biden thought Obama wasn’t ready to be President.

    What exactly has changed in that year to make Biden believe he’s qualified now?

    Nothing but politics.

  37. bikesgone wild, you some how think the rnc has cornered the market in disingenuous speeches. Grow up a little bit.

    Looking at the fucking riots outside the rnc and compare that to the demonstrations outside the dnc.

    Look at those people smashing windows and generally being pieces of shit. Nothing like that happen outside the dnc convention…..

    Why not?

    That’s your side man, tearing shit up. Breaking windows and tearing up property that belongs to someone just trying to make a living. Some blue collar guy has to clean up that mess.

    Why, because the left is a bunch of self centered pricks.

    You’re sitting there making comments about a 17 yo high school girl but don’t give a shit that Obama spent years hanging out with a guy and his wife who bombed police cars, and killed a police officer.

    The same fuckers who bombed and planned bombings of justices in NY, government buildings and planned the bombing of a NCO dance, hosted fundraisers for Obama. They were fucking buddies.

    But no, let’s talk about a 17 year old girl. Because THAT matters. Not that your guy hangs out with people who kill police officers.

    Look it up.

  38. Was that really the best McCain could come up with for Veep? I mean she’s governor of a state with fewer people than the county I live in f’rcrissake. I mean seriously, WTF? That’s executive experience? And her “abstinence only” educated child is 5 months pregnant, despite all that Gawd ‘n’ Country ‘n’ stayin’ pure for Baby Jebus crap she’s been told all her life? Did I reads right that she wants to criminalize birth control? Can a woman really be that stupid in this day and age? And what about Little Nell?

  39. …kg…you wanna talk “on-the-job” training after eight fucking years of george w fucking bush ???…don’t insult your own intelligence & thus mine & i won’t have to question your fucking sanity for doing so…

    …you tell me to grow up ???…how about you grow a pair…a pair of fucking eyeballs & take a good honest look at how this country has seriously devolved in the last eight years…if you don’t see it, i hope you get the opportunity for a little clear vision…the life & lifestyle you save may be your own…

    …despite all the big cheesy grins & white toothed fucking smiles on the convention floor, maybe george stephanopoulos can interview someone close to the scene & verify the rumors that gwb is so alcohol addled that the first lady almost had the common sense to walk out…how about that little ‘behind-the-scenes’ nugget, kg ???…that might not have looked good, right ???…i guess when your ‘on-the-job’ training only qualifies you to be a talking head & not a good one at that, while the rest of the consortium does the real dirty work, you need more than the occasional bracer, eh ???…

    …what else are you whining about…oh, that’s right, the extremist left, or basically, the anarchists…the window breakers, the fire starters…those people aren’t democrats & you fucking know it…they rail against any organized political party, even if they might have slightly more empathy w/ one party over the other…

    …i mentioned one & only one time about the contradiction of family values & had the common decency not to provide any details whatsoever & you, sir managed to all but provide your own detailed analysis of the situation…

    …i’d suggest you watch how you spin that…

  40. Go back and read the quote… I didn’t say “On the job training”, Biden did. Biden your VP candidate.

    And it wasn’t 8 years ago, it was one year ago.

    So again I ask, what has changed in one year to qualify Obama for office when highly respected democratic party members said he was unqualified.

  41. Mikey,
    You’re right. Let’s just talk about in the time since Obama has been a senator. McCain has abstained from voting on 53% of the time, while Obama has abstained 40%. (info from, who used for source data). Abstaining from voting while you are there is just like voting “present” in Illinois.

    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has held 3 hearings on Afghanistan in the last two years. Obama made it to one and Biden (the chair of the committee) missed one while running his own presidential campaign. Compare that to McCain and the Senate Armed Services Committee. They held 6 hearings over the same time period on Afghanistan. McCain made… ZERO. (

    In 2007 there were 15 major votes on environmental legistlation. Obama missed 4 of them. McCain bothered to show up for….. ZERO (

    Look, I don’t think Obama’s attendance record is stellar, but it IS a pitfall of running for president, and anyone who wants to criticize Obama for it and give McCain a free pass is on a very slippery slope.

  42. Oh, and you nicely skipped the point of your candidate likes to hang with people who bomb and kill policemen. Bill Ayers, look it up.

    Oh, I forgot, I’m supposed to care about a 17 y/o girl and a rumor that Bush may be drinking as if any of those even fucking matter.

    It’s time for me to go to work and I won’t be on until after work. So rant away. But please, tell me more about a high school girl who got knocked up, or how someone who has a few months left in office may be drinking. And close your eyes to the fact that your candidate IS one of those crazy leftists breaking and blowing shit up, he just wears a nice suit and is to pussy to do it himself so he just hangs with those who do. He’s right there with them.

  43. my what a thread.
    First things first, y’all.
    Unless McCain wears an S on his chest and a cape, he can’t turn his party’s policies around in congress and the executive..he could only ameliorate them a little.
    Palin perpetuates, easily, the culture war.
    The engineers I work with are surprisingly old as a group, they say because a young EE or Mechanical has little future in this country.

    There has to be change. No mas culture wars, we gotta pay attention to the real ones.
    No more ideologues.
    If you think BO is all about ideology…
    put..the crakpipe down..walk away from the puter or TV or whaterver…get a little fresh air.

  44. As a teacher, I have to pay attention to the “tests” and see if my kids are learning. If the don’t do well on the “tests”, I have to change my methods, because the data tells me something isn’t working. Well, Abs. training has been pushed for 8 years or so, and the numbers of teen pregnancies hasn’t changed, neither for abortions. I would say that the data says that these methods are NOT WORKING, yet they keep pushing their agenda, HYPOCRITS.

  45. The hypocracy/irony is that Palin preaches about family values and abstinance, yet she can’t keep her daughter from underage binge drinking and getting pregnant. Most of us, I would say partook in both and it is normal behavoir, but come on wear a condom. Face reality. Don’t try and hide behind some religous b.s.

    Just like the stupid war on drugs. These same politician that want to crack down on drugs, yet their very own children are the ones buying it, with their $200 a week allowances. Then they want to blame and hastly punish non-violent people for there very own family deficiencies. The principle of the R. party is help those with the money make more money. I am sure lots have benefited from the last 8 years on the behalf of the American people including the lifes of our service members. The problem is that those with the money care less about america and more about their bank accounts and foriegn investments. I strongly feel the War in Iraq in not about protecting our nation. That is unless you are talking about our elite bank accounts. While we watch help care soar, energy cost soar, inflation, falling dollar, out of control world petro exchange and no end in sight to the 600 billion spent of rebuilding and policing the center of the middle east.

  46. You know, I hung out with some people who blew shit up. I play shows with anarchists all of the time.

    I don’t blow shit up.

    Palin was in a church while some Jew-for-Jesus talked some ridiculous hate speech towards Jews.

    Does she hate Jews? I don’t assume she does.

    What this really comes down to is experience, responsibility, intelligence, and diplomatic skill (because we’re going to need it to deal with the emerging world powers). I know who has more legit experience, who has been more responsible in his attendance and voting record, who has taught Constitutional Law, and who can be seen as a positive ambassador when in other nations.

    Fuck, it could come out that Obama is the father of Bristol’s child. I don’t care. He’ll be a better president and get a better result than McCain.

    This doesn’t even touch on the impact of seeing a black president for all those kids growing up. Do you think a black kid, who has been told that he has been “held down by the white man,” can relate to and trust an old white guy? Don’t you think that a young black child will be encouraged by seeing a black president? Don’t you think that it would foster a feeling of equality in both white and black kids? Don’t you think it would reduce that feeling of being “held down by the white man?”

    If we are to have any hope of equality (for everyone) we need to make the minorities feel like white people don’t resent or fear them. Obama is the only candidate for a socially/racially progressive voter.

  47. KG needs a bike ride and some tissues! And a boyfriend.

    bikesgonewild – may i recommend, as fun as it may be, that you stop putting fuel in that H2’s gas tank?

    Husky needs a Snakehawk!!! whatWHAT!?

    mix equal parts red bull and jack daniels for a completely radical leftist hangover. it’s so self-centered, you’ll love it!! yeah, liberals!!! woot-WHOOT!!!

  48. Seriously, KG, the Obama-Ayers connection is tenuous at best. Its a Rove/Faux News talking point that has been hyped on conservative blogs. Nothing more than guilt by association. How many people have you known that have done bad things in their youth? I’ll bet you could be connected to a terrorist organization if the facts were stretched enough. We all could.

    Personally I think Palin’s family should be off limits, although I find great humor in Levi’s redneck wonder myspace page. However, if that’s the case I want you to reject McCain’s statement about Chelsea Clinton (“Why is [she] so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father”) I guarantee you if it had been a Democrats family, the Republicans would have already destroyed them. There would have been no call for sympathy and privacy. Only when it’s their own.

    Palin is the perfect pick for the Republicans. She shows exactly what they think is important. Not facts, not country, not the economy, but values. Someone who identifies themselves as a “values voter” might as well put a sign on their forehead that says “stupid”. They are saying that they REALLY don’t want to have to think about anything complex.

  49. …you are quite right, snakehawk…i shall refrain…

    …& thanks for the request as it was the only chuckle i got in this whole “grasping at straws” discussion…

  50. Whay can’t mccain raise his hands and arms above his shoulders? Seriously I see the guy try wave to the croud and it looks like such an effort. They he tried to hold up both arms and it is like kid trying to do a back flip into the pool for the first time but cant. Look tonight and you will see what I mean. Dude is totally oncoordinated. He can’t turn his head with out turning his shulders either. fucking annoying as shit watching him

  51. …really, butthead…i’m not a mccain fan but during the vietnam era, the chicom did seriously fuck w/ the man as a captured pilot, for years both physically & mentally & he had the fortitude to weather it & now stands before you…

    …i don’t know that that fortitude really offers us anything that we need to get this country back on track, necessarily, but the man was made to suffer greatly & to not be aware of it means somebody ain’t paying attention…

  52. el jefe, word.

    “Palin is the perfect pick for the Republicans. She shows exactly what they think is important. Not facts, not country, not the economy, but values. Someone who identifies themselves as a “values voter” might as well put a sign on their forehead that says “stupid”. They are saying that they REALLY don’t want to have to think about anything complex.”

    that’s what i’m saying. “What’s the With Kansas?” by Thomas Frank. It’s important as fuck. Keep it tough, BikesGoneWild. You care, and that’s what matters. If KG wants to wear his steak helmet in this lion’s den, it kind of tells us a little bit about just what he’s trying to “protect.”

    stand up, america.

  53. …dd…that’s a new (to me) take on that uss forrestal clusterfuck…

    …funny how fred thompson didn’t mention anything resembling that aspect of the story, when he was giving his “heroes welcome” address the other night…

    …maybe that’s why he keep clearing his throat all night…his subconscious knew there was more to the story & it was tryin’ to come out, despite fred’s best attempts to hold it back…

    …just, you know, speculatin’…

  54. Really I thout it might have been the carrier explosion he caused before he went to Nam. You know the one his daddy covered up

  55. “Seriously, KG, the Obama-Ayers connection is tenuous at best. Its a Rove/Faux News talking point that has been hyped on conservative blogs. Nothing more than guilt by association. How many people have you known that have done bad things in their youth? I’ll bet you could be connected to a terrorist organization if the facts were stretched enough. We all could”

    It wasn’t Rove/Fox etc who first brought up the relationship…. it was Hillary so quite that bullshit right now. Hillary with a ‘D’, is she a Rove plant?

    Ayers held fundraisers for Obama. Obama and his family went to Ayers’ home. Obama worked with Ayers for years on the Woods Board. It wasn’t a chance meeting. It was a political/social relationship.

    Planing bombs and killing cops is not an indiscretion of youth. You can’t kill people, plan to kill more people and say “Ooops, my bad. I was young.”

    Ayers didn’t escape from conviction for his crimes because he was found not guilty. The investigators mishandled evidence. Ayers, “Free as a bird, Guilty as Hell.” His quote.

    Maybe, maybe if Ayers had come around and said what he did “in his youth” was wrong, but he hasn’t, he’s said he wished they’d done more.


    So el jeffe…
    Would you go to Ayers’ house if he decided to throw a fundraiser for YOU?

  56. KG, get your facts straight. The only people that died in the Weather Underground bombings were the WU members who mishandled the bomb ( People dying isn’t good, but it’s a decent twist of irony.

    Hannity has been pushing the Ayers meme ad naseum for the past year. Yes they knew each other. Again, I’ll bet we could connect you to a murderer if we tried hard enough. I met the head of the Hells Angles in my youth. Does that make me a speed dealer? You’re telling me that you’ve never worked with or been social with someone who you later found out was a drug dealer or wife beater? By your logic you are one too. I never said Ayers was a saint, he may well be a jackass.

    You’ve really got to stop listening to the American Taliban.

  57. God is fake, therefore, all her god talk is bull shit. She loses all her credibility right there! Do you feel bad killy polly-wogs in the backyard pond? Didn’t think so. They why do you feel abortion is bad? That’s what most abortions are, killing polly-wogs. I find it hard to believe that there are people out there that are actually “okay” with doctors crackin’ the baby over head with a baseball bat as soon as it comes out of the womb or in the case of parial birth abortion, stabbing scissors into the baby’s skull. Some abortion is good, some is bad. Maybe before we decide whether we are pro-choice or pro-life (notice both are ‘pro’ because who likes to be anti-anything) we need to find out which types of abortion the candidates approve. The world population is already capped has high has it can go. The world cannot support more and more people. It’s already fucked. The last thing we need is more people on earth who don’t give a fuck about their provider and source of life, the world! Fucking the earth is like fucking yourself in the ass. For the sake of the human race, we need abortion. Isn’t abortion sort of like preventative war? The war being ourselves? Perhaps we should vote for the candidate that doesn’t want to fuck the earth with his iron fist!

  58. Ok…settle down ya’ll. 1) It doesn’t matter who wins because truth of the matter is…is we are all owned by major corporations. 1.5) And China. 2) This is a reality T.V. show. 3) I also agree with Husky.

    Which one can put down more beer while riding a bike. Has either one of them ever ridden a bike? Would either one of them ever stop driving and have their buddies and security ride around on bicycles? Didn’t think so. Not enough bullet proof glass. And…come to think of it…does either one of them drink beer…I see no evidence of any sort of beer belly. Well…McCain might…

    Anyway…I got distracted with beer again. If we are expected to cut down our personal emissions, then why aren’t they? What happened to the health care issue? What about funding for schools? Where is my damn social security? Why are we talking about so called “moral” issues like abortion. Hell, It’s my f-ing na na. Did you hit it? So why do you all…(well not all, i understand most of you here have some common sense)…think its ok to tell me what to do with it?

    Shouldn’t “moral” issues be things like taking care of our friends and neighbors. What happened to love each other? (no I am not a f-ing hippie) Seriously…though…we need to take care of the dirt that we all came from, and turn back in to when we die.

  59. Since I helped start this fire, lemme be the one to throw another log on before I tune out for another twenty four hours or so.

    So, what’d ya all think about a) telling kids what that shit in their pants does, b) telling ’em sex is ok, c) giving ’em access to free condoms, in school, and d) how much this would cut down on the need for abortion and therefore the rate of abortion in this country.

    Get back at me. I want to hear it.

  60. KIDS ARE GONNA BUMP IT, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! so fuck yeah, jon. tell them with what they’re equiped, and give them things to block with. duh. fucking church youth group trips from coast to coast are full of kids trying to get their privates one layer of clothes closer to the promised land. it’s not their folks’ fault, but it does remind me of something: KG – meat helmet, lion’s den. seriously, bro. clock out and get on your bike.

  61. McCain’s speach was painful. Dude used more personal pronouns than Tiger Woods in a news conferance.

    Like a high School kid running for student body. Me, myself and I…..

  62. I actually thought his speech was pretty genuine. I would have much rather had McCain at the helm than the draft dodging GWB. Problem is the tighty righties got this mess so knotted up Mr McCain ain’t going to unwind it without pissing off those same righty tighties. As much as I steer clear of total socialism/communism this country needs some help. If this admin. had not spent more, done less, while trashing our respect world wide, and losing all credibility, totaling failing to control the oil market and stabablizig Iraq, I just may have. Nah.

    What the heck is the deal with these young girls wanting kids. Maybe they should have a movie about Andrea Yates sotry, or look at Britney’s stardum destroyer blown to pieces. I am telling you girls its a long road, it hard enough on us men, but man you women really get fucked. Yeah so educate the youth about sex and drugs. Stop the hyprocrisy.

  63. she got knocked up 20 yrs ago when she was 24, and you’re only speculating that it was pre-marital. she probably was, but you’ve got nothing that says so.

    what were you doing when you were 24 johnny? anything that you wouldn’t do today? glass houses and all…

  64. I think Jonny’s point was toward the process not the person. Let’s not confuse that. Sure her personal family life is off limits when talking about them personally. However it is fair to point out the contradiction in this process as we try to understand her position on issues.

    But apparently no one is allowed to ask her questions. She is cute and she is a woman with fortitude and the drive to follow her beliefs. John McCain has the desire to work har as well and his time in POW camp gives him the gonads I. have no doubt but that is not enough for me. Tell me more please

    As for qualifications on both sides why can’t we the people get a resume from each to review in the format every person in this nation is typically required to submit prior to interview. Throw in a cover letter to back that resume.

    That way we have immediate facts as a basis to understand each of them.

    BTW since when is A Law Degree from Harvard not a qualification. Since when is holding a position as a professor teaching Constitutional Law not a qualification and not considered experience? How is 7 years of elected Office not experience?

    In a country founded on Law and a country built on principals of a constitution in a country that has ignored the rights of its people defined in the constitution where arguable an Presidential Office deliberately and reputedly broke the Laws of our forefathers, I will support the man who dedicated his higher learning to understanding the workings of those laws every time.

    As an FYI to Palin; “In God We Trust” and the addition of God to the pledge of allegiance were not added by our “founding fathers” unless you believe that this country was founded in the 1950’s

  65. Here Here LnF. Word

    GOP pointing to the TV inviting the poeple of the inner cities to vote fo them because they will help better educate them with choice is a fine idea. Just don’t go and get too educated on us on don’t you dare go back the the community you came from to serve or else we will let you have it and reminde you what you really are…..I mean don’t work hard to make yourself something out of nothing through education and try to compete with the boys born into it….don’t you know your place….

  66. CS, I just read that piece. The good ‘ol Keating Five. Think it’ll bite him on the ass more than Palin? What are they going to dig up about her next? I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop….

  67. she doesnt believe in global warming. dumb bitch. her own state is sliding into the arctic ocean.