Link Dump

On Sunday I got in another ride of one hour. I went _maybe_ 10 miles.

It is better than nothing I suppose

El Grande Link dump:

All that and hail that hump day happened, & nobody died. All that is evil shall once again wane. And the weekend shall shine it’s light out our door.

Until that day, my friends, until that day.

I present to you, in no particular order, the emails from the last week or so:

From: Sparkle
Subject: [from DC…]
Hi mate,
Here’s a link to a film my 15yr old son did of ‘Hit the North’, a 12 hour Enduro based in Manchester, England. Watch in high quality, FFS, as YouTube pixellate it to buggery. Check out the soundtrack – some quality ‘Madchester’ choones! Enjoy.

Right on. I don’t know about “chester” but I’ve been pretty “mad” of late.

From: Walt van Wasatch
Subject: this shit is unreal…forumid=9


It’s a dopers site. We must know these guys. The ‘expert’ Realgains, is a one man Paul for doping.

About all you’re going to find on that site is doping info. I can’t say I’ve seen much in the way of “coaching” that was new or exciting.

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  1. I jes wanna win drunk. An all ya’ll can drunk too – jez me win youse cooler full. bye