Fixing Cycling with Punches and Legal Battles

It looks like the reaction for calling out someone for doping (assuming Prentice Steffen and Suzanne Sonye are legit – you decide) is a punch in the face or a law suit. A law suit is also in store for USADA and Decanio from Stolen Underground, the later representing himself in court. Intimidating stuff, especially if Michael Ball of Rock Racing is allocating resources to Leogrande for his legal activities. Stange days…

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7 thoughts on “Fixing Cycling with Punches and Legal Battles

  1. Strange days indeed. This doping fallout… Decanio? I thought he was off the map, and now defending himself? All of this, a bad soap opera.

  2. …re: decanio & stolen underground…

    …nobody sez “i’ve got an agenda” quite like decanio, on that site…

    …he could be 100% right but he kinda pisses on his own foot w/ his ‘way over the top’ blogsite…

  3. This guy
    was more adventurous than first thought.

    3000 bikes, 14 lbs of weed, and a band of thieves worthy of fagan.
    Here is some real law breaking.
    The bicycle messiah of Queen West

    The strange allure of the ‘bike guy’

  4. Decanio’s awesome. He should get a wallet that has “Bad Mother Fucker” stitched into it for the crazy shit he pulls.

  5. And how about a Pussy Wagon or some shit like that to roll in. Decanio’s about as awesome as the shit I just took.