Coming to a town near you

I only hope so…

Bicyclists to get own day on Chicago streets
Parkways will be closed to autos

What would streets be like without cars?

You’ll have a chance to find out on two Sundays in October.

A network of inner-city boulevards will be closed to automobile traffic from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Oct. 5 and Oct 26, according to the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation. Only bikes, scooters, baby strollers and, of course, walkers will be allowed.

Sunday Parkways is a first-ever event in Chicago.

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5 thoughts on “Coming to a town near you

  1. Why October?

    I really really support the idea, however, I live in Milwaukee, and October is pretty hit-or-miss for whether or not I want to spend lots of time outside. Usually its ‘miss’.

    It almost seems like ‘they’ want it to fail.

    “Okay, you can have your car-free day. Oh what, nobody showed up? Too bad, we aren’t ever doing that again.”

    But since this is the closest ‘Ciclovia’ to me, I may just take a road trip and go there to show my support out of principal.

  2. Also, NYC did it in a much more ‘prime’ location from my comparison of the routes. Why doesn’t Chicago do it along Michigan or something else nice? (Do it along the river on Wacker!)

  3. I think this could be a great opportunity for some pedi-cab operators. Us americans and our smiley pants need a place to sit in between trips to all the finest soft pretzel eateries.

  4. …so hizzoner proposed that for september, out here in “the city” down along sf’s waterfront & the merchants are screaming bloody murder about lost revenue…

  5. They’re talking about a similar initiative here in Seattle and from what I’ve read in the “mainstream media,” it’s pretty much like having Russian tanks roll into town; the end of everything decent and American you’ve ever known. All the women expect to be raped and the young men executed. It should be fun!