early results: DC puts stamp on L-ville 100

So far so good.
Here’re the sub-8 hombres:

5. Extreme Juan
11. Snake
16. Silverman

We can all hope for a race recap from Snake. They don’t get much better.
Oh, yeah, Wiens beat LA by 2 mins and crushed his own record by 13 mins.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Crazy 88 unfolded to no great surprise – the people were fantastic, the course was great, and KRice and Adam stormed out early. Speaking of storms, the lightning fell and the clouds dropped some oceans. Props to the hardy people still in the hills bbq’ing and drinking it up. i tucked my tail and scooted home to a warm shower and a pretty lady. Thanks to Nate for putting it all together, Fitty for the brew, Dara and Kristen for hanging around in the rain for our slow asses. Let’s do it again in the sunshine.

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20 thoughts on “early results: DC puts stamp on L-ville 100

  1. Fuck Snake. Fuck Silverman. They only give me reason to stay on the couch.

    How can it be that Wein’s is that goddamned hard? He visited the shop I worked at back in 1998 – Rage Cycles – in Tempe AZ. It was quite possibly the most hardcore shop I’d ever experience. We gave him a free pair of socks and Shaun, one of my cohorts slipped a dank nug into one of them, right before the hand-off.

    That said, Wein’s ain’t no doper, and he still ripped the legs off the most dope rider ever… LA.

    Fuck yea. Wish I was there to hand up a bottle.

  2. Always glad to see a hard man show a greenhorn how it’s done, way to go Weins!!!!. A finish as it should have been. Now if the Phinney pup can do his thing, my year will be made early.

  3. Awesome to see DC represent and extreme Juan showing he should have become a cyclist a long long time ago. Too bad for all you LA haters. The man still has it.

  4. Yeah, I’d say the man still has it. He came in second in an extremely difficult race which he trained for while banging Hollywood starlets and managing a business empire. Add to that the race not being his specialty and it’s a hell of an achievement. If LA had been able to devote himself 100 percent to training for Leadville he would have obliterated the record. Doped or not the man does have superior genetics, one hell of a pain tolerance, and a super competitive spirit. But big ups to Wiens.

    Didn’t LA gift a victory to Pantani once upon a time? :-)

  5. …so dave “hard man/class act” wiens pulls off a another record setting win & in the process, puts the screws to lance “7 tour wins” armstrong…awesome !!!…wiensy, you are a “natural born killer“…

    …sounds like it was a serious day in the saddle, not just for these two, but anyone tough enough, strong enough & hard enough to make that ride…props to anyone who put in an honest effort for the day…you have my admiration…

    …& as i type this, the womens olympic road race is live on my computer w/ lotsa ridin’ in the rain going on…more props as this race shakes itself out…several of the pro men complained (& righteously so) that their race w/ virtually no cheering spectators, was hard to do, for that reason…
    …so today, standing in the rain also, are bunches of spectators…nice call china…“ah, honorable comrade citizen…please leave your home & go cheer for people on bicycles, or you may not have a home by tomorrow”
    …& i wonder what the average chinese citizen watching the race thinks of “nature breaks“, women’s style…

  6. …& great britain’s nicole cook rides into the gold w/ svenska & italia for silver & bronze…nasty race w/ a lotta serious rain…

  7. dank nug?
    cannabinoids frequently enhance performance.
    The air is mighty thin up there. training and acclimation is the shit.

    Despite simple minded thinking from TV (ehem..the media), and politicians..and nothin simple about most things these days. (cept turning cranks in the middle of no-where all alone)
    Shit’s complex.

    LA..with 99% certainty he doped in a doped field, and still managed to pull out 7. He still managed to bang world class poon without embarrassing himself too much.
    I’ve watched old room mates become certified rock stars…everyone all day forever tells you about how great you are, year on year. People throw stacks n stacks of 100 dollar bills at you.
    (Throw a fucking tiny stack o Ben’s near me, and I’d go apeshit like paris hilton in a dildo shop full of crack)
    If you can get through that with at least a little humility, well a #2 in the high mountains aint so bad at all.

    Texas has been kinda fucked up extreme in the leadership/hero area lately, if you ain’t noticed.
    Lance, warts n all, is OK.
    Hope he takes it next year.

    When I was little, in a barber shop in Hurst tx, Roger Staubach got his hair cut in the chair next to mine. I thought he was fucking just about god. Now that I’m a 4x year old man, I know a lot his life & mind was fucked up, but he’s still some kinda icon in my mind.
    Let LA be that for people.

  8. bunch of sick motherfuckers

    word to the lead heads

    Dave Wiens has fucking retard strength

  9. I have been a regular D.C. visitor for a few years now. I must admit to being tired of all the L.A. bashing. It would be so much better if the focus was on the positive elements of his contribution to the two wheeled world. His ride this weekend was extremely impressive. He obliterated every other previous best time for the event. The guy shreds in the dirt. How many riders that have had so much success on the road, could show up to an event of that magnitude and difficulty, and ride on the same level as Wiens. Props to him for riding because he enjoys riding. This site is suppose to be about enthusiasm for all types of cycling. Clearly, the sport is in a state of crisis. However, there is a newer trend toward cleaning up the sport. Does constantly ranting about riders testing positive, or crucifying riders who are suspected of doping, benefit this current trend? There has been for decades now a culture in the peloton that condoned doping. Why do so many of the visitors to this site seem so surprised by the depth of it. To have followed the sport for any continued period of time, is to have known about it. Let’s return to the most important part of the sport, the bike. With this return, let us support each other as cyclists and fellow members of the two wheeled world.
    Stay up right, and ride like you do.

  10. Durka? Lance has clearly stated that it is “not about the bike” so you’re just here confusing the message. Thanks.

    I was a cat 1 cyclist for a handful of years and was able to match the likes of a few reputable national level pros. I was there while, even in the U.S., relatively unknown Domestics were investing in various forms of “doping” in order to gain more than they could on their own ability. I lost out on a fair chance because of that.

    Fuck every doper in existence and if it takes the sport down with it, so be it.

  11. The irony of you now quoting LA is amazing. Suddenly his word is final and all encompassing? If you have not read his book, then perhaps you should. If you have, then perhaps you should read it again, because you seemed to have missed his point. Applying his quote to refute my comment, also tells that you missed my point entirely. Additionally, your callous regard for the future of the sport and the riders who are talented enough to participate despite the doping of other riders, comes across as bitter and narcissistic. The angry victim tirades are tired and played out. One would hope for more from the new steward of D.C.
    It is also unsettling to read the anti Arab rhetoric here. It is unfortunate that anger and division now permeates so much of this site. Pedals should not be turned in anger, nor should angry words be impulsively thrown around that are hurtful. Bicycles are a unifying force. Again, they along with all fellow cyclists, should be the focus. The constant focus on the negative is not healing and ultimately counter productive to the two wheeled movement and culture.

  12. Arab bashing aside, well, I mean, have you ever read the shit Response sends in? Those are not the first emails of his we’ve posted. There is shit of his going back years on this site. He doesn’t ever much hold back. And, because I’ve actually met the man, I can tell you he ain’t all that serious – he’s laughing as he types. Does that make it all right? Less offensive, or more? Up to you to decide.

    I digress…

    Drunkcyclist.com: Where it’s all about the bike.

    Yes, L.A. has done a lot for cycling in the US. Whether that means bringing people to the sport through watching OLN or VS, building up the bike market with increased sales, more participation in races – he’s done all that. And, of course, he has also done a whole hell of a lot for cancer research.

    And I applaud him on both counts.

    But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t doped to the gills.

  13. Big Jonny-

    A reasoned response, sir, but I think that guys like Mr. Nash Boots have a good point.

    Lance Armstrong paid his entry fee and rode his guts out last weekend for what? A belt buckle. I really doubt he’s all doped up for an amateur MTB race, and hey look, he still dishes out a metric fuck ton of pain on the other riders. Dave Wiens probably would not have shattered his record if he didn’t have LA trading pulls for the first six hours.

    So to have a grumpy group of slightly intoxicated cyclists talking smack on LA simply because he won some famous races is, well, negative. Me, I reckon the guy’s retired, let it ride.

    Keep the rubber side down.


  14. guys like myself who never “chased the dream” can “let it ride”…no skin of our arse, LA and the TDF definitely got me into the sport, good for me

    but i can understand how guys like Gnome who busted arse but never really even had a chance because they weren’t willing to compromise their integrity and intentionally damage their body (isn’t cycling dangerous enough w/o jacking yourself up on drugs and other people’s blood)could harbor some bitterness

    that’s the problem with cheating, it is effectively the worst form of stealing because it involves taking something that can never be given back

    so us hacks will just keep on “letting it ride”, but the truly unfortunate thing is it doesn’t much matter if LA fesses up one day or not, the likes of Gnome will never be able to “let it ride”, what was STOLEN from them can’t be replaced

  15. Oh, I’m about as bent out of shape on doping, as if I were to see snow in the forecast. Sure, it sucks but really, other than busting balls, it doesn’t matter… just like cycling.

    I find it hilarious, that we as a collective of two wheels, can in one hand, destroy the likes of Landis and Hamilton and (insert names here…) while in the next breath, we let any of the others off the hook under the guise that they’ve done “more” for the sport:

    That reeks of narcissism just like anything else.

    And about LA’s book. Hey, great story. Personal suffering and overcoming the odds. That’s what all the cancer survivors need, another fallacy that they too “can win”. Get over your little ideal world.

    Last, I also find it retarded that I can’t say “Durka” without somebody thinking I’m an Arab hater. Fact of that matter, is I pretty much hate everyone.