Biker(s) Down

Bad news out of Colorado Springs:

From: Patrick
Subject: Riders down
Big Man,

Here we go again — a two-fer this time, and maybe the hat trick, as the story says three riders were involved:…street_killed.html

This is the same stretch of road where Ed Burke had his fatal heart attack and a friend of mine got nailed good and hard by a motorist. For roadies, 26th Street is a popular out-and-back time-trial climb, from Highway 24 to where Gold Camp Road goes to dirt, and it’s a straight shot back to town for anyone riding a mountain bike on the nearby trails. A guy can pick up some speed on the descent past Fairview Cemetery, and if a motorist considers one of the side-street stop signs optional, well, you might as well tell everyone at Fairview to move over a spot; company’s coming.

It just keeps coming.

From: E
Subject: [from DC…]
“On the (Aug 6th, 2008 @ 1941) officers were sent to the area of 26th St. and Westend Ave. to investigate a vehicle crash. Upon arrival officers learned a 1986 Ford F350 pickup was traveling southbound on S. 26th Street in the southbound lane. A group of five bicyclists were traveling northbound in the northbound lane of S. 26th Street crossing Westend Ave. The Ford pickup turned left to go eastbound on Westend Ave., striking two of the bicyclists. Resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful and the two bicyclists were pronounced dead at the scene of the crash.

Major Accident Unit detectives responded to the scene to complete the investigation. Barbara Thomas, a 64 year old white female, was taken into custody and charged with vehicular homicide, driving under the influence of drugs, vehicles turning left and restricted license. The coroner’s office was notified and the names of the victims will be released at a later time once proper notifications can be made to their families”.

More at:

How long till the friends of Barbara Thomas flood the boards?

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