Biker(s) Down

Oh hell…

Cops: Enraged motorist swerves into bicyclists, injures one

A cyclist was struck while riding his bicycle Saturday morning, and both the victim and law enforcement officials say it was no accident.

A 41-year-old Kamas man was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault after witnesses reported seeing him swerve at groups of eastbound bikers who were training on Mirror Lake Highway.
“Several witnesses reported this guy in a 1999 Nissan Frontier kept swerving at the cyclists,” said Utah Highway Patrol spokesman Trooper Cameron Roden. “He swerved at one cyclist, and the cyclist grabbed his mirror, so he swerved at him again. Luckily the cyclist jumped off his bike because he ran the bike over.”

There is often a bit of shit talking after stories like this about things like “street justice” or what have you… But this time it looks like that’s about what happened.

And good thing too. Son of a bitch pulled over and then tried to leave.

The driver then finally stopped and got out of the truck, Dunleavy said, adding that one of his fellow riders grabbed the man by the hair and hit him a couple times. Other motorists who witnessed the event began calling police.
As the man tried to re-enter his truck, Dunleavy wrote that he and his friend grabbed the man and threw him against the truck to prevent him from leaving. A second group of cyclists stopped and said the truck had almost hit them as well.

I’m just glad no one was killed.

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7 thoughts on “Biker(s) Down

  1. NO

    But I have my own form of justice

    I do carry pepper spray incase it goes to blows on the roadside; like it has btw. Throwing windmills in carbon shoes on the sidewalk aint working for me. I know Iam a pussy but it works; just one spray then dash and pull dudes keys and theow them in the bush and the check the HR monitor on the way out

  2. I can’t believe they actually arrested someone for brandishing a 4000 pound truck as a weapon. I mean he was only threatening cyclists, what is this Bizzaro World?

  3. butthead’s pepper spray idea has a great deal of merit, but in cases such as the above, I still say electrodes to the testicles is a better solution. Stand back, boys, this is 480 volts.


  4. “I still say electrodes to the testicles ”

    Any way you look at it is still playing with a dudes genitals…Mikey is now out of the closet.