Death Day

Two years. One million beers. Today is my death day. It was two years ago that I woke up in the hospital. With a wife and a six month old daughter at home.

So much for being a cyclist.

Oddly enough, I’ve managed to collect even more bikes since that day. The difference between training and riding down to the store for another twelve pack I guess. Whatever. Six of one, half dozen of another. It’s all the fucking same in the end.

I drank beer with my father and played with my daughters. What’d you do today?

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About big jonny

The man, the legend. The guy who started it all back in the Year of Our Lord Beer, 2000, with a couple of pages worth of idiotic ranting hardcoded on some random porn site that would host anything you uploaded, a book called HTML for Dummies (which was completely appropriate), a bad attitude (which hasn’t much changed), and a Dell desktop running Win95 with 64 mgs of ram and a six gig hard drive. Those were the days. Then he went to law school. Go figure. Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

27 thoughts on “Death Day

  1. Keep on rollin.

    My death day was several years ago…totally different than yours.

    What did I do today? Commuted 2 and a half hours to a job that I don’t like all that much. It ain’t a life, it is a waste of a life.

  2. I actually prefer to call it my life day, because I got a second chance. I’m not as fast on the bike as once was, but I’m closer to doing what I need to in life. Today I will take over management of a mass-spectrophotometer in my lab. Then I will drink beer. Or whiskey.

  3. There are a million ways to win the lottery.

    It’s coming up on the Perseids meteor shower.

    Go out in the middle of the night, when it’s cool and clear.

    Watch the things streak across the sky.

  4. Seeing how you drank beer with your father and played with your daughters, seems like ‘Near-Death Day’ or ‘Cheating Death Day might be a better choice. Hope your continued recovery goes well.

  5. Ah, the old death day, or life day, depending how you look at it. Me? Had my life day celebration in March. Drinking beer with pops and playing with kids sounds much better than wearing a suit, playing with Excel and Word day in, day out. Glad you’re still with us

  6. Yah Jonny! Never saw the “after” bike/helmet photos… ouch! Glad you could be here.

  7. Also… not to throw a wet blanket on the whole day…

    Watch out for the boys who would do the thing we do to the girls we know…

    Two girls…? that’s penance man… thats karma.

  8. Well Jonny today I had a celebratory wank over you being alive, gnawing on the scar tissue on my own arm. You’re a lovely man.

  9. I was fucking off a work today, but getting what counts done. That consisted of showing a coworker what bike might fit his needs down at Sellwood Cycle Repair. Let’s see that (Lemond?) frame you bought a while back there!

  10. My death day happens to fall on Cinco de Mayo, and my son’s birthday. It is a special day. Glad Jonny is still with us. Sometimes.

  11. Did the death/life day thing in June. Today, though, I went to school (photo class), went over my lesson plan (for a photo workshop I’m teaching), and drank a beer while grilling up some fish (no photo association). All in all, good fucking day.

  12. Jonny, It’s been a while since we “spoke”. I now have TWO daughters! We’ve left England for Charleston SC and my 6k/yr has dropped to none. Sometimes life changes for the better. I can’t be the Dad I want to be with my old habit’s intact…. I will ride(and drink) again!!! When they’re like 12 or something.
    I am SO glad you are still among the living :)

  13. Jonny, glad you’re around. happy anniversary. me, I rolled the single on the morning commute. hit every light for extra broiling in the sun. had a day of the usual, topped off by a bit of circus at the end, plotting a shoot for a tribe called quest. fed, watered and walked the hounds, now off to down some pints with englishmen. viva.

  14. Nice that you are such a tough old fucker shrugging off cars driving up your ass and all. Great that you are still around for your family too. I bled my front brake made some runs on garbanzo lift and hit the lost lake for some prime bikini watching and smoke smoke smoking! Only 70 more days left here then back to toil for another summer of no work and lift accessed dh riding all summer. Glad your still spreading the word….

  15. JEEZUS can you go fishin for compliments and adulation.
    Just because ya nearly fucking died a little more than most people in the actual serious trauma ward terms.
    Getting nearly dead was likely a stunt to spin the highly valuable DC brand into the multimillion dollar international concern it is today.
    Further, I’d posit that after the nation votes blue the economy will surge, setting the stage for DC’s record setting IPO.

    Human rights and beer will then transform China, where the new workplace standards make manufacturing so impractical that all the bicycles for China are imported from the US, culminating in Surley’s hostile takover of Exxon.

  16. I rode my bike, worked, rubbed my pregnant wifes bell, had a drink, and did it laughing the whole time. It was a very good day.

    Glad your stil with us oh dark lord of the cycling web. It wouldn’t be the same without ya.

  17. Dude;

    As you know I can relate Props. And before my accident in 2000 I had only on bike. Now I have 7. 5 I have not ridden all season but they are clean and dust free looking good. So what is the relation between near death looking down at ones own body on a gerny to revival and in the hospital for 8 days in traction to recovery and logging in more miles than ever, still flipping the bird to drivers in the bike lane and more bike on the wall collecting dust?

    Please my wife wants to know