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7 thoughts on “Dopers Row

  1. And both of them dropped Rasmussen like he was standing in line at the grocery.

    Lance…. sure… he’s no doper

    Still great to watch, but let’s not fool ourselves.

  2. WTF? the man is a great hope for cancer patients but one of the biggest ironies in sports history. if it were not for the drugs that gave him cancer in the first place and then made him what he is today, he would be Lance “just another milquetoast bike racer” Armstrong.I have know idea how he sleeps after that and nailing his friends grilfriends ( Hi Owen Wilson ).
    Believe me, one of my best friends is recovering from double lung transplant surgery from cancer at age 36 and one of the only things that inspires him is LA, and there are thousands like him. I want to tell him the real deal, but what ever works for him I will take it.I know that it is only a matter of time for the truth comes out.
    bet Beltran flips.
    Do the math, almost all the riders that rode for him have been caught or admitted, and he rode away from them all??
    Anything seem different on the Alpe this year?? yeah its called no or less dope.

  3. Vande Velde rode for the most notorious of doping teams, Postal, Liberty Seguros, pre-Daamsgard CSC. He is clearly a talented guy, but riding for Saiz raises questions in my mind.

    However, his transition from unheralded worker to team leader may just reveal the effects of drugs on the sport. I’m at the point now where what’s done is done, and as of last season, it’s a matter of who gets the message and who doesn’t. Times are changing, and there is almost certainly a cultural shift happening in the upper echelons of cycling. It will take some time for that to filter down, but if this year’s tour is any indication, we’re on the path to a cleaner sport (or at least less blood manipulation).