NYPD Black and Blue

Sorry – not sure I know how to embed this video – it’s worth the hassle of hitting the link to educate yourself on cycle-hockey and Police.

Friendly NYC Cop

On the upside – looks like this cyclist has a tidy lawsuit on his hands…maybe get himself a new Coconino: http://www.juniper-solutions.com/coconinocycles/

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6 thoughts on “NYPD Black and Blue

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  2. Another reason more and more people dont trust or like cops. Yes, there are nice ones… possibly the majority of them.

    But as my momma said…’One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.’ That guy just gave the NYPD yet another black eye and yet another reason to hate the police.

  3. Welcome to the new America…or the end of the United States of America.

    Fascism, brought to you direct from Bush and Cheney and endorsed and accepted by your neighbors, friends, family and yes, even yourself.

    Everytime you support some stupid law that doesn’t involve protecting others from violence or theft you put one more brick in the wall.

    Everytime you support more spending, more invasive searches or simply tax transfers to corporations or developers you put one more brick in the wall.

    Everytime you support holding people without trials, killings in alledged war that are reffered to as collateral damage or simply the idea that our gov’t can take additional liberties with non-US citizens you put another brick in the wall.

    Be careful what you ask for…you are gettng it.

  4. First off, the “Fascism” brought to us as Not Al would describe is not just courtesy of the current skidmarks residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the US Naval Observatory. EVERYONE including Reagan-Bush and Clinton-Gore is fucking guilty. And that’s just on the US end. The LDP (Labor Democratic Party) in Japan has been synonymous with cronyism and deep mob connections. Don’t think this can affect you? What happens to the global economy if a scandal sends the Nikkei into the shitter?

    Jean-Marie Le Pen, the founder of the National Front Party (sounds familiar, eh?) in France ran for President as recently as 2007. He is the kind of fascist that makes Dick Cheney look like Mohandas K. Gandhi. In 2005, he said that the Nazi occupation of France wasn’t particularly inhumane. Yes, the past 8 years have left the US and the world in the shitter, but it’s not just Beavis & Butt-head’s fault. Deal with it, bitches. If you don’t like it, do more than complain or come into the electoral process at the 11th hour and fuck it up. Nader may have had the best of intentions for the US and the World, but with one election, he helped to fuck us all.

    What are the options open to us? We must accept that whatever solutions we have are not likely to yield the results we want or need right away. We should have seen lots of these problems well in advance, but like the idiots we are, we were more concerned with more meaningful crap like who’s gonna get voted off the island. We must also divest ourselves of the incredibly appealing practice of avoidance of responsibility by redirecting blame upon others. In other words, stop blaming others, accept that we’re all fucked right now, and try and work with others to fix this mongolian clusterfuck.

  5. The main reason people didn’t see this coming was the news media has been cooperating with the takeover. Somebody fed the watchdog a huge steak and it was sleeping fat dumb and happy while they should have been sounding the alarm, giving us endless stories about bimbos and babies, and other distractions when they should have been warning us about the erosion of our rights and liberties.