Bad Cop. No Donut.

More from the Massholes: A cyclist named Christopher Long got jacked last Friday during a Critical Mass ride in NYC.

By a cop.

You are not going to believe this one:

And, wouldn’t you know it, the video of the incident did not please his employers.

Police stripped a New York City officer of his badge and gun Monday after a video posted on YouTube showed him body-checking a bicyclist who was part of a Times Square demonstration.

The video was recorded Friday at the Critical Mass ride, a monthly protest of urban reliance on motor vehicles.

The video, posted anonymously, shows the officer standing in the street as bikes whiz past. He moves toward a cyclist and violently knocks him to the ground in front of crowds of people.

More on this over at the and

You can watch the same vid and the nightly news coverage of this ugliness here:

And now on to something completely different.

Link Dump:

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[walker down]
[american as apple pie]
[young vs. old]
[the dreaded underwater stage]

How ’bout a few emails? Yeah. I thought you’d say that.

From: Stevil Kinevil
Subject: Looking to spread some love around.
I’m sure you’re aware of the Pentabike design. Well, my old friend Dave who actually originally did the design way back in the day agreed to a Sockguy production run, of which he’s getting a small cut.
If you’d be so kind as to plug that shit on The Drunk Cyclist at some point, I’m sure he’d be wicked appreciative.

Here is a little bit of the history:…just_to_set_the_record_straight

Bocce ball… Word.

I think it’s a fine design. And, yes, I’d wear them shits with pride.

From: dan
Subject: bush jr.
voted for ’em. lesser of two evils in my mind…back then. everyone makes mistakes and it ain’t my first. …and yeah, I am the first to talk about “Amurika” being bought and sold. i am happy to sit and pay for my actions, though i see no difference in the end no matter who got the gig.

we ARE fucked either way. Obama, McCain, fuck. doesn’t even matter. the stage has been set and the people have their eyes, ears and mouth sewn shut by their own accord. the blinders are on so tight, the “soda straw” view is only looking at the only light left, and that light is the oil burning up in front of the world. the oil that is the heroin to the government, the people and the globe. there is not going to be a methadone clinic big enough to keep things the way they are, and what I am saying is just redundant anyway.

i just finished watching the extra entitled “INFORMATION WARFARE” on the Skinny Puppy “The Greater Wrong of the Right – Live” dvd. i would suggest everyone take a look at it. nice punch in the face on a sunday morning.

speaking of Skinny Puppy,

then Ministry Watch Yourself, which is a nice musical version of being fucked by big brother.

yeah, well. just bitchin’ to one who knows anyway, but i needed to get it out. enjoy the vids.

Shit. We both need to get it out. Actually, what I need it to get out more. Anywhere.

Reminds me of an exchange I had recently with my friend and yours, the gnome:

I was also very uninspired by Obama. I thought his speech was shallow, arrogant and full of tactically questionable/obviously superficial rhetoric – the mention of Russia, that he “looks different” than the old guard etc… and to top it off, the metronomic rotation of his eyes from one teleprompt to the other sealed the deal that at this point, he is the poster child of the new socialist movement (or the current system) and of little personal substance. I’ll definitely prefer him to McPain, but he’s not winning me by a long shot although I will give him every opportunity to change my mind.

I should make clear that although I am voting for Obama, I ain’t exactly drinking the Kool Aid. He may own the word “change” at the moment, but that doesn’t yet mean he’s going to “change” all that much. The gnome and I have been having a conversation about how much one should really expect. If I expect too much, I will most likely be disappointed. On the other side of the coin, if you expect too little, or nothing at all, you can then expect to be pleasantly surprised by nearly anything the man accomplishes.

Jaded never sounded so good.

From: 40 Hands
Subject: billy penn project worked!!!!
Big Man,
Just wanted to offer my congratulations now that the curse of William Penn could be considered “over.” The city of Philadelphia thanks you for hanging a picture of a dead Quaker on a tree in your backyard. Thanks to the wonderful folks who came up with the idea of playing football inside, the city of Philadelphia now its first professional sports team championship in some time

Now the guy who taught us all about Livin’ on a Prayer and being Wanted Dead or Alive has done for Philly what Allen Iverson, Eric Lindros, Donavon McNabb, and Mitch Williams couldn’t do.

I will be celebrating for you by drinking Yeungling until the cows come home.

In case you’re wondering just what in the hell the Billy Penn Project is (and who isn’t at this point) he’s talking about this and this.

And, yes, I am 100% insane. Color me desperate. It’s the Philly in me.

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14 thoughts on “Bad Cop. No Donut.

  1. Hey, some of those big cops didn’t make it as walk-on’s, so they take it out on the dumb fools on the bikes and/or any other minority. Awesome. I think we ought to give credit for the hit. He knocked the fuck outta that fixie kid. Damn.

    Reminds me of my bro.

  2. I don’t need to convey to this crowd how messed up that is.
    I just hope that after stripping his badge and gun, his superiors lock him up and find that boy some professional help. Anyone with that much anger needs to get right before they kill someone. Either that, or just throw themselves in the East River with a rock on their foot and spare the rest of us.
    Fuuuuck. What the hell is wrong with everyone anymore?

  3. The cop made the Worst Person in the World list (Worser) on Countdown with Keith Olberman tonight. The suggestion that he (the cop) be cited for both assault and perjury was also raised, since the video directly contradicts his report statement that the cyclist tried to run him over, and then resisted arrest.

    I have mixed feelings about CM. It’s like Earth First! I believe they have the right to do what they do, and they do bring a visibility to their respective causes, but I just don’t believe that it’s the right way to do it. That and both groups have a bunch of hipster/hippie dumbshits hanging out with them. People who have no clue what the original cause was.

  4. …two unfortunately delusional parties…

    …the more innocent mr long, in the belief that being one of hundreds of cyclists clogging the streets is going to be perceived as anything more than self indulgent behavior & the nefarious officer pogan, in the probable belief that the mass-ers are so disruptive that bystanders wouldn’t care if he pulled that shit…wrong, pogo, wrong…
    …hope it costs him the badge but i doubt it…
    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    …you, gnome & “jaded never sounded so good”…& the quiet sound of many of us nodding in agreement…
    *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

    …dude, wtf…i know those guys are athletes but, come on…arena ball ???…does that really count in a big sports town ???…for your sake, i’ll hope it’s like water to prime the ol’ pump but w/ the caveat that under no circumstances are the flyers ever allowed get past the second round…

  5. Fuck that. I’ve watched the video exactly a few times and it is OBVIOUS, that the cyclist was going TOO fast. WTF was he thinking? Did he mistake the flat pavement for a velodrome? The shoulder check by the cop (as taught in cop-school) was simply the proper means to reduce the errant riders speed so as to not wreck anyone else. I mean, c’mon. You lean your shoulder into a cyclist like that and you better way upwards of 240, and have excellent technique. Talk about putting yourself in harms way. Where’s the fucking medal for this pig? That’s what I want to know.


  6. I have great respect for people in NYC who are willing to wear a badge and a level 3 bullet resistant vest (with or without the shock plate) as part of their job. Trust me – body armor at that level is fucking heavy, adn you sweat buckets. My girlfriend believes that nobody forced these people to put on the badge, the vest, and the sam browne belt. Hell, they’re getting some pretty good benefits at New York City taxpayers’ expense, right?

    But these cops who go about doing their jobs without fanfare sure as hell don’t need the agita of a feloniously stupid rookie cop who not only shit all over himself, but his family history, and any other cop. Officer Patrick Pogan, jr. is all of 22 years old. He’s been a cop for less than ONE MONTH. He is a 3rd generation cop, and his father is a highly recognized (if not decorated) veteran of the Joint Terrorism Task Force. No matter what his father has done for New York City, and no matter what his grandfather has done, Patrick Pogan, jr. will ALWAYS be known as the asshole who bodychecked a cyclist. On Camera. In front of witnesses.

    I would love to rip off junior’s arms off, and that’s just for starters. I hope to god that Junior is not only fired from the NYPD, but I hope that criminal charges are served toot fucking sweet. Junior still lives at home with his daddy in Long Island. I hope his father reminds him for the rest of his unnatural life that he has effectively stained his family’s good name. As for me, I still respect the NYPD. It’s going to be another hot day in NYC, and I’m gonna bring cold bottles of water to the cops I see on the street.

  7. Not to defend the cop but haven’t any of you felt like taking out dide with the knee high jeans and flock of seagulls mullet on his hipster pastel with the stubbie riser bars fixie just once.

    ride on