Parodie du Tour de France made in France Miniature

Big Tour stage this morning. Looks to be all settled out now. Hell of a show.

I have to say, I rather enjoyed it.

In other exciting Tour related news you can use:

From: Brain
Subject: Great TDF parody…
Even though I’m not a French speaker, I can appreciate this. I’ve scrubbed a bit from an e-mail fwd’ed by a biking buddy.

(begin snip)
A lot of this may go over your head but, as well as being a nice idea, it’s a parody of TV coverage of the Tour here in France. The voices are all exaggerated mimicry of commentators.

You may have noticed, if you’re getting direct pictures from French TV, that a surprising time is spent dwelling on châteaux and churches. The reason is that about a third of the audience in France has little interest in the race but a lot in the beauty and history of France.

French TV has a specialist on these aerial views – he’s the one with the strangulated voice who starts every contribution with “We’re flying over…” and gets interrupted before he’s said much – but he is also one of the world’s greatest authorities on cycling history. His name is Jean-Paul Ollivier and what he doesn’t know isn’t worth finding out.
(end snip)

Good chance this video will not work for those you using IE6 & 7. I can tell you, it worked for me on this old laptop (IE7 – XP Pro), but damn if that means anything for all of you out there on the tri-dub. Firefox works. Firefox always works. You can try this url if the embed won’t load here on DC:

Anyway, embedded video below the fold for your protection:

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2 thoughts on “Parodie du Tour de France made in France Miniature

  1. …jeez…after three frickin’ weeks of watching the “real thing” on tv, that little ‘parody’ was quite brilliant…

    …& clean or dirty, i can’t imagine how the real riders feel…i get tired of just watching for this long…