“All those cyclists”

Here’s an article we’ve been waiting years to see:

It’s got the usual “bikes are the problem” element, geared to motorists, but it’s more skewed towards cyclists than most articles. Maybe that’s because it’s from the hippies at MSNBC?

But in the months since motorists began pedaling in droves, it has become clear that all those cyclists on the streets pose a significant problem:

All those cyclists on the streets.

“I believe it’s definitely going to cause some problems, because people don’t know how to share the road with cyclists,” said Kirk Hendricks, director of advocacy for the group Idaho Cycling Enthusiasts. “[Drivers] need to know that we have as much right as an automobile even though we’re not as big.”


We’re the problem but cars best recognize.

Cars are the problem. Hands down. They’re the problem of safety, obesity, aggression, and climate change.

Flagstaff’s gonna have a good chance to recognize: The Taylor House Ride heads off around town with hundreds of cyclists of all ages and abilities clogging main arteries. It’s had its share of excitement in the past…hopefully tomorrow will be cool.

peace y’all.

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6 thoughts on ““All those cyclists”

  1. Then there is the flaw in the law. We riders assume automobile road law; cars don’t.

    We ARE an Automobile on the road; untill we are dead. Then we become just another bike rider again.