My hero is Pantani ……

I think like the “Jerky Boys” Ricco’s shoes just came off.

That’s a “big fish” as VeloNews says.

I believe Ricco.

Has “Tricky” flipped on Lance yet. I’ll make some popcorn.

Update: story at

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45 thoughts on “My hero is Pantani ……

  1. What a little BITCH….get out of my sport all you fuckers!!! you are ruining it for all. Not much for the Fraunchies, but they are cleaning house.

  2. So why now? Why not a positive earlier? And those “20 troubling” tests?
    Does that mean you can dope in training, if you are not going to pee for a couple of days,
    Did he just use too much on a race day?
    Or is this normal testing only going to nail 1/2 to 1/3 of the cheaters?
    IF you place your thumb on the scale gently enough, can you get by with it?

  3. It still seems like the riders are safe playing the odds. More roll of the dice than absolute certainty they will find your syringe.

  4. Off topic, but the new poet laureate started off with a trans-am ride?

    “In 1976 she finally realized that she could not escape the poet inside her. She had decided to ride a bicycle from California to Virginia in 80 days. Riding along the Hoosier Pass in the Colorado Rockies, she said, she felt an incredible opening up, “an absence of boundaries, an absence of edges, as if my brain could do anything.”

    Perhaps there are some *good* bike poetics to be had…..

  5. wow. i stand corrected, saying that the tour was clean. Maybe it’s just cleaner. that explains why Ricco can ride away the way he could, on command.

    what’re these guys doing getting busted after the TT? Beltran, Ricco, they’re hardly TT-heads. is that like an off day, so they use the chance to dope hard and not get caught since they won’t win?

  6. Doesn’t surprise me at all, but I don’t trust AFLD at all.

    A couple of interesting things from the article, though: What they popped him for was a drug similar to EPO, that they don’t even have an approved test for yet. Is it just because they aren’t under the UCI that they can do this?

    The doping expert they interviewed insinuated that this new drug was being used widely at the Giro. I wonder who ?……

  7. The only exciting rider in the tour outside of Cavendish and you know it.

    I guess he should be beat with a pipe now.

  8. Makes you wonder if they pulled the whole team to protect them from being tested.

  9. I’m liking this Strongman Competition better, at least these guys dont use drugs.

  10. how is the government’s war on drugs any different than the cycling regulator’s?

  11. they pulled the team because of a doper among the ranks.

    Just watching the Tour this year is proof positive (no pun), that it is generally a clean sport. Like Millar stated in his interview when he said there will undoubtedly be “positive” controls because rules are made to be broken.

    And nobody is going ape-shit. There are no monster lead-out trains in the sprints, and nobody is holding a 90+ cadence up the hills like the 7-consecutive tour champ. Nobody looks like Jan coming unglued. Nobody is tweaking like they did in the Lance era.

    And it’s just amazing that Lance beat them all and was completely clean.

    um, yea.

  12. I think they’ve just moved on to harder to detect drugs. I doubt there’s much difference in the clean:dirty ratio than there was 5+ years ago. But then I’m a pessimist.

  13. i guess we can now watch the next week of the newly named “parade across France”.

  14. How many still in the peloton are secretly shitting their pants now, knowing the previously-undetectable form of EPO is now lighting up the indicator buttons?

    How many will not start tomorrow?

  15. S-D pulled out because the others were probably on the squeeze also.

    Look at Schleck’s facial expression over the Hautacam vs Piepoli & Acebo. Just sayin’.

  16. Oh yeah, according to the latest reports, the WADA & the CERA manufacturer were proactive in developing methods to test for positives.

    Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  17. …ok, ok…forget two year bans…ya get caught, that’s it, ya never ride in the pro peleton again…ya can go fuck yerself…

    …& dentext…on a lighter note…62yr old kay ryan, the 16th & newest poet laureate lives & rides mtb’s in my little town of fairfax, calif

    …when informed that the u.s. library of congress had called, the beautifully droll miz ryan quipped “i didn’t think i had that many overdue books”

  18. Millar got popped while riding for Saunier Duval couple years back. Looks like nothing’s changed. And to think the Director Sportif of Saunier is completely “shocked”. yeah…

    The Cobra won’t be striking any more. Just dry bites

    So next year we won’t be seeing Liquigas, Barloworld or Saunier Duval at le Tour and we will see Astana? Can’t wait for Prudhomme “The Waffler” AKA “IHOP” to make his team selection process. Oh wait, with this whole ASO taking their ball and going home from the UCI’s house, there won’t be a Tour next year. Good news is after several years Landis will be reinstated as Tour winner just like Riis. Fuggin french jagoff’s! Can we nuke them right after Iran? Maybe just “lean” on the button accidentally? One fleeting brain fart moment from Dubbya as he’s leaving office?

  19. Very disappointed.

    Not nearly as surprised, though. My CAT2 buddy (15th at the Cascade Classic, yo) says, “they’re all dopers,” and I guess he’s right.


  20. YEah and Astana couldn’t ride in the tour so they could make space for the “clean” teams….I can’t watch this fucking drama anymore

  21. “I can’t watch this fucking drama anymore”

    Come on, it gives us something to talk about while the pack chases a weaksauce break across the flats for 3 hours… the drama makes it bearable.

  22. Millar was busted with Cofidis, not SD.

    I wonder what it’s like in a French jail for a cute little thing like Ricco… You think they’ve turned him gay yet?

  23. I too am going to get the popcorn a goin……I wonder when Tricky got the call from Lance. “Uh, Tricky, remember the agreement we had, remember?…be strong through this. I will take care of you, don’t worry.”

  24. “ASO will allow doping and they’ll implement the Maillot Dopage for the highest-placed drugged rider”


    Yeah, but doesn’t the maillot jaune take precedence over the dopage? The guy on the podium will still be wearing yellow.


  25. bugjuice, et al-

    Well, pretty soon half the guys in French jails will be pro cyclists. All they have to do is carve their gang sign into their arm and no will fuck with them.


  26. Straight up, drugs are and always have been an integral part of the sport. As long as there are pro contracts there will be drug use, new drugs, and new tests. To say that the Tour or cycling is “generally a clean sport” is naive and/or wishfull thinking. All said, it is still cool to see guys going fast through beautiful countryside, just don’t let your kids grow up to be pro athletes.

  27. “I think in any aspect of life you’re going to get people who think they are more clever than the system,whether it’s cycling or any other sport or even in business,” said Cavendish…

    …”I’m in this sport because it’s one I love and feel passionate about. I put in a lot of hard work and want to get the best out of that hard work. I don’t want to tarnish the sport that I love…

    …”Cycling’s not just a job, it’s a passion. Maybe the people who resort to doping don’t have the passion that myself and a lot of other people have.”

    …thank you, mark cavendish & despite a few of the jaded attitudes i’ve encountered, i’m gonna believe in ‘some’ of the younger generation of cyclists…guys like ‘rickie richardo‘, who seem to good to be true, obviously not so much…kneecap ’em, let ’em lie by the side of the road…vultures deserve to get their bones picked by other vultures…

  28. One interesting note in the aritcle is that only 50 riders have been tested so far. So unless you are on someone’s radar you could get away with it… granted as long as your not a jersey leader or stage winner, because they are tested. I do not know the politics behind the ASO and UCI conflicts, UCI official suprized they can tested for CERA. Hopefully the WADA got there shit together, because it sure didn’t seem like it in 2006. One fact I can state, which most americans live in oblivian about, is that at least cycling in trying much harder than any other Pro sport. Ugly as it may be to watch people idols and heros be taking away by police, it is the path to a better sport. Where hard work pays off, not some secret lab technians work. To continue with the attitude the bad guys are one step ahead can not be acceptable. But damn at least let the guys partake in some recreation fun in the off season .

  29. Interesting to look into. Before they made the allowed hematocrit 50 for “safe” riding, I wonder what the avg hmct was in the pro peloton. Now they just boost it to the limit to not arouse suspicion. That is until blood value tracking. The sad thing is that most of the guys they are popping righht now were on a list of suspects and they still did the shit. Darwinism bitches.

  30. Cavendish quotes against drugs. How important.

    Of course, 3 days ago you could have quoted Ricco as saying drugs were bad. I believe he said “Drugs = uncool.”

    So obviously if someone openly states their opposition to drug use, the MUST be clean.

    I do think it was many hear that has noticed how much faster the drugged riders were than the rest of the field. Well, Cavendish is a hell of a lot faster than everyone else. Clean? or just not caught yet?

  31. …kg…or i assume you’re ‘king george’ from the nascar site, but goddamn, you have one pissy fucking negative attitude about the sport of cycling, dude…

    …& if you’re not ‘king george’ then i apologize but you still have one pissy fucking negative attitude about the sport of cycling, motherfucker…

    …& if i sound negative towards you, well lets just say i figure you’d understand me better that way…

    …just fucking sayin’…

  32. So Phil wasn’t kidding when he said that Ricco carried a picture of Marco up every hill the first day of the tour///