And to think I was surprised…

I didn’t think anyone had the stones to try this move.

From: Ryan
Subject: Beltran Video- riding away from doping control
Holy Shit, is this good vid! Dodgey, sketcher Beltran trying to avoid pissing in a cup. Maybe he just shot up? The guy just looks guilty!
Watch the doping controller run after him.…

What, is he running from the cops at an underage field party? Come the fuck on.

I’ve got no sympathy for this guy.

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9 thoughts on “And to think I was surprised…

  1. I wonder why they wear orange safety vests? They should come flying out of nowhere like the MIB complete with big black Wayfarers. You know, punch up the entertainment value a bit.

  2. If the Vampire has to break a sweat to get your pee in a cup, and you’re positive, lifetime ban.

    Liquigas should send a couple of pipefitters to beat the crap out of this jerk.

    Burn ’em. Asshole. No more doping.

  3. He doped so he should have the crap beat out of him? Next time I see Eddy and Interbike I’ll tell him there is an internet tough guy who’s waiting for him.

  4. I don’t care – I still like my suits/shades approach better. The safety vest looks like a guard at the school crossing.

  5. Seriously, I would demand some diginity while doing that type of work. I wouldn’t handle cups of piss while wearing an orange safety vest…A nice tailored suit and some Wayfarers, please.

  6. I don’t blame the fucker. I’d want that bullshit paparazzi off my shit too. Another dumb ass doping.

  7. “don’t pick on eddy…dude’s like 80”

    ..fucking “ouch“…i’m laughing & crying, all at the same time…

    …heard the “old man” still comports himself well, a la velo, though…

    …but doping ???…send in some ex-ira heavies, ya, in suits n’ wayfarers & kneecap the bastards in front of the peleton, see how well they ride after “a word from our sponsors”…mcquaid’s a fucking irishman, he’s got contacts…