2nd Non-Negative

Do two non-negatives make a right?

Spanish rider Moisés Dueñas has become the second rider to register a non-negative test for banned blood booster erythropoietin at the Tour de France. The results came from a sample taken from the Barloworld rider after the Grand Tour’s first time trial, Stage 4 on July 8 in Cholet, according to head of the French Anti-doping Agency (AFLD) Pierre Bordry.

French authorities reportedly spent two hours searching the rider’s room at Le Rex, the team hotel where Barloworld and Bouygues Telecom were staying in Tarbes, France. Only one room is believed to have been searched by French authorities during the morning, number 604 – that of the Spanish rider.

Read the rest: cyclingnews.com

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6 thoughts on “2nd Non-Negative

  1. The question is how many more will there be, and will it be any of the big names? This doesn’t surprise me one bit…

  2. I’m betting 3rd time’s a charm and they bag a big name rider. Who the fuck is this guy? Some no-name noodler doped up just to sit on wheels at the bag of the grupetto.

    check out this vid of the first netted doper Beltran trying to avoid a doping control. Watch him ride away from the controller. If this doesn’t say, or suggest, I’m guilty, I don’t know what does.


  3. Somebody needs to cut Beltran a deal and get him to tell all about Disco.

    No more big names, it’s a much cleaner tour; just look at everyone suffer in a new way. it’s not simply a matter of style (Evans and Menchov) it’s because these guys are used to a different level and can’t reach it. only the fresh ones (Piepoli, etc.) who don’t have to race to the line every day can put moves on. VdV would never be where he is in a dirty tour.

    the game is changing…

    Great video, Flodizzle.

  4. …you may be quite right, flastaffist…

    …& personally, i don’t find the racing boring because the “test of wills” now seems better balanced…when a man rides off, you have to wonder where & when he’ll have to pay for it & just how deep that deficit will be…

    …hopefully, this is a ‘thumbs up’ for cleaner racing & not just smaller doses & better masking agents…

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! He swings like a total girl!! Not that swinging like a girl is a bad thing, but he is SUPPOSED to be a dude! That’s what happens when all your strength is in your legs, I guess.