Manuel Beltran tests positive at Tour

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You just knew it was coming.

From: Ryan
Subject: DOPER!
Uh-oh, looks like a fish got caught in the doping net. So, will Liquigas now exit the Tour? Let’s see what Prudomme does now since he decried that any caught dopers would face a wrath. Maybe the wrath of the Badger? He’s old but he can still kick some ass.…

EPO is so last year (and 2003, 2004, 2005…). Didn’t Beltan get the memo?

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29 thoughts on “Manuel Beltran tests positive at Tour

  1. >yawn…<

    Wake me when they test people as NOT doping. As I have said a million times before.. they all do it. Only some get caught.

  2. L’equip:
    The President of the French Agency for fight against doping (AFLD) has confirmed that a “dozen” of riders in the Tour de France would be warned of one or several anomalies in their hematologic values, stating that ‘s acted in a “measure medical and non-disciplinary.”

    oh, and the police are at this moment raiding the Liquigas hotel.

    fun fun fun.

  3. I’d love to see a pie chart comparing the number of Lance’s helpers that have been nailed for doping and those that have not. I’m thinking the “not” slice might be a single thin line…or non-existent.

  4. Is there a comprehensive list somewhere of all former teamates of Lance that have tested positive.
    Even post cancer teammates.

  5. I don’t know of one. At least I couldn’t pull one up via google. So lets just do it here. I’m combing “caught” with “admitted to”. Edit and add to as needed.

    Off the top of my head. Forgive misspellings. (I’ll correct later)

    Frankie Andreu
    Ivan Basso
    Manuel Beltran
    Tyler Hamilton
    Roberto Heras
    Benoit Joachim
    Floyd Landis

  6. Shit, Vaughters was never in a Tour long enough to caught for dope…
    I guess it threw off his equilibrium, causing him to crash so much.

  7. Guys-

    Beltran’s doctors fucked up. What I believe is happening, is that the top riders are carefully “micro-dosed” to maintain drug levels just below detection or whatever “positive” is, as needed. So someone did a poor job of mixing up Beltran’s cocktail and now he’s busted.


  8. …honest to god, i was hoping you were joking but there ain’t nothin’ funny about it…

    …i’m beginning to think bob roll maybe coulda been a ‘tour’ contender but he was just too fucking honest…

  9. Amusing footnote:

    Liquigas (Beltran’s team) said in April they had hired Italian Ivan Basso on a two-year contract. Basso is serving a two-year suspension after being implicated in the Operation Puerto blood doping scandal in Spain and cannot race until October.

  10. The proof is in the pudding… Liquigas signs Basso, gets booted from Frankfurt GP for failure to sign doping protocol and same month leaves AIGCP due to their refusal to comply with the organization’s doping protocol…Coinsidence? I think not. I’m sure they “knew” or fostered doping culture. Hell, maybe Basso gave Manuel some of his stash.

  11. Since just about all of Armstrong’s super soldiers have been busted for doping since they left the fold I wonder when it’ll be Hincapie’s turn? Being on a team with an internal anti-doping program may keep him off the juice however…

  12. Hincapie will just stick to one-day results. Watch how he does at this years Tour. Stage win maybe and a blip on the Radar screen.

    Put Armstrong in front of Congress mo fo…. Birds of a feather mo fo ‘s….
    Paris – Nice 1998, that is why Lance quit, after coming back from cancer he had second thoughts about doing what it took to win. I don’t know how the guy sleeps at night…oh wait he sleeps on top of Kate Hudson, nevermind.

    Beltran might flip on him now that doping is a criminal offense in France, and hopefully this will re-open Puerto….although there are too many soccer playter on that list for it to go too far.

  13. LA is making it harder and harder for me to look past and think if him as a Cancer spokesperson…. every doping case makes it so

  14. Cleanest tour ever.

    Just let them fucking race. It’s never been clean, never will be, you cackling hens just ruin the sport.

    It’s your fault for making them heroes.

    Who cares if lance was doped up, they were all doped up, the field was as level as it could be. Pretending to be clean is what makes an unlevel playing field.

  15. KG, I care if lance was doped up. So what if 160-170 out of 180 riders were doped? It’s enough if one guy wasn’t doping to damn lance and all the rest. Yes, the majority doped , and today? who knows but he fu#king cheated. Is there proof? no, but it isn’t as if it’s not blatantly leading that way.
    So are you supporting that douche or are you just as sick of it as me but speaking in a different language?

  16. Now will ASO use this as their excuse to ban Liquigas from the ’09 tour? It’ll save us from having to make jokes and cynical remarks about Italian vampires coming back from the dead for three weeks.

  17. Jesus fn christ, let it go! You and I both know, doped or not, lance was a fucking basass. He beat the shit out of a doped up peleton. seems like the playing field was kinda level… Guys who are doping in the “post Lance”era are doping on there own. Why are we, as fans, taking this so personally? These guys have a job to do. Their job is to win bike races and to make money for the sponsors who pay their salaries. You can;t tell me that anyone in any other line of work doesn’t do everything in their power to come out on top….same deal.

  18. Lance was badass, so was Tyler, so was Floyd, so was Jan, so was Vino, so was Il Pirata, so was Heras, so was Eddy and Museau. The sport and it’s history would be a lot poorer without those bad ass dopers.

    Name one badass that you can guarantee is ‘clean’.

  19. Is there a jersey doping? a pinhead prize?
    Maybe an equalizer..if you test positive, a 100 pound weight goes on the bike.

    Eh…just maybe they are getting better at catching people?