He did what?

Strange goings on in the wonderful world of bikes up in Portland. Full story at: kgw.com. And a few choice bits below.

In an unusual case of alleged road rage, a driver said he was attacked by a cyclist in Southeast Portland, according to a report in the Oregonian Newspaper.

Yeah. It gets better.

…the cyclist got off his bike and started smashing it against the car hood and windshield.

The Oregonian article went on to say that [Colin] Yates got out of his car and said that’s when the cyclist, later identified as Steven McAtee, 31, hit him with the bike.

I can’t believe this shit.

McAtee was eventually charged with drunk driving and assault and the Oregonian learned that he works for the City of Portland Transportation Department.

It takes all types I guess.

More here: oregonlive.com

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10 thoughts on “He did what?

  1. There’s always more to the story. I bet he was all bent because transportation wasn’t going his way legislatively. So, take it out on a car. Nice work Drunk Cyclist. Nice work indeed.

  2. WOW! Even made the Drudge Report!! OK creative DC minds…what kind of bike was it? My vote is Surly. Or maybe Intense.

  3. How come every idiot on a bike is called a ‘cyclist’ rather than just saying ‘some idiot on a bike’ I take offense at refering to this person as a cyclist.

  4. Surly Karate Monkey yep!.. great choice :) everyone was kung-fu- fighting
    he was surly fast as lighting.. ;-)

  5. The guy on the bike was in the wrong for attacking the guy but why did Yates need to to say anything to the guy on the bike anyway. I don’t know about the rest of you but if the road is clear I don’t stop at every stop sign or stop light. And why should I, I’m closer to a pedestrian then I am a 2000lb car.

  6. James, you can’t have it both ways. Either you expect the same right to the roadways as any other vehicle, and thus agree to play by those rules or you don’t agree to play by those rules and consequently void your access to the protections that those rules offer.

    Keeping in mind that to demonstrate a disregard for those rules affects the perception of ALL cyclists by those drivers who do not ride bikes.

    ..and the relative mass of your vehicle has no bearing whatsoever on what or how rules should be adhered to.

  7. I don’t expect the same rights as people in cars. It has been demonstrated on these pages and experiences in my own life that while “the man” says these are the rules. They are not equally applied.

    Cars / drivers win almost every time even when they are in the wrong.

    I’m going to keep doing what I do and keep looking out for them because I know that their not looking out for me.

  8. yeah, i understand that you, I and everyone on two wheels needs to listen to the spidey sense and do what’s best to ensure safe passage.

    I guess my point is more that the perception of cyclists can be adversely affected by blowing off stop signs or disregarding the rules of the road.

    ..and yeah, I roll stops sometimes, especially in residential, low traffic areas, but I’m pretty carefull not to roll or blow a stop when a car is present cause I figure the guy sitting in there is looking and thinking
    “why should I give that guy a piece of the road when he doesn’t feel that he has to abide the same conduct as me? fuck him.”
    and thats not good for me or anybody.