Bikers down

Oh Christ…

SUV jumps sidewalk and strikes the girl, almost 2, and her family on a bike ride. Her mother, father and younger brother sustain broken bones and internal injuries. Suspect faces murder charge.

Unreal. They guy was running from the scene of a different accident he got into earlier.

A toddler was killed and her mother, father and year-old brother seriously injured when a suspected drunk driver struck the family as they were on a bicycle ride Sunday afternoon in Rialto, officials said.

The suspect, Jesse Rolando Astorga, 27, of Phelan, Calif., has been charged with murder, said Lt. Joe Cirilo of the Rialto Police Department.

He is being held at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga in lieu of $1-million bail.

Astorga was fleeing the scene of a nearby hit-and-run crash when he lost control of his SUV, which jumped the curb and hit the victims, Cirilo said.

Astorga was driving north in the 200 block of Willow Avenue as the family biked south on the sidewalk about noon Sunday, Cirilo said. The children were being pulled by their father’s bike in a two-wheeled basket, he said.

The kids were in a trailer… He lost control of his SUV….

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11 thoughts on “Bikers down

  1. another reason SUV’s HAVE TO GO. There is no justification for having one, let alone classifying it as a ‘light truck’.

    dude needs to have his bones broken slowly. every one of them.

  2. I’m pretty sure a drunk-asshole in a Prius would’ve done just as much damage(not defending SUVs, I’m just sayin). If yer gonna drink, ride your bike or stay the fuck home.

    All Cars Suck!

  3. This sucks but it has nothing to do with SUVs. He was drunk. SUVs are an issue, but not this one. I’m glad he’s getting charged, and hope he is convicted.

  4. …i read that whole la-times story & it literally brought a tear to my eye…

    …he flees from one hit & run while drunk, then runs up & over the sidewalk & maims a whole family, killing a two year old child & then proceeds to flee again…

    …personally, i hope that prick never walks again as a free man, but his lawyer will get him convicted on a charge that will be pleaded down, he’ll do some time but certainly do less than deserved, come out of jail w/ a harder & more bitter attitude because “life did him wrong” & then probably be a problem for society until the day he dies…

    …fucking lovely…

  5. Step aside boys, while I attach the electrodes to his testicles. Careful, this is 480 three phase.


  6. can’t wait until the dudes in prison find out he hurt some kids. they are big fans of that kinda stuff. just ask a child molestor that has done time…if he can speak.

  7. that is really, really sad. i can’t help but wonder, though…..what if he had just hit a cyclist who was by himself/herself on the road? to me, there is no difference between a cyclist getting hit by a negligent driver and this situation. i’ve never understood why more drivers are not charged.

  8. Sadly, I get the feeling that if this guy had killed a thirty year-old he wouldn’t be facing a murder charge…