The Bike Fire

BGR was telling me about this one the other day. Kid outta nowhere makes it big in the city. Or something like that.

While out on a trail ride, a group of bicyclists spy a small blaze and douse it, stomp it and build a fire line around it.

Firefighters dubbed a small blaze near Wing Mountain the Bike fire — for the passersby who helped control it. The blaze singed 1/10 of an acre Saturday — along with a patch of one man’s leg hair, as he and his quick-thinking cadre of fellow mountain bikers rushed to fight the flames as soon as they started shooting up.

Read the rest at the Daily Sun.

Nice photo of our dear Bricycle over at

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3 thoughts on “The Bike Fire

  1. Where’s my button?

    Two years ago while riding with friends in Flag by radio towers the monsoons moved in. About the time we decided it was time to go, lightning struck less than mile away. Quickly descended only to wait for rest of group at trail intersection. Smelled smoke. Hmm, didn’t think you could camp around here? Suddenly noticed smoke coming from trees 20 yds off trail. Buddy and I walked over and noticed that lightning blew tree apart and small fire had started. Same shiz- emptied water bladders and stomped that shiz out. Schultz coulda burned real nice, but luckily we happened to be there at right time. No Smokey the Bear badge for us, but a sense of do-good karma.

    What Would Boonen Do?

  2. Pretty sure I don’t want to know what “getting their meat smoker going” means. Nice work on the fire though.